November 22, 2014


911 audio from the fatal stabbing of Jerome Phillips Jr.— Warning, graphic content

The audio from the call to 911 placed by Jerome Phillips’ girlfriend, Anna Carter, 30, of Lorain. She has been charged with felonious assault and murder and is being held in lieu of $1 million bond at Lorain County Jail.

Click here for 911 audio


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  • Joe Smith

    Chronicle, as of 12:52 pm the link just goes to an article about Jerome, not the 911 call, please fix.

  • Paula Loos

    Why did it take so long when the hospital is across the street?

    • Paula Loos

      How dare the dispatcher to assume anything. I hope there is an investigation as to why it took so long for an ambulance, this dispatcher assuming “he’s probably just drunk” and how he didn’t talk her through saving this man until it was too late! Fire the dispatcher and investigate and perhaps look into their training!!

      • Dawn Westerfeld

        She told the dispatcher that he was highly intoxicated so the dispatcher didn’t assume anything. You don’t give CPR to a breathing person – he didn’t stop breathing until the end of the tape.

        • silkskin1960

          but he was intoxicated AND BLEEDING at some point…thats why she called…DUH!

          • Dawn Westerfeld

            He asked her if the victim was still bleeding and she told him no.

          • Jodi Finlayson

            The girl said the bleeding stopped and that he scrapped himself getting into the shower! Huge difference than internal bleeding

          • Jodi Finlayson

            Again educate yourself! Had the dispatcher known the REAL facts treatment and response time would’ve been different!

      • Jodi Finlayson

        Educate yourself! It’s that girls fault period! She said he was drunk not stabbed!

    • silkskin1960

      That was my question…..I think they should have some liability here. From what I timed….they should have been there BEFORE he actually stopped breathing.

      • Bill

        Your assuming the ambulance was dispatched from the hospital. I know in Elyria they are not. Don’t know about Community.

    • Bob Sweatt

      Just because there is a hospital right across the street, does not mean there was ambulance there.

      Does anyone who think they took so long to get there. Stop to think that MAYBE they were TEN minutes away???

      Plus the woman didn’t say it was life threatening.

      • Paula Loos

        Was still way too long if it was 10 minutes away. Not hard to figure that out; especially at the time of night it took place, not many cars on the road!! I listened to the call and although the cops in my family cannot publicly comment, I think we can all agree the dispatcher didn’t seem very prepared in what to say. People can’t go around killing other people, but if ambulances got there quicker, perhaps he could still be alive. Stop being mean on here, too people. Act like adults. You can still have a debate and not degrade or call people names. And people wonder why kids bully

  • Nye

    This broke my heart because I know them both. It took so long because the dispatcher said he was having abdominal pain and portrayed like it wasn’t an emergency. Ann was on that phone for twenty minutes almost waiting for the paramedics!! That’s crazy!! Jerome died because they didn’t move fast enough. R.I.P Jerome. You will be missed:(

    • Nancy Mcdougal

      Anna never said he was having abdominal pain. At the point when the 911 operator contacted the ambulance Jerome was still bleeding. It was reported to the ambulance incorrectly and this call should be looked into.

      • Larry Crnobrnja

        It was reported to the 911 dispatcher as the person being sick and throwing up and “he cut himself”. The dispatcher asked “he has stomach pains?” The woman was very dishonest with her information. All the fault lies with this woman.

        • Zen Grouch

          “The woman was very dishonest with her information. All the fault lies with this woman.”

          …not to mention that she stabbed the guy to death.

          But all that means nothing when there is someone else in a position of authority (governmental deep pockets) to blame (sue).

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      Are you serious? This woman gave false information to the dispatcher; she never told him that she STABBED her boyfriend, she made it seem like he was sick.

      Your friend Jerome died because he was murdered by his girlfriend. Get real.

  • Phil Blank

    Didn’t anyone mention applying pressure to the wound to try and stop the bleeding or at least slow it?

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      Yes, listen to the audio. The dispatcher performed his duties as they related to the information provided over the phone.

  • Geri Cahill-Miller

    Candlelight Vigil tonight (Wednesday 8/14)

  • Mz

    Im soooo not understanding why it took the ambulance over 10 minutes to get there, and why the dispatcher never said he was bleeding!!! Just a man with stomach pains!!!! Smh!!! There is a lot going on here!!!

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      Maybe because the woman (the killer) made it sound less-than critical. Perhaps if she had told the dispatcher, “I just stuck a knife in my boyfriend’s chest” things might have turned out better? Of course if she hadn’t stabbed him, who knows?

      • Mz

        Your sarcasm you can keep it!!! What you said doesn’t answer anything I said!!! I know and care for both of these people and I nor you know what happened, but the fact remains that this was handled improperly!!!! You must be an EMT who feels offended or maybe the dispatcher!!! Stop talking to me at the very least because your assumptions aren’t needed!

        • Larry Crnobrnja

          Speaking of assumptions, I’m not an EMT. Nor am I anything to do with emergency services in Lorain or anywhere else on this planet. If my comments didn’t clear it up for you, chances are you already knew the answer but were looking for someone to blame it on. Sorry for your loss, but the answer is plain to see for anyone with their eyes open.

          • Mz

            If this had been your family or friends your questions would be the same! Why did it take so long??? My eyes are wide open and I didn’t blame anyone for anything by saying the ambulance took too long!!! It took to long period see that with your eyes wide open! No assumption just observation on how offended you seem to be! You need some one to talk to do you stir the pot!! You don’t care about these people but I do so just shut up cause now you’re can talk to yourself!!! Have a nice day guy!!!

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            Having it…

    • Zen Grouch

      A ten minute response time is pretty quick considering the ambulance driver probably had a hunch that they were headed to pick up someone who would not be responsible for either their hospital or ambulance bills.

      Some people treat ambulances like a taxi, and the E.R. as if it were their primary care provider… well except for the fact that they don’t pay for those services.

  • Jodi Finlayson

    That *itch downplayed his injuries! Shame on her god will deal with her! Prayers to his family! Had 911 known it was a stab wound things would have been different!

    • Doletha G Cornwell

      there is no person worth killing.learn to walk away frm a situation.u not only take their life but yours and is a precious gift y ruion it..I LOVE ALL MINE AND MAY GOD BLESS U ALL.N JESUS NAME I PRAY,AMEN

  • Cosmic Karma

    Based on all the other articles and the comments from neighbors, sounds like this dude got what he deserved.