November 24, 2014

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Man with paintball gun who ‘runs the neighborhood’ makes death threat

Mitchell Hall, 24, of Lorain

LORAIN — A series of neighborly disputes came to a head Wednesday when one Lorain man brandished a baseball bat and a paintball gun and proclaimed that he “ran the neighborhood,” according to police.

Mitchell Hall, 24, of Lorain, was charged with aggravated menacing on the 300 block of Delaware Avenue around 5 p.m. Wednesday after he threatened his neighbor, Lewis Tolento, 47, and Tolento’s sons with a paintball gun that they mistook for a real firearm.

Tolento told police that this is one of many disputes between Hall and Tolento’s sons, Isaiah Candelario, 21, and Enrique Candelario, 18.

The incident began around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. Tolento told police that Hall got out of his car with a baseball bat at the 300 block of Delaware Avenue and started yelling profanities at the Candelarios and saying that he “ran the neighborhood.”

Isaiah Candelario told police that Hall also threatened to kill his father.

When Tolento tried to confront Hall for yelling at his sons, Hall went into his house and came out carrying what looked like a shotgun or a rifle, Tolento told police, adding that he and his sons quickly fled.

Police found Hall at his house on the 700 block of East Street in Lorain shortly after the incident. When police questioned Hall about the gun, Hall insisted that it was a paintball gun rather than an actual shotgun.

Hall has had multiple charges in Lorain since 2007, including one charge of inducing panic, three drug-related charges and multiple traffic violations.

Hall was being held at Lorain City Jail on a $10,000 bond until his hearing at 1 p.m. on Sept. 18.

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  • Zen Grouch

    For his sake, I hope this guy was really, really drunk when he proclaimed to run the neighborhood.

  • KZ14

    Yea real man

  • Ralph Davis

    He may run the neighborhood, but I think he’ll have to start at the ‘bottom’ when he gets to the cell block.

  • Phil Blank

    Without fools like this, we’d have nothing to read about.

  • Heath J

    Welcome to Lorain :D

  • tia

    well the cops didn’t do nothing to the 3 men banging them on his mother’s porch and truck there was no gun and he never said he ran the neighborhood what he said is that he has lived in the neighborhood his whole life and these hoodlums ( grown men ) always talking crap to him and have broke into his truck a few times and others cars but the cops do nothing But look at Zimmerman bet ya’ll on his side even though he was the one following the kid