November 27, 2014


Women alleges men tried to lure children into car at North Park

ELYRIA – An Elyria woman told police that two men tried to lure children into their car on Friday.

Kelly Madis, 38, said that she and five to seven children from an apartment complex on North Abbe Road went out to play at on Friday at North Park around 9 p.m. While they were playing, Madis said she saw a red Jeep Cherokee pull up next to a 12-year-old boy in the group.

Madis said a black man was driving the jeep with a white man in the passenger’s seat.

The boy told officers the man in the passenger’s seat said, “Come here little man and help me find something in my Jeep,” according to a police report.

The boy told police that he tried to walk from the Jeep but the men continued to follow him until he started to run to tell Madis what happened.

Madis told police that the Jeep then circled the block and came back to the park, where one of the men asked to speak to the children. Madis told the men to leave and they did, police said.

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  • Marsha Hess

    my kids were in that group and thank god they were all home safe..

  • Bob Sweatt

    Anyone ever manage to get the plate numbers of any of these cars??

  • Joe Smith

    People should try to think to use your cellphone camera in a case like this, most people have one. Glad the kid is ok

    • Laura Napier

      I got my 8 yr old a smartphone & that’s one of the first few things I taught her to do with it (if it’s safe enough to stop & do.) I didn’t want to get a child a smart phone but with all the tracking capabilities on it I couldn’t afford not too.

      • Joe Smith

        Very smart, I use my camera for everything since I can’t remember anything.If I am out of a product I snap a photo to use as a shopping list before I throw it away. I also have a photo of my minimum items that I pack to travel ( I travel a lot) and use the photo to compare to what I am packing and I never forget anything any more. All kinds of uses.

  • Nancy Mcdougal

    Am I the only person wondering why a group of children is going outside to play at 9pm? Even with an adult, 9 pm is a little late to be headed out to the park.