November 21, 2014


Teammates pitch in to get friend new kicks after $120 shoes stolen

ELYRIA– They’re Adidas Crazy 8’s, and Aaron Worthy knew they were kind of hot.

Even with a price tag of $120, he told his mother during a recent back-to-school shopping trip he had to have them in order to start the new school year in style.


After Elyria High School freshman Aaron Worthy’s shoes were stolen, his entire football team pitched in to help buy him a new pair of shoes. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE TELEGRAM

Someone else likely thought so, too, because the shoes came up missing and presumably stolen within three days of school. But fellow members of the Elyria High School freshman football team immediately rallied around the player, proving that they stick together even when it comes to donating money to buy someone shoes.

Aaron said he was not happy to return to his locker last Wednesday to find his new shoes gone.

“I was almost sick to my stomach,” he said. “They were my teammates and I didn’t think we would steal from each other.”

The door to the locker room at Elyria high stadium was locked and it is believed that no one went into the room while the team was on the field practicing. The shoes never resurfaced, but it did not take long for teammates to move past the problem of the stolen shoes and onto a solution of how to get Aaron new ones.

“I just thought it was the right thing to do,” said 14-year-old Trevor Workman. “Aaron’s never been mean to anyone really so he didn’t deserve this.”

It was Trevor’s idea to buy the shoes. With 48 players on the team, he knew if everyone gave a few dollars then the shoes could be repurchased. In the first day, the players – all 13- and 14-year-old freshmen – raised $82. Aaron came up with the rest.

“I think we’re a really solid team,” Trevor said. “A lot of people know each other because we’ve been practicing for a few weeks or from playing football together in earlier years. We don’t know for sure who took the shoes, but as a team we’re sticking together.”

Aaron said he wasn’t expecting to be handed a fistful of cash after practice Monday.

“They didn’t do it so I felt kind of bad that I was taking their money, but at the same time I thought they were cool teammates and helped me out even though they didn’t do anything,” he said.

Aaron has been playing football since seventh grade and said this team is one of the most cohesive.

“We always had a sense of friendship. When we played Elyria Catholic, we won the game,” he said. “We stuck together and stayed strong.”

Michelle Novak, Aaron’s mother, said the generosity of the team helped lessen the sting of her son losing the pricey shoes. She is not in the habit of buying $120 shoes often and usually gets her son two high-priced pairs of shoes a year.



“I am so amazingly proud and excited for this group of young men we have on this freshman team,” she said.

As for the shoes, Novak said a replacement pair in Aaron’s size had to be reordered as the Finish Line shoe store at Midway Mall was out by the time he returned. They should arrive by Tuesday and will likely be back on her son’s feet soon after.



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  • taxpayer89

    Why do you need$120 pairs of shoes? Really? Just because of the name? Glad I teach my kids the value of money and that there are more important things in life than a name. I’m sure half of the families get free lunches because of low incomes but most kids NEED $120 shoes. My kids would rather have a bunch f cheap things than one expensive item.

    • Debbie

      the message in this article is not about the price of shoes. it doesn’t matter if they cost $20 or $120. this article is about the compassion these boys showed their fellow teammate!

      • SpaceTech

        Compassion? Really?

        • chiefusn63

          Yeah… called helping a teammate… but sure you don’t know anything about that or compassion….really

    • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

      “I’m sure half of the families get free lunches because of low incomes but most kids NEED $120 shoes”. Your comment doesn’t even make sense. I would have thought a right wing elitist like yourself would have much better rhetoric. Why do you care what type of shoes someone else has? Why did you read this story if the headline has “…$120 shoes…” in it? If we didn’t have people buying $120 pairs of shoes the economy would be even worse than it is now Mr. Taxpayer. Get a life.

      • Larry Crnobrnja

        “If we didn’t have people buying $120 pairs of shoes the economy would be even worse than it is now…” – rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

        Ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha.

        • Harley1949Vet

          They Were Probably Made In China , Taiwan , Pakistan, India Or South Korea , So How The Hades Did It Effect Our Economy ??

      • Ray Venn

        According to both Tom Tucker and Mr. Rigda, poverty in our area is a HUGE problem with Lorain “allegedly” having a nearly 90% poverty rate for students and Elyria isn’t much better.

        So I’d say that yes…free lunches, low incomes makes 100% sense.

    • Bob Owens

      How are you sure they get free lunches?

    • chiefusn63

      wow, value of money….rather have a bunch of cheap things than one nice one…. that’s sad, but some people do settle for cheap things

  • wahoo99

    People here complaining about the cost are bitter little cry babies. This story is about a group of kids getting together and doing something for someone that has a need. Thanks CT for publishing a great story about Elyria High students.

  • JenWoodings

    I can not believe how ignorant people are!! My son is on this team and it is all about how they came together to help a friend out. You “taxpayer89″ have no idea what situation people are in!! You are a bitter person, always have to turn it around on how people like you are perfect and everyone else that is out there working hard and living paycheck to paycheck is the scum on your shoe. So glad I have taught my children to NOT be like you, close minded!!!!!

  • Tamra Tury

    Wow! I hope you young men know that there are a lot of people that admire what you’ve done. This is a heartwarming story and it shows that you have truly learned the meaning of the word TEAM. Be proud and continue to pay it forward whenever you get the chance. Good job!

  • Juhan D’Andre Stinson

    im pretty sure vans dont cost 120 more like 44 lol

  • Ray Venn

    Kudos to his friends for stepping up, but really?


    Why do we allow our children to believe or accept that what defines us is what we wear?

    A more fitting response would have been for the friends to let Aaron know it’s “not the shoes that make a man”, but the content of his character or the level of HIS friendship. They should have let him know that they’d be his friends regardless of what shoes he wore.

    That $120.00 could have bought a ton of school supplies or uniforms for needy children in our area.

    We need to reset our priorities…

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  • hottamomma

    that was a wonderful gesture the kids did together as a team