November 28, 2014

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Man charged with battling roller rink guard

ELYRIA — Police charged a Wakeman man and Elyria teen following a fracas at the Elyria Roll Arena Friday night.

Craig Ritchie, 20, of Wakeman, was charged with underage consumption, while a 15-year-old Elyria girl was cited into juvenile court on a charge of assault after an incident about 9 p.m. Friday at the Cleveland Street roller rink.

When police arrived, they found a man, later identified as Ritchie, lying on the ground in a rear office being held down by a security officer.

The security officer told police he learned that a male and female were drinking while skating, after which he approached Ritchie and the 15-year-old girl and asked them to come to the office where Ritchie admitted he had rum in a plastic soft drink bottle.

After receiving a text message a few moments later, Ritchie tried to leave the office, after which the security officer grabbed him and the two fell down while scuffling, reports said,

While on the ground, the security officer was struck in the ribs by roller skates worn by the 15-year-old. The security worker was taken to the hospital to be examined, police said.

Police said Ritchie was also arrested on an unspecified bench warrant from Elyria Municipal Court.

  • Joe Smith

    So what legal authority does the security have to forcibly hold a person in his office over under age drinking?

    • Zen Grouch

      I could be mistaken, but I thought citizens have the same arrest powers as cops.

      • hottamomma

        can we give a ticket to a cop who runs a red light then turn his lights off? can we arrest any cops?

        • Zen Grouch

          Laws vary state to state, but if you see a cop breaking the law you can contact the city or district attorney’s office to press charges.

          If you witnessed a heinous enough crime, you feel requires that you ‘arrest’ the perpetrator, who happens to be a cop, go right ahead if you feel that you’re 100% in the right.

          Cops respect that sort of attitude and you should have no problem holding your catch for the ‘authorities.’

          …Unless of course the cop decides to shoot you in the face because he disagrees with your interpretation of the law.

          • hottamomma

            that last part is too funny,lol lol. thats the part i would be scared of

      • mh1492

        This seems to be the general consensus on forums I’ve been to:

        “Citizen’s arrest in Ohio is limited to those people who commit felonies or theft offenses in the presence of the citizen. ”

        If true a good lawyer could get the charges thrown out and sue the guard and other parties involved for false arrest.

        • Joe Smith

          Yep, thats about right and the theft portion if not a felony is someone stealing from you or you are authorized by the owner to stop for non felony thefts as in a loss prevention officer.

    • hottamomma

      yeah i heard somone held someone down till cops got there in a different story, and the person that held down the other person went to jail for kidnapping

    • agent5959

      From reading the account, it sounds as if they voluntarily went into the office. The detainment took place after the fight began, which would present the potential that the suspect had committed assault (a felony, subject to citizen arrest). That said, it also states that the guard ‘grabbed’ the suspect, so it still sounds less than clean.

      • Joe Smith

        The guard grabbed him when he tried to leave which he had no right to do so, in fact it would be the guard that committed the assault and it would be self defense on the kids part after that.
        I would say that the kids would have a good case if they choose to sue over it. Voluntarily going to the office does not mean they have to stay there and they were free to go at any time being they were not under arrest because the guard had no authority to arrest them over a under age drinking charge unless he was a police officer working a second job or something. I am not saying the kids were not punks or whatever, its that the guard had no authority to do what he did.

        • agent5959

          Correct. That’s what I said in my last sentence.

  • therest_ofthestory

    Why is no one asking what a 20 year old man was doing at a skating rink with a 15 year old girl, whom, I might add, he was drinking with…’re more worried about HIS rights? Am I reading the comments correctly Mr. Smith? Are you freaking kidding me?! I suppose you don’t see anything wrong with this whole scene and that bad old security guard was just harshing their mellow? OMG! No wonder this county is so screwed up! If you have to go to a roller rink and troll and the only girls you can pick up are underage juveniles you’ve got more issues than just underage consumption!

    • hottamomma

      so u are assuming that the 20yr old and the 15yr old were dating or something like that. it doesnt say, so they couldve been brother and sister, or cousins. and if they were dating the parents might have approved it and who are we to say its wrong if the parents approved it. you saying this county is screwed up, u are right with people assuming stuff. the rest of us dont know what was going on with the two so we didnt say anything about the age difference, and not jumping to conclusions. and if they were dating without the parents knowledge, that was probably just one of the places they could meet up. not saying its right, but also not jumping to conclusions

    • Joe Smith

      All I am saying is under the laws of the United States and Ohio, what authority does the guard have to physicly hold someone for underage drinking?
      Do you have comprehension problems or are you just not thinking? I am worried about rights period not some bleeding heart emotions but the law.

      The law does not go out the window just because you don’t agree with it. One reason this county is so screwed up is people like you jumping to conclusions about trolling etc, he very well could have been trolling but he also could have been a guy taking his little cousin skating or whatever too, you can’t tell from what was printed anything else either way

      And did you see my comment “I am not saying the kids were not punks or whatever, it’s that the guard had no authority to do what he did.”

      Does that really sound like I was defending their drinking actions or anything about a 20 year old hanging out with a 15 year old?

    • agent5959

      You’re making a lot of baseless accusations. What evidence do you have that this guy was “trolling” for “underage juveniles” at the rink?

    • Zen Grouch

      I’m not condoning a 20 year old “dating” a 15 year old…

      …but on the bright side, he’s probably thinking far enough ahead to use a condom to prevent the authorities from getting their hands on his DNA evidence, while preventing another unwanted birth.

  • Michael Morris

    I can settle this real easy. I am the Guard. he came into the office willing, The manager and I called the police because of the underage drinking and for other reasons not stated in this paper, at the time he wasn’t “detained” Wile waiting for police he then caused a fight and tried to flee in doing so he was then detained I fought with him before we fell to the ground hitting a chair wile I was fighting with him the female then assaulted me. I been doing security for almost 9 years. I also work for a PI firm and hold Lethal Weapons Training/ Armed Guard/ Body Guard. Im also a Vol. firefighter. (On a side note we are responsible for the care of the people inside the building and also responsible for when they leave, most of you would say well we just kick them out, and my response to that is, he was underage and clearly drinking, if I were to just let him leave he could have caused a car accident from a DUI. The manager and I as well as the owner of the Rink could be held liable. We want everyone to know there kids and family are safe when they visit. )