November 28, 2014


Lightning strikes near Lorain High School Annex Tuesday

A lightning strike near the Lorain High School Annex, 2321 Fairless Dr., — formerly SouthviewMiddle School — occurred around 7:50 a.m. Tuesday, according to a Lorain Schools news release.

The building was evacuated with students moved about a half-mile to the temporary Lorain High School, 2270 E. 42nd St., — formerly Southview High School.

Due to the rain, some students who were wet were allowed to go home to change and buses were provided to students who normally are bussed to school. The annex re-opened around 9 a.m.


  • rlm_Lorain

    Some of the students are saying they were never taken into the high school and that they had to stand out in the rain. Maybe the CT could check on this?

    • Amy Legg

      I called the Journal this morning after the release came out and reported that fact to them. Nobody seems willing to believe the students that were standing in the storm the whole time.

  • Amy Legg

    I am a parent of one of those students. The news release from the school authorities is partially false. The students were not taken to the nearby high school building. They stood by the sidewalk by the school for the entire time. Nearby where the lighting had struck. The storm was still going on, so they not only got wet, they were in potential danger from lightning strikes.

  • oldruss

    How foolish to have had the students evacuate the building, assuming it was not damaged or on fire and necessitated such an evacuation. Moving those kids outside, into a lightning storm was dangerous. Whomever from the Lorain High School Annex that organized this one should be relieved of his or her duties.

    • Amy Legg

      Won’t happen because the official release states that they were moved to the other building. They are lying and will not be held accountable. They had to evacuate because it tripped the alarms. They were supposed to move. My son was there and said that they told them they might move but instead were kept outside and pushed back from the building. The Morning Journal was called and instead of getting to the truth, they ignored me and deleted my comment to the story.

  • zdubb78


  • jackson

    Looks like they get a F in this too!