November 28, 2014


Mother, daughter found unconscious with needles stuck in limbs

ELYRIA – The woman unconscious in her car with a needle in her leg was concerning enough, but then Elyria police say they found the woman’s 22-year-old daughter unconscious in the passenger’s seat with a hair tie around her bicep and a needle stuck in her arm.

Thursday night, police say they found both mother and daughter in a bad way in Cascade Park.

As a result, Ashley Kiser, 22, was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and charges are pending against her mother, Julie Kiser, 44. The pair was found in a car with multiple syringes and a burnt spoon, which police say is indicative of drug use.

Officers were doing a routine patrol around Cascade Park at 7:30 p.m. when they noticed two women sleeping in a car. They tried to awaken the women and were only able to wake up Ashley Kiser, police said.

Julie Kiser remained unconscious until Life Care arrived to transport her to EMH Regional Medical Center.

EMH officials said Julie Kiser left the hospital against medical advice shortly after being admitted. Her whereabouts were unknown Friday.

“Our hope is that the two (women) get the help they obviously desperately need,” Elyria Police Capt. Christopher Costantino said, adding that police intend to enforce the law while providing help for addiction. “We’ll make sure the charges are served on (Julie Kiser).”

This is the first drug-related charge in Elyria for both of the women. On June 10, they both were charged with theft, according to court records.

Ashley Kiser was being held at the Lorain County Jail on a $750 bond. Her next hearing is at 9 a.m. Sept. 16.


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  • Shelley Miller

    Sad :-(

  • Chris

    Of all places to get high, you had to go to a public park and shoot up? Really?!? Where there are children running around and playing? God help this family. I pray you get the much needed help you so desperately need and make a full recovery from this demon addiction. In the meantime….please keep your addiction away from the parks and any other public place. Thank you in advance.

  • rlm_Lorain

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. They’ll be the next statistics we read about.

  • Mark B

    Heroin overtaking this city and EPD wants to focus their efforts running traffic enforcement . I thought that when they brought back the Drug Unit they were going to get tough on Heroin and that was suppose to help with other crime in the city. How long did that last 2 weeks ?

    • Sue Lawson

      Plus there is a lot of bad heroin, as if there is ever any that is good, and people are dying.

  • Zen Grouch

    On the bright side… it appears they weren’t sharing needles.

  • jackie

    Sad! Heroin has taken over these neighborhoods! It was only a year ago in Elyria when I pulled a mother in her early 20′s out of an overdose in Midway Mall parking lot w her 3 year old daughter in the car w her.. So sad!!!! People need to keep an eye on their children and keep them away from this epidemic!!

  • diamond13

    wonderful parenting going on here…not only is is bad enough for the mom to be a junkie, but she is dragging her daughter down with her. its sad that the only life that daughter knows is stealing and drugs

  • therest_ofthestory

    Hey, what do you expect? Parents prefer to be their children’s friends rather than their parents these days. I hear how kids talk to their parents and the latitude that parents give their kids. Look how they dress and act! So why shouldn’t they get high together. SMH

  • Ralph Davis

    At least the daughter isn’t out shooting with strangers…

  • Derp

    Hey Daughter, Want to go to the park that you used to play at as a child and pass out from heroin?