November 27, 2014


Woman charged in stabbing death

Anna Carter

Anna Carter

Updated 2:29p.m.

LORAIN – Jerome Phillips Jr. died as a result of a single stab wound to the upper left area of his chest, said Lorain County Coroner Dr. Stephen Evans.

Phillips was pronounced dead at 3:02 a.m. at MercyRegionalMedicalCenter.

His girlfriend, Anna Carter, was arrested in the apartment they shared.

The Lorain County Coroner’s office is completing an autopsy this afternoon.



LORAIN — Jerome Phillips Jr. was outside his apartment with his ear to the door around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, neighbor Vincent Mason said.

“He turned around, looked at me and said, ‘Shh,’ ” Mason said. “I thought, damn, this dude’s got problems so I just went in the house.”

Mason said Phillips appeared to be spying on Phillips’ girlfriend, Anna Carter, who was inside the apartment. Carter was accused of fatally stabbing Phillips several hours later.

Carter faces murder and felonious assault charges in relation to the stabbing. Carter was being held without bond in the Lorain County Jail on Sunday and is due in municipal court today.

Phillips, 40, had an extensive criminal history including convictions for aggravated burglary, cocaine possession, domestic violence and stalking.

Carter, 30, has no convictions for violent crimes in Lorain Municipal Court or Lorain Common Pleas Court. A felonious assault charge in 2010 was dismissed.

Mason and other neighbors at Carter and Phillips’ apartment complex at 5520 Beavercrest Drive said screaming could be heard inside their apartment. Carter was heard screaming in the apartment before paramedics responded around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, neighbors said. Mason’s son, Ranique Mason, said he heard Carter repeatedly screaming “No!” and calling Phillips first name. “To me, it sounded like she was trying to revive him,” Ranique Mason said.

She emerged from the apartment before paramedics arrived with blood on her pant leg, said neighbor Josh Hoskins. He said Carter was distraught and repeatedly said, “I don’t know what to do.”

Police said they responded to Mercy Regional Medical Center around 2:35 a.m. — the apartment complex is behind the hospital — about a stabbing victim being treated there. Officers determined Carter stabbed Phillips inside the apartment, according to a news release from police spokesman Lt. Roger Watkins.

Police said they responded twice to the apartment this year before the stabbing. Officers were called on May 12 and June 30 for menacing complaints.

Vincent Mason said Carter and Phillips moved into the apartment in November. Mason said he had heard Phillips once remark that he was a patient at the Nord Center. Mason said Phillips sometimes carried an iron pipe around the complex and nunchucks in his back pocket.

A neighbor described Carter as quiet. Kerry Mason, Vincent Mason’s wife, said Carter was a health care worker who walked with her head down in and out of the apartment per instructions of Phillips.
“He said, ‘That’s what she’s supposed to do and that’s how I taught her,’ ” Kerry Mason said. “That’s how he talks. That’s his demeanor.”

Kerry Carter said Phillips would sometimes arrive home and ask if another man had been in his apartment when he was away.

“We’d just look at him like he was crazy,” she said. “Then he’ll go in and the next thing you know, you can hear the commotion of her hollering stop. It’s just sad.”

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  • Chan

    In 2010 she was charged with running over her boyfriend with her fathers truck. I assume he later refused to move forward with charges.

    • Mrs.Jackson

      That is exactly what happened,she was a women so it wasn’t taken as serious. If they would of took this women seriouly he would be still here,they aren’t looking at the fact this lady attempted to take a life just three years ago,she wasn’t going to stop until she took a life. My cousin Jerome Phillips wasn’t perfect but he was not a monster, know man is perfect but he has never tried to take anyone’s life,she intentionally took him from this earth as if she was God. Anyway you look at it,if she wanted out she could of got out. She wanted to kill.

      • Offended4Real

        Intentionally killed him! Are you serious? My heart goes out to the family but don’t put that out there that she did this on purpose. WOW!

        • Derp

          So you’re saying she accidentally killed him by stabbing him in the chest???

          Get a clue

          • Offended4Real

            Did you read my post or have a child read it to you? WHAT I’M SAYING is don’t put it out there before all the evidence and details come out that she intentionally stabbed him and killed him for NO REASON. As if she woke up and said I feel like killing somebody today. THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING. Now….did you understand that?

          • Derp

            Please re-read your post and stop embarrassing yourself on a public forum.

  • solonggone

    the morning journal had nothing with this much detail as this story is.this is just sad & crazy at this same time.i didn’t know this girl & i know Jerome from around & i always thought he was crazy or that something was wrong with him.2 crazy people do not belong together b/c something is bound to happen.

    • Mrs.Jackson

      I am a child of God, so I won’t go there with you. My father up above is in control.Know one should have to lose their life like this. I am going to pray for you, knowing that you would let something come out your mouth like this. I pray that you find a spiritual connection.

  • Geri Cahill-Miller

    Please join Purple Lotus Project Wednesday Night at Lakewood Park for a candlelight vigil for Jerome Phillips and to bring awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence and abuse.

    • Ray Venn

      Is it not possible that she was defending herself from him? Just because he’s dead, doesn’t make him the victim.

      • Geri Cahill-Miller

        Ray I respect that question. This is still a case of domestic violence. We are not judge and jury – we are just basing this on the charges the police have filed – and in the event it is found that she was defending herself then we need to make sure people are educated on resources available so it doesn’t come to this point. A life was lost and two families need support at this time.

      • Mrs.Jackson

        If it was the case,there was other ways this could of been adjusted. If they would of locked her up, and there job in 2010 she would of been punished, and not had the chance to take his life. She could of had him put in jail,if he was abusing her.

        • Zen Grouch

          So it’s the authorities responsibility to lock up everyone who is prone to violence, when the potential victims chooses to stick around, in a situation you would deem dangerous?

          Oh well… *SOMEBODY* other than those immediately involved in the crime has to be responsible… am I right, or am I right?

          **anyway… thank goodness “Stabbie” wasn’t a “cracka”**

        • Larry Crnobrnja

          My head hurts after reading your post, Mrs Jackson.

  • rlm_Lorain

    Although I certainly don’t condone violence, this victim has a record of domestic violence, physical abuse, and a history of violating orders of protection that date back to 2001. The alleged assailant also has quite a history that includes acts of violence. My deepest sympathy goes out to both of their families, but I will not be attending this vigil. I’m sure the PLP means well, and if they want to hold a candle light vigil to recognize domestic violence in our society, I will be there, but I won’t attend a vigil held in his name. This was just a tragedy WAITING to happen.

    • Mrs.Jackson

      I guess people think it is alright to take other people’s lives, &play God. I think my family would appreciate it if you wont there. You don’t know what happened,so if it is negative keep it to yourself.

      • Offended4Real

        Exactly, you don’t know what happened either so keep it to YOURSELF! What you said about her killing him intentionally can go for you too for assuming that you know all the details.

  • Traci Anne Wolford

    Nobody has a right to say one way or another WHAT happened for sure, unless they were around 24/7/365. I think PLP means well, but someone said that a vigil in his honor wasn’t right and I agree. I think both parties have been victims of abuse and domestic violence, and they each perpetuated a cycle of abuse. I DO think a vigil should be held in honor of all those who suffer from mental illness/mood disorders; it would honor both people who, in their own ways were victims and bring light to what can happen when mental illness and mood disorders aren’t treated. Just my humble opinion here.

  • Nye

    I knew them both. Grew up with Anna (Tina) Carter. I
    Myself after hearing the 911 call am not convinced this was done on purpose. I have both families in my prayers. I never saw this coming.