November 22, 2014


Early morning shootout in Elyria

Taquila Blue

Taquila Blue

Raven Kimbro

Raven Kimbro

ELYRIA – Police are investigating a gun battle on Melvyn Lane early this morning in which multiple shots were exchanged between people inside a home and an SUV in the neighborhood.

Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino said dispatch began receiving calls at 3:21 a.m. this morning. Officers arrived at 1123 Melvyn Lane to find approximately 30 shell casings on the ground.

The shots came from a black SUV that pulled up to 1123 Melvyn Lane. The residents in the home then returned fire, police said.

The vehicle was gone when police arrived, but three people at that home were arrested for unrelated charges during the investigation.

The homeowner of 1123 Melvyn Lane, Raven Kimbro, 21, was arrested and charged with drug abuse and manufacturing drugs after a search of the home by police netted a fork, spoon and measuring cup with cocaine residue.

Two others who were hiding in the home – Taquila Blue, 22, and Cornell Shumate, 20 – were arrested and charged with obstructing official business.

Costantino said all three were uncooperative during the investigation and denied being involved in the shooting.

A box of bullets and a revolver with four spent rounds was found in the home, and police are performing gunshot residue tests on the three suspects to determine if any of them had shot the gun.
Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact Elyria police at (440) 323-3302.

  • Mark B

    Living on the tax payers dime causing havoc on society , make an example out of them and give them the MAX sentence possible . Show them that this type of behavior will not be tolerated .

    • Zen Grouch

      Why waste the money on sending the scum to jail if all they’re doing is shooting at each other?

      Maybe someone will get in a lucky shot one of these days.

      • Kelvin Gray

        Really? Is that REALLY how you feel about that? or is that just silliness talking? Because truth be told that was 30 plus bullets with no eyes. And who knows how many people could have possibly been hit and seriously injured if not killed by one or more of those bullets. Maybe they would not have been innocent people but they would have been people that didn’t have anything to do with that.

        • Zen Grouch

          I think you’ve mistaken sarcasm and wishful thinking with a comment that is based in reality…

          …sorry for any confusion this has caused.

        • Pablo Jones

          It’s when people act like this that innocent people are hit. If both parties were shot and killed the innocents would be a lot safer. The sad part is they probably know who was in the car but aren’t talking.

  • solonggone

    Lil ms raven at it again.when will she learn

  • kthejay

    There isn’t a law that says u can’t have a gun in your home. Some people live out there because sometimes u need a stepping stone. But if someone is on your land or the land the hud says is yours for the time being you are allowed to defend It this is ohio. All the people with negative things to say are on the outside looking in. That means you really don’t know anything.

    • Mark B

      If this was George Zimmerman shooting at Travon Martin the entire black community would be up in arms

  • Logdog39

    THIRTY shots fired and no one got hit ! What a waste of ammo ! Maybe a government sponsored marksmanship program would help with the effort to “thin out the herd” !