November 29, 2014


Midway Mall owners say Ground Round owes thousands in back rent

A sign on the Ground Round near Midway Mall informing the restaurant operators to contact the landlords hangs on the eatery's door Wednesday. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Ground Round has been closed since Mid-August. Its landlords said the operators have not paid rent since March 2012. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — The Ground Round made a return to Ohio by way of an Elyria restaurant in 2012 and now, less than two years later, the doors are closed, and it seems as if the restaurant’s proprietors owe thousands in back rent.

A sign on the Ground Round near Midway Mall informing the restaurant operators to contact the landlords hangs on the eatery's door Wednesday.

A sign on the Ground Round near Midway Mall informing the restaurant operators to contact the landlords hangs on the eatery’s door Wednesday.

An eviction notice was placed on the door of the West River Road North location this week asking for the occupants, Dohel Enterprises, to leave the building, which has been shuttered since at least early August.

The letter, sent by a Cleveland law firm on behalf of Centro Midway, said the operators of the Ground Round have failed to pay rent between March 2012 and September 2013 and owes more than $91,000 in unpaid rent.

The letter states Centro Midway has consistently demanded payment and even sent a certified letter asking for the back rent in November 2012. The Ground Round closed Aug. 12, although in the letter it said the business must remain open throughout the duration of the lease.

Calls to Jack Crawford, who is president of the independent owners’ cooperative that brought the Ground Round back, were not returned.

Through email, Midway Mall manager Mark Bressler said he was not available Wednesday to answer questions pertaining to Ground Round.

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  • Tsolo05

    From my understanding Midway Mall owners charge way to much for what that location is bringing in financially…. If Fridays, Lonestar, McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Quizno’s left the mall because of the rent prices…What does that tell you!!!

    • Bob Sweatt

      It tells me that the mall owners suck. That mall has gone down hill in the last few years. I live in Elyria but travel all the way to Great Northern of South Park Malls for my shopping needs. Midway Mall is a dump.

      • Alan Pugh

        My guess is that you haven’t actually been inside Midway Mall for quite some time. The mall is actually clean, safe, and useful. Last winter, I was browsing and heard what sounded like live Christmas music… I pursued it and found a choir putting on a great performance in one of the open areas. I simply can’t understand the “dump” sentiment.

        The single largest issue with the mall is their exorbitant rates ($9,000 a month for a food court space). If they dropped their rates, new tenants could afford to open and attract new shoppers, but that doesn’t seem to be in the plans.

        It’s worth noting, though, that if you take your dollars to North Olmsted and Strongsville, you can’t complain when they experience more growth and success than your own hometown. You’re contributing to it.

        • Bob Sweatt

          Elyria is a nice town. The mall was nice at one time. But like I said it has gone down hill. There are no stores in Midway that interest me.

          You are right the OWNERS want way to much for rent. Even the store space rent is way to high. Which leads to no good stores wanting to put up shop there. Which is the main reason I do not shop there.

          Let’s just say When Midway was owned by Westfield (like Great Northern and South Park are) it was a good mall to go to. But since the current owners took over. Midway Mall isn’t worth my time to go to.

          • Alan Pugh

            That’s fair. I assumed you were saying that the mall had become less clean, more dangerous, etc. The lack of worthwhile shops is understandable.

          • Bob Sweatt

            As crazy as this sounds. I am more worried about crime at G.N. and South Park. Mainly due to the fact there are more people at those malls.

        • Diana

          I’ve lived her for one (absolutely miserable) year in Ohio, close to Elyria, and I’ll be the first one to say I will absolutely take me business elsewhere. Lorain and Elyria, and probably whatever surrounds them are absolute dumps, and the Spanish yapping assholes are enough to induce vomit, not to mention the white trash. I don’t know how your “hometown” was years ago, but it’s second to Detroit now. I cannot WAIT until this lease is up next month.

          • Alan Pugh

            Why do you care what language other people speak among themselves? Do you speak Iroquois?

          • Diana

            Because they speak it so LOOOOUUUUUDDDly. Besides, what do you care what my opinion is? Do you have nothing better to do with your time?

          • Alan Pugh

            That’s a clever way to try to spin it.

            I care because this country has a problem with xenophobia, and it tends to be people of European descent attacking people of Hispanic descent. This ignorance leads to oppression and it’s damaging to our culture.

            Instead of trying to find reasons to dislike people, try to find some positives. You ever had mofongo or alcapurrias? I’ll take our melting pot full of different cultures and languages any day.

  • charla65

    Well good- because when their former tenant Tokyo Steakhouse was inside the mall-they bailed on paying all their contractors who did work there and when you call the owner of the property they said it wasn’t their problem-Karma-B

  • Phil Blank

    It’s been there for over a year?
    First I’ve heard of it.

  • diamond13

    It has NOTHING to do with the mall charging too much for rent. the owner signed a contract and agreed to pay the discussed amount. It all has to do with the fact that He (the owner) did not want to pay his bills….any of them. and that includes his employees. If He isn’t paying rent or bills, where the heck is all of that money going?? My guess is straight in His pocket, or towards his recreational activities.

    • Bob Sweatt

      You are probably right. But what I am saying is that the owners of the mall are charging to much for rent. They think they are in a place were people have higher incomes. Like Strongsville and North Olmsted. People in Elyria can’t afford what the owners want to charges.

    • Diana

      If what everyone else is saying is true (others bailing also), I say good on them. I hope they shut that dump down, because it is a dump. WTF is a “Harry Buffalo”??! Seriously, is this place really that white trash and mexibilly that it doesn’t have ONE fine dining establishment? Ugh…

  • Joe Smith

    I stopped going to the mall when they posted the no guns signs at the door.

    • Diana

      Stupidest comment ever, from one of the many hillbillies that seem to flock this sickening area.

      • Joe Smith

        Just because you are an anti Constitutional whack job does not make me a hillbilly, now go back to your trailer and eat your welfare cheeze

  • stargazer2012

    Centro needs to come way down or their rent if they want businesses to succeed. Personally, I blame Centro on the failure of the Midway Mall. These people are impossible to deal with. Business ventures are a give and take, not a take, take as in Centro’s case.

    • Bob Sweatt


  • Sue Lawson

    I liked Ground Round. I feel sorry for the employees.