November 24, 2014


Lorain woman serving time, still gets paid for Cuyahoga County position

AVON LAKE — A Lorain woman who is serving time at the Lorain County Jail for stealing from a former employer continues to be paid by her current employer, the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

Yvette Williams

Yvette Williams

Capt. Jack Hammond, director of the Corrections Division at the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, said Yvette Williams sought work release after she was sentenced to six months in the county jail for theft and five counts of passing bad checks.

He said the request wasn’t granted as the Sheriff’s Office was waiting for confirmation from her employer, the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

Cuyahoga County Court spokeswoman Mary Davidson said Williams’ employer is aware of her recent conviction, and Williams is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation by the Juvenile Court.

Williams is employed as a legal services clerk, and she was hired Jan. 28, according to Davidson.

Williams was sentenced to the six months in county jail, along with three years of probation, and she was ordered to pay $5,000 restitution to her former employer, Chemtron, after she was convicted of stealing approximately $83,872 from the company over a four-year period.

Avon Lake police Detective Tim Schliker said Williams was writing Chemtron checks to pay off her personal expenses while she worked in the company’s finance department. The thefts started in 2007, and they were discovered during an audit.

Schliker said after discrepancies were discovered, Williams quit abruptly, and police suspected she was involved. Police discovered her name on the checks, and she admitted to stealing the money.

Schliker said Williams began purchasing small items, like iTunes songs, but then worked her way up to $900 purchases.

“She had a couple payments here and there early on, and then, I think, it got out of control,” he said. “The money just increased monthly that she was spending. She was just living off of the (company money), literally.”

Williams was indicted for the charges Oct. 25 and she was sentenced Aug. 14.

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  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Taxes well spent.

  • oldruss

    If she stole $83,800 from her former employer, why did the court only order restitution of $5,000? If the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court is stupid enough to continue to pay this felon, even while she is incarcerated and clearly not performing any duties for the Court, I really hope that her former employer is directly collecting every cent that she’s getting paid, and continues to collect directly from the court until the entire $83,800 has been recouped.

  • 2muchgovernment

    And yet we’re supposed to approve levies requesting tax increases! Right!

    • Sue Lawson

      I was thinking the same thing. I never understood paid administrative leave. That’s just another word for vacation.

  • Don Grantzki

    Al Sharpton must be her lawyer.

  • rlm_Lorain

    Are you “F”ing kidding me??? She stole, yes STOLE, almost $84,000 and is ordered to pay restitution of only $5,000, then on TOP of that, we taxpayers are continuing to pay her county salary while she is out dealing with legal problems she brought on herself??? It’s no damn wonder people keep committing crimes like these; there is no accountability! Apparently crime most certainly DOES pay, and it pays very well indeed.

  • Chuck Northcutt

    For those unfamiliar with the way they do things out in Cuyahoga County, let me just say as someone with some inside knowledge of the way things work out there that this does not surprise me one little bit!

  • Traci Anne Wolford

    Oh, I could list so many reasons why this is wrong and unfair! Bailiffs in Lorain County can owe fines and court costs for YEARS without consequence, Cuyahoga employees can be convicted and sentenced to jail for stealing and still collect a paycheck. But let a regular person owe a couple hundred bucks and miss a couple payments and we’re vile criminals in contempt of the law, and let a poor or disabled person make a bad decision and go to jail for longer than 30 days, and they lose what little bit of money they get!

  • jackson

    With a record like that she should work for the IRS

  • her friend

    Free Yvette !!!!

  • Her Son

    look there is one supporter! you guys shouldn’t jump to conclusions about things. she did not steal $83,000. She did use some but not even tenth of that. When the reporter asked the owner of Chemtron how much money was missing, she didn’t specify Yvette. She asked what were all the discrepancies. Which added up to $83,000. You do not know how wonderful of a person she is she is amazing. She’s always helping supporting her son and others she’s a great person! If she took $83,000 why would she pay only $5,000 restitution? Yes I know she made a mistake, everyone does get over it! I love her no matter what and so don’t talk bad about her!

    • rlm_Lorain

      Everyone’s mother is amazing, and I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that she is also a god-fearing woman. The bible clearly states “thou shalt not steal”. It doesn’t say “thou shalt not steal more than $5,000″. And yes, most of us have made mistakes in our lives, but stealing money from my employer? Nope, not on my list. I’m glad you think so highly of her; that is what families are supposed to do. However, she should NOT be getting paid while she is on leave for a felony criminal matter, whether it’s $5,000 or $83,000. So, exactly who do you think took the other $77,000? Or do you just think this is some sort of conspiracy against your mom?

      • Her Son

        the $83,000 is just the amount of check discrepancies they have had throughout the time up until the reporter asked her former employer.

    • ms.chelle

      I have worked with your mother and know her well, you two helped me move last year. I absolutely love this woman. I realize that obviously she has done something that was absolutely wrong. She has been punished and is serving her time and will have to now have a FELONY on her record and that in itself is punishment. Do not let these judgmental people get in your head or make you feel any type of way about what you and your family are going thru right now. You have people who are praying for you and the family. STAY STRONG VETTE!!!!

  • Logdog39

    Obviously there are some people that just do not understand the workings of a predominantly Democrat government. The rules for employment within that government should state, “Felony convictions are helpful, but not manditory” ! It worked wonders in Chicago and Detroit ! Why wouldn’t it work wonders here in the Cleveland area ?

    • albsdetector

      The same is true in any state/county/municipality where one party dominates for years. There is just as much corruption with republicans where they are firmly entrenched.

  • Richie One-way Hampton

    I see all the comments from was al Sharpton her lawyer which is probably the most racist post. Secondly unless you live Cuyahoga county then your tax dollars was not paying her salary. I commend her son for posting on behalf of his mother. if have people knew Yvette would understand she is in hell just because she is away from her son I got to say you are a bright kid don’t let some of these posting thugs get to you. stay up Yvette you still have friends on the outside

  • Coworker

    Yes, what Vette did was wrong but its unacceptable to attack her character if you dont know her. The debate on whether or not she should be paid is up to CCJC and their policies. This woman could lose her job in the end. Thats the point of the investigation. Yvette is a sweetheart who yes, takes great care of her son and tries her best. Who knows why she did it but why arent all the culprits in the article?

    • albsdetector

      We are not allowed to judge an admitted crook and convicterd felon and thief? You all need to start paying your own way instead of leeching off the government and stealing from employers.