November 23, 2014


Woman argues with judge, ends up setting contempt of court record

ELYRIA – Ebony Burks earned the dubious distinction earlier this month of drawing the longest jail sentence that Elyria Municipal Court Judge Gary Bennett has ever handed down for contempt of court.

Burks’ 300-day stay in the Lorain County Jail came out of an Aug. 14 hearing during which she was being arraigned on domestic violence and assault charges in separate cases.

Burks, 32, was appearing via a video feed from the jail when she began arguing with Bennett about the no contact order he was imposing on her in the domestic violence case in which she was accused of attacking her grandfather, Shedrick McCray.

As Bennett was explaining that she wasn’t allowed to contact him or be around him, Burks became upset when she realized she wouldn’t be able to go to McCray’s house, where she lives.

“How you going to tell me I can’t go to my home?” Burks asked.

“I just did,” Bennett replied.

“Well, I bet I do,” Burks said.

At that point, Bennett told her she was in contempt of court and would be jailed for 30 days. That prompted Burks to hold up her hand and walk away from the camera and Bennett to increase the jail sentence to 60 days as he orders her to get back in front of the camera.

“So what?” Burks then said.

“Ninety days,” Bennett said.

“So?” she said.

“One hundred and twenty days,” the judge said.

“Okay, and?” Burks said.

“160, 180 days,” Bennett said before Burks walked off camera and began arguing with a guard.

“What else you got to say?” Burks then asked.

“Oh, nothing, we’ll talk in six months when you’re ready to come back for your case,” the judge said.

A guard then appeared on the video and apologized to Bennett for Burks’ outburst.

“Not as sorry as she’s gonna be,” Bennett said.

Off camera, Burks then made another comment and Bennett increased the jail sentence to 200 days.

“You got anything else to say, Ms. Burks?” he asked.

“(Expletive) you!” Burks shouted.

“That’s 300 days!” Bennett shot back.

Bennett said Friday that when he asked Burks if she wanted to say anything else he was hoping for an apology, but it wasn’t forthcoming.

“I’m usually pretty even across the board, but she got me riled,” he said of the lengthy jail sentence.

The judge said it’s not the first – or last – time he’s had to impose jail time because of courtroom outbursts. In one instance, Bennett said, he held a man in contempt of court and sentenced him to 90 days for overturning a podium and later cursing at him.

He said he reduced the sentence after the man wrote him a letter apologizing.

On Monday, Bennett imposed a 90-day sentence on Alan Saunders, who disrupted court during a video arraignment, blew a kiss off to the judge and made faces and stuck out his tongue at Bennett.

Bennett said people need to understand that even if they’re being arraigned over a video link they’re still in a courtroom and need to behave properly.

“You can’t disrupt a courtroom,” he said. “You wouldn’t shout out in church and you shouldn’t do that in a courtroom.”

Burks, who has an extensive criminal record including convictions for assault, disorderly conduct and receiving stolen property, is due back in court on her latest round of cases in September before Elyria Municipal Court Judge Lisa Locke Graves.

In the assault case Burks is accused of getting into a fight with Tiffany Castro in early July.

According to an Elyria police report on the Aug. 13 attack on her grandfather said that as Burks was being arrested she pulled away from police and ran toward McCray and spit in his face twice after officers restrained her.

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  • George_Staursky

    She is a mind exercise.

  • Zen Grouch

    I hope that record stands for a while…

    …as in, I hope the judge doesn’t ‘wuss’ out and reduce the sentence to something like 90 days, after Burks gives him a phony apology.

    • casheetz

      Judge Bennett doesn’t “wuss” on anything. When you’re in court, you show respect. This person got what she deserves!

      • Zen Grouch

        Once more, I hope that record stands.

        Too many times the judge brings down the hammer of Thor in the heat of the moment, only to accept a half a** apology, then greatly decrease the original sentence once the press has packed up and gone home.

        • dave

          Am I the only one who thinks this is messed up. They are going to put this girl in jail for 300 days for basically being rude? Does this judge really expect this lady to be happy about not being able to go home? Then he just starts increasing the time even though she isn’t doing anything but saying “so”. This judge needs to get over himself and his own massive ego. If you don’t like pissing people off and sending them to jail, don’t be a ********* judge. Being disrespectful is not against the law. When did we turn into a civilization where we can lock someone up for something they say.

          • Zen Grouch

            She didn’t go to jail for being rude, she went to jail for showing a total lack of respect for our judicial system, not to mention her grandfather.

            We don’t get to choose which laws to follow or disregard…

            …I mean except for the immigration laws and laws related to using a handicap placard when you’re 100% fit.

      • Bill

        He “wussed”.

      • Joe Smith

        Respect should be earned, not forced down your throat.

        Not that she was not an idiot but she is in jail over someones ego and that is not right. Freedom of speech should override an ego.

        • Bill

          She is an idiot and respect is demanded in any court of law and has been for a very long time.
          She is of the entitlement class and as seen by her lengthy court history has never had any respect for anyone. She obviously believes she is above the law and is currently proving that by not reporting back to the county jail to serve out the rest of that contempt sentence.
          What I can’t stand is people who always defend/make excuses for people like this. If you think after she finally is caught and serves out her sentence you have heard the last of her you’re crazy.

          • Guest


          • Joe Smith

            Still someones ego shouldn’t put you in jail. If found guilty the attitude can be brought into play then during sentencing and cost her time.

            I made no excuses for her, I said she was an idiot.

          • disqus_FDX8LpnEvu

            How strange. This isn’t over ‘someone’s ego’ – this is in contempt of court! If you live in a civilised country, this is unacceptable! And if you think this is OK, I’m sorry to say you’re utterly uncivilised.

          • Joe Smith

            It was 100% his ego to start and I want no part of your “civilized” world if ego can put you in jail there.

    • Bill

      Close Zen.

      The defendant has been accepted into The Key for Women, an ATOD program for women. The defendant is currently serving a 300-day jail sentence and the defendant has served 88 days of the sentence. It is hereby ordered that the Defendant be released to Mrs.Kay Jones staff of LCADA on December 5, 2013 at 8:00 am. for direct transport to 1882 East 32nd Lorain,Ohio 44055. Condition of Defendant’s release is that she completes the Key for Women Program. Upon completion of the program, the balance of jail, fines and costs will be suspended. If the Defendant fails to complete the program for any reason, including, but not limited to, voluntarily leaving the program or being asking to leave the program, then the of the jail time shall be immediately reimposed. The officials at The Key for Women shall notify Officer Hill at the Elyria Municipal Court Probation Department that the defendant has withdrawn from the program so that arrangements can be made to return her to jail. – Judge: Gary C Bennett

      Of course you know what happens next.

      Upon representation, the defendant has been asked to leave Treatment due to her negative behavior. Therefore the defendant must report to the Lorain County to serve the reimposed jail sentence commencing on 1/3/14 at 11:00 am. – Judge: Gary C Bennett

      New Warrant issued – failed to appear @ County Jail ON 1/3/2014 FOR 212 DAYS PER BOND REVOKED

      • Zen Grouch

        Thanks for the followup!

      • disqus_FDX8LpnEvu

        I hope they increased the jail term further!

  • Don Grantzki

    Not likely, but wouldn’t it be ironic if it turns out that she owns the house where her grandfather lives?

    • therest_ofthestory

      I hope she does! She didn’t want the guard “putting hands on her” so she shouldn’t put her hands on someone else! But certain people have been allowed to get away with breaking the law, being disrespectful and having bleeding heart liberals make excuses for them that they think they’re entitled to do whatever they like!

  • Daniel Sutter

    Another fine product of social engineering brought to you by democrats.

    • Zen Grouch

      This fine specimen of humanity was probably dumped on her grandfather by a drug addled mother who has no idea of who knocked her up…

      …and it’s the Democrat’s fault that Republicans are against birth control and abortion, how exactly?

      • Smira29595

        Republican believe in Birth control, even some Catholics what we do not believe in is paying for yours. Democrats so loved Planned Parenthood will provide it for you……………..

        • Zen Grouch

          Republicans believe in abortion so strongly they’re trying to outlaw it every chance they get.

          • Daniel Sutter

            ????????????????? Smoking the good stuff today I see.

          • Zen Grouch

            Not sure of what to make out of your post, other than you seem confused…

            Are you trying to tell me that Republicans are not trying to outlaw abortion, or that Timmy fell down the well?

          • Daniel Sutter

            Zen, so there are no extreme religious democrats that are trying to stop abortion? Keep smoking what the media is telling you. If all the right wanted to ban abortion, it would have happened when we had a born again president and all right control and right balance in courts. (just like if the democrats wanted to fix the tax loopholes, they would have done it in the first two years of “the treasonous” Obama.

          • Zen Grouch

            When we’re talking about Right/Left pro/anti abortion we’re talking in generalities… OK?

            So, yes, I do suppose there are Democrats who would like to stop abortion, just as there are probably… although I haven’t met any of them yet… Democrats who thought G.W. was a brilliant president.

            And to say abortion is legal because the Republicans want it legal is just plain delusional. Abortion is legal because the Republicans are powerless when it comes to squashing it.

            You might as well claim the reason Obama hasn’t been impeached yet, is because the Republicans like having him in office!

            Republicans don’t want him in office, but the problem is they’re POWERLESS when it comes to getting rid of him, as hard as they might try to send him back to Kenya where he was born!

          • Smira29595

            the left kkeps touting PP they provide birth control…….. See that is simple.

          • Smira29595

            Who said abortion? I said Birth control.

          • Zen Grouch

            I did, in the first post of this thread that you’ve been responding to for a while now…

            But if you want to redefine the argument, by all means, go right ahead.

      • Daniel Sutter

        Every time the right brings up mandatory birth control for social programs the left goes crazy, guess they don’t want to effect future democrats. Its the media twist on birthcontrol and people on both sides of the fence don’t believe in killing babies.

        • Zen Grouch

          “Every time the right brings up mandatory birth control for social programs the left goes crazy…”

          Other than in your wet dreams when did the Republicans EVER seriously support abortion as a way to engineer society?

          …I mean except for that program the Nazis copied back in the 30′s.

          • Daniel Sutter


          • Zen Grouch

            Ahhh… so you’re not familiar with the Eugenics movement…

            …or is it words in general that befuddle you?

          • Daniel Sutter

            Just you that confuse. If you are on a social program, you already have kids, so your selective breading idea is kind of off the mark. It would be the supporters of abortion that would be more to your selective breading (not the right doesn’t have them, just not many). Being responsible is what the right is preaching, if you think that is selective breading movement then you are truly a leftist who believes anything the media tells you.
            (insert a general personal attack here (I’ll let Zen insert on since it makes him feel superior to regurgitate insults instead of arguments or facts)

          • Zen Grouch

            I’m sorry guy… I made it about half way through your post before giving up.

            Don’t have a response for you, so I guess YOU WIN!!!

          • Reverend Bacon

            “selective breading?” Would that be like, choosing the best veal cutlets for scallopini, and putting the rest into a stew?

      • Daniel Sutter

        Zen, you don’t get a check if you don’t keep them. Her parent probably had 3 to 10 little paychecks running around.

        • Zen Grouch

          So then, Republicans are against abortion because nobody wants them?

          • Daniel Sutter

            Ahhh, life with no consequences or morals…. how utopic that would be. Plenty of Dems don’t believe in killing babies, it’s the media that is drawing the party line and the sheep following.

          • Zen Grouch

            You’re saying that the lines drawn in the sand along party lines are all a concoction of the media?

            I honestly had NO idea!

            Thanks for setting me straight Bubba!

          • Daniel Sutter

            No religious democrats out there that don’t believe in killing babies? Keep drinking the coolaid.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Both parties are against the only birth control policy that makes any sense: make it mandatory for anyone on the public dole in any way- medicare, section 8, ebt, prison, parole, school lunch programs- if you are being paid for by the taxpayers, a condition of that is you use birth control. If you screw up, you get strapped down and have an abortion, or you go to jail for welfare fraud.

          • Joe Smith

            “if you are being paid for by the taxpayers”
            You mean police, fire and politicians?.


          • Reverend Bacon

            If you’re trying to be funny, I might agree on the last one. But of course, in theory, all of those you mentioned are professions, where one is offering a service, in exchange for wages. It’s not “being paid for” in the sense that one’s housing, food, obamaphone, and spending money all come simply from existing.

          • Joe Smith

            Being funny, hence the LOL

    • seanmacnair

      Ain’t the democrats fault that you’re an a ss, that’s your doing

    • AFITgrad86

      Another product of the Great Society … thanks be to LBJ (sarc)

  • grannyof6

    Ebony Burks had the same attitude while she was in the juvenile system. She actually threw a chair and severely injured a childcare worker because she didn’t get her own way. It’s a wonder she’s not dead due to her “hot” head! I commend Judge Bennett for putting this “Super B” in her place. Hope he sticks to the sentence as she deserves it. She thinks “she’s a bag of chips but nothing but a bag of sh–!!

    • therest_ofthestory

      Where does someone like her develop this attitude?! I’ve never understood that!

      • LAB1660

        Her attitude comes from not having been raised properly, so she thinks she’s entitled to do anything she pleases. She thinks she can have whatever she wants by just being obnoxious. She is an out-of-control child who grew into an out-of-control adult. People like her will ultimately get their tickets punched. This contempt sentence by Judge Bennett is just a stop-gap bandaid for what will befall her later in life.

  • therest_ofthestory

    Good for the judge! Whoot! Who on earth does she think she is?! Complete disrespect for the courts! I only hope that other judges start cracking down like this!

  • Paul Lewis

    This judge has to go! He should have ordered her muzzled after she opened her mouth for the second 30 day sentence. ow the taxpayer will be forced to pay to feed and house her for the next year.
    Unless of course, the “wise” judge offers to pay for it out of his salary.

  • Logdog39

    I’m SURE that another more “Democrat oriented” Judge will step in and reverse this Contempt of Court sentence. He will see this issue as being “racially motivated” and reduce her sentence to 1 week probation. There’s an election coming up, and we need to rally all the Democrats and get them OUT of jail !

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  • Carrie Watson

    Well, at least she won’t be going back to her grandfather’s house.

  • Marina Smith

    stupid bootlip

    • It has to stop

      Racist remarks under the cover of anonymity. Nothing more then a keyboard trolling commando.

      • Marina Smith

        stupid bluegums

      • Zen Grouch

        It is fitting though, that trolling with terms I hadn’t heard in decades, is in a topic that died off 5 months ago…

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  • Fuka

    how can the judge sentence her to jail…without legal representation? isn’t that an illegal sentence? bet he’s betting on her not knowing her rights.

  • oldschool

    What a waste, as we taxpayers feed and house her! She should be ashamed of herself!!

    • It has to stop

      You don’t think we the tax payers weren’t paying for her already?

  • Daniel
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  • Brina

    Oh. My. God. So ignorant and disrespectful. Some people do not know when to be quiet.

  • guy rich

    Just to be clear:
    “she got me riled up”

    was his rational for this disproportionate sentence.

    Every person on here saying “she got what she deserved,” is guilty of propping up an irrational and tyrannical court system.

  • Scout

    The judge was correct in issuing the order as far as I’m concerned. Let’s see if she has learned her lesson or acts up with Judge Locke-Graves. If not I’m sure Judge Locke-Graves will be just a demanding of respect as Judge Bennett was. Judge Bennett is one of the more even tempered people in the system but he is right when it come to respectability toward the court or people in authority, ie: parents, judicial system, educators, clergy and many others who deserve respect. Manners people manners.

  • Scout

    I meant to say that Judge Locke-Graves WILL be just as demanding of respect as Judge Bennett was. Wanted to rectify my typo.

    • Joe Smith

      If you look under your post , a edit button is there, you can fix your posts by hitting this, making the change and then saving.

      • Scout

        Got it.