October 22, 2014


Stepmother sentenced for locking up teen twins

Jonna Winkler describes family vacations at the sentencing for child endangering Monday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Jonna Winkler describes family vacations at the sentencing for child endangering Monday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — A North Ridgeville woman was sentenced Monday to seven months in jail for abusing her two teenage stepchildren by depriving them of food and locking them in a room that was empty except for two bare mattresses while they were clad only in their underwear.

Jonna Winkler, 39, also paid a fine of $750 and was barred from having any contact with the two boys for the next five years when she appeared before Elyria Municipal Court Judge Gary Bennett. She pleaded no contest to child endangering and persistent disorderly conduct charges earlier this year, according to court records.

The boys’ father, 40-year-old Joseph Winkler, faces a potential jail term when he appears before Bennett to be sentenced on charges of child endangering and persistent disorderly conduct later this month.

Jonna Winkler defended her actions as Bennett grilled her about what life was like for the two boys before they managed to escape in February from the Winklers’ Wallace Boulevard house.

“I made a mistake … but I love my kids. I love all six of my kids,” said Jonna Winkler, who has four children of her own that police described as well cared for. Those children remain in the Winkler’s care, while the twins are with their biological mother.

Jonna Winkler holds a map showing family vacations at her sentencing for child endangering in Judge Gary C. Bennett court at Elyria Municipal Court on Sep. 9.  Steve Manheim

Jonna Winkler holds a map showing family vacations at her sentencing for child endangering in Judge Gary C. Bennett court at Elyria Municipal Court on Sep. 9. Steve Manheim

As her husband unfurled a large collage of photos from family vacations, Jonna Winkler insisted those happier pictures represented what life was like for her family.

One of the victims told Bennett that he had forgiven his stepmother, but that she still needed to face the consequences of her actions, a lesson she often shared with he and his brother.

“Even after you ask for forgiveness, you still need to have punishment,” the teen said.


North Ridgeville police Lt. Greg Petek said the two then-14-year-old twin boys showed up at the police station shortly after 11:30 a.m. Feb. 22 dressed in multiple layers of clothing and carrying bags full of cat and dog food. They also had a bag from a dollar store in which they had pop, cookies and pretzels.

The boys told police they slept in a bedroom that held only two mattresses that had been stripped of sheets, pillows and blankets. They had access only to a connected bathroom where the toilet sometimes backed up, Petek said. The door to the bedroom was deadbolted from the outside and their clothing and dressers were kept in the basement, the twins told police.

Jonna Winkler said Monday that on the day the boys fled their room, she had taken her children — two from a previous relationship and two she shared with Joseph Winkler — to a home school group.

Bennett said one of the twins escaped by climbing out the bathroom window and wrapping himself in a mattress cover as protection against the cold.

He then went to an unlocked door and back inside the house before retrieving a key and freeing his brother, Bennett said. The boys then dressed, packed, gathered what little change they could find and fled with the hope of reaching their biological mother’s home.

“It was evident that the two boys had reached out to police in desperation,” Petek said.

Jonna Winkler said the deadbolts were put on the doors to keep the boys out while she was remodeling their room so they wouldn’t mess up the drywall mud being applied. But when questioned by Bennett, she acknowledged that no renovation ever took place in the twins’ room.

“I got diverted to another project,” Jonna Winkler said.

North Ridgeville police Officer Joe Roth, who worked on the case, said when he took the two teens back to the house, they began to take their clothes off and asked him to lock them back in their room so Jonna Winkler wouldn’t know they had been out. He said he refused to do so.

Judge Gary Bennett holds photo  evidence used at sentencing of Jonna Winkler in child endangering case on Sep. 9.  Steve Manheim

Judge Gary Bennett holds photo evidence used at sentencing of Jonna Winkler in child endangering case on Sep. 9. Steve Manheim

When police came back later in the day with Lorain County Children Services workers, Roth said, the deadbolt had been removed from the door and there was a fresh dent in the wall of the closet, near other holes that the boys said came when Jonna Winkler pushed their heads into the wall, something she denied.

“I may have bumped into the wall, but I did not push them into the wall,” she said Monday.

Roth said it appeared the twins were punished for going to police.

And while Jonna Winkler admitted she removed the deadbolt before police came a second time, she denied that she was the one who put bedding on the mattresses in the boys’ rooms.


At one point during the hearing Bennett held up photos of the two boys, who sat quietly in the back of the courtroom with their biological mother, and said it appeared they were malnourished in the pictures taken after they escaped. He said they each had put on 30 or 40 pounds since leaving Jonna Winkler’s care. He also pointed out multiple bruises on the boys’ bodies in the photos.

There were only six chairs at the dining room table for the family of eight, police said. Bennett said the twins typically ate alone in their room.

Petek said the boys told police their favorite kind of dog food was Alpo, although they “tolerated” other flavors because they were hungry.

Jonna Winkler denied knowing that her stepchildren were eating dog food. She also denied that she had locked the boys in a dog cage when questioned about it by Bennett.

She insisted that the twins and the other children in her house were well fed, although they weren’t allowed to have candy, chips or pop as a general rule.

“They were fed the same as the other children,” she said.

Roth said the other children in the house had blankets, pillows, clothing and other things one would expect to find in a child’s room.

“When you make it to (the twins’) room, it was just bare,” he said.


Jonna Winkler said she was trying to keep the boys, who she described as routinely being in trouble, in line.

“It just kept escalating,” she said.

For example, the boys reported that they got in trouble because they took free candy while they were at a veterinarian’s office. When they got home, Petek said, the boys said their stepmother patted them down and made them strip down to their underwear before locking them in their room.

Roth said the boys were routinely punished for “sinning.”

Another punishment for the boys, Petak and Bennett said, was for the two boys to run the family’s dogs up and down the street. Jonna Winkler said in court that was a chore for the boys, not a punishment. She also said she often had the children in the house run laps in the yard to burn off excess energy.

After Jonna Winkler said that the twins stole money from their sister’s purse, Bennett asked whether the boys had any money of their own. She said it was kept in the bank, but the money was spent on counseling for the boys, something the judge pointed out was only done after authorities became involved.

Joseph Winkler said after the hearing that many of the allegations against his wife were untrue or “blown out of proportion.”

He said the couple had tried to be good parents, but were dealing with the twins’ disciplinary issues.

“We know that some of our punishments went overboard,” he said. “Things kind of escalated.”

Roth said as a parent himself he was bothered by the conditions the two boys endured.

“The mom was really hard on them,” he said. “She was an evil stepmother.”

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  • Jamie Smith

    Wow, This story is heartbreaking. Thank God those boys got out alive from that home. She needs 7 years in prison not 7 months in jail. We read about these situation’s were the child ends up dead. I happy that the system worked for these two teens. I just think that the sentence is very light. I hope the Father get’s a couple years as he didn’t protect them (His own flesh and blood). I hope they are Thankful that they are back with their Mother and behaving knowing what they came from.

  • Paul Lewis

    If these hood rats didn’t want to raise these boys, why didn’t they just dump them off on the state like the other hood rats do? Judging by the photos of the woman while in court “making her case” it would appear that she NEVER missed a meal and I’d bet there were a few cookies hid in HER underwear drawer.
    I agree withe Jamie Smith

  • Bonnie Pickett

    I pray for these boys, that counseling is beneficial to them. I can’t imagine the horror that was a part of every day life for them. As horrible as the step mother was to them, it is worse that their father (who should have protected them) stood by and did nothing to help them. I know many who home school their children and are wonderful parents but I can’t help but think there are others who home school to keep problems like this not brought to the attention of teachers, coaches, etc. You can even school your children on the computer with no face to face contact with people that might protect them. They should feed the father and step mother dog food (Not Alpo, feed them the cheapest available) in prison for as many years (times 2) that they kept the boys in that condition. I wonder what the rest of the story is – what was the mother’s involvement and why did she not have custody?

  • rosemary Wysznski

    The step mother should receive the same treatment as she gaVE THE BOYS. Perhaps Judge Chicaeddi from Astuabula should have been the judge…

  • Jennifer Williams

    What a disgrace to society these parent are.
    They should both be locked up and key thrown away. Yes kids are kids but apparently they learn from what they see.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Wow! If this article is accurate, these are evil people (the stepmother and father). The court should be concerned with them ever have parental rights over any child ever again.

  • Terri Sparks-Shawver

    I’m not sure I fully understand the point of the police returning the boys to their home and then returning later to confront the parents. Am I missing something or is this standard practice? Of course the step mom would be angry. Of course the boys would receive the brunt of her anger. Thank God this article isn’t about the murder of two two teen boys who were returned by police to an abusive step mother. Now, that being said, I see these types of situations every day in my line of work…and I have very little patience for people who refuse to properly care for their children…regardless of the circumstances. These people are raising children who (through no fault of their own) will, in all probability, continue the cycle of abuse. It’s absolutely heartbreaking!!!

    • Jennifer Williams

      when they kids came to the police station the police have to go investigate the situation as is and the boys took him to their home. They did not return again with the children a second time whent the cops went back a second time the mother had removed the deadbolt from the door.

      • Terri Sparks-Shawver

        I understand that the police took the boys back to the home to investigate…however, the article makes it sound like the step mother was not at home at that time. It also sounds like the boys were left at the house without police protection, until they (the police) returned later with Children’s Services. They state “Roth said it appeared the twins had been punished for going to the police”. To me, the article reads the boys were left alone by police to deal with her anger until they returned.

  • SandyLey

    This couple should never be allowed to own/have pets, much less children. She looks pretty well fed to me. I wonder how much weight she’d lose on the Alpo Diet?7 mos. jail time is an outrage and the worse part is that when she gets out they’ll give her kids back to her.

  • Brandy Lynn

    WTF – shame on the police for returning the children home. WHO does that?!!!! And where is the mother in all of this? She doesnt see her twins? Did she not wonder what was going on? The entire situation is screwy.

    • Confused mom

      I was thinking the same thing!!

    • sciontoasterbox

      I totally agree. Why didn’t she have them in the first place. Why did the father only have them.

    • C. Emmerling

      Good question about the mother… Too bad the reporter, the police and the social worker didn’t bother to mention her part in all this. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s to not take an article at face value again and not to judge the people who are being maligned in it.

      • Brianna Yvonne Lester

        go read my comment and it will explain all of this. im her daughter and they are my brothers

  • maryhatfieldmay

    I can not believe they took these boys home after they escaped and fled to the police department for help??? They actually drop them back off to her??? What is wrong with our system that this would ever be allowed to happen? Since she believes & practices in punishing for sins – I am glad she will have to pay for her own! I truly believe all the children should be removed & the father should be handed the same sentence for going along & allowing this to happen. 7mnths is a slap on the hands for this type of crime! Hopefully they didn’t hand these children over to the biological mother because she is the better of the two. Why didn’t she have custody in the first place? Our system is flawed & FAILING!

  • Justamom

    Please stop!! You are judging her by these small few little paragraphs. You don’t know her. I have trusted her with my children and will continue to trust her. She is a good woman and none of us are perfect. The angry rants of two teenagers denied their way is what this situation ultimately is.

    • Sonya Horstman

      Are you sticking up for her? Since when is it okay to lock up anyone? and they were malnourished to boot? you trust her with your kids? i can’t believe you would read this and not be alarmed! She was found guilty. Are you really that stupid? Guilty and in jail. Guilty!!!!! Is anyone else alarmed at this ladies post?

      • Sue Hixson

        OMG!! How can you stand up for a woman that did this to children? Trust her with your children? Why???? I dont understand you. She has been found guilty!! She did it! She abused these kids. And Sonya – I am very alarmed. If she thinks this is a good woman I would like to see how she is raising her own children.

    • hottamomma

      well if u know her then thats on you. and the courts could be wrong and putting an innocent person in jail they have done it many of times before. and yes the boys couldve been bad and not getting their way and decided not to eat for a few months and planned it all, i wouldnt put it pass these kids these days. but with the story the way it is and most people believe mostly everything they read, she sounds guilty

      • Bonnie Pickett

        If anyone has ever been around teen boys they know they will not do without food for an hour, let alone a few months, That may be why she fed them dog food because she was tired of buying groceries. Justamom, I can’t believe you would trust your kids with this woman – that shows that you have some flaws in your judgement.

      • Jennifer Williams

        Are you believing these children starved themselves? Shame on you!

        • hottamomma

          r u saying kids dont lie? i hated my mom when i was a teen and if they had it the way they have now i wouldve got her in some kind of trouble somehow if it meant starving myself. and shame on you for thinking kids dont lie. im not saying they starved themselves, but im not saying they didnt

      • Jennifer Williams

        HA HA hottamomma get a clue the husband told the judge today that yes all of what the boys said was true!

        • hottamomma

          HA HA that still doesnt make true, he couldve been lying. plus if u learn how to read, i never said they were lying. i just dont judge until the facts r there unlike some people!. i believe in innocent until proven guilty

          • Jennifer Williams

            What more PROOF do you need? The cops went to their house to scope out the living conditions of these boys and the boys wanted to get locked back in because they were terrified the cops did not they took them when they went back the 2nd time she had took of the outside lock off the door and made the childrens beds. Read todays story about the father. There is no mistaking the facts. The father admitted it. They are both getting 7 months. You could also look up the police reports as well.

          • hottamomma

            now the facts r out, i wasnt refering to now i was refering to the begining, there wasnt enough evidence, now there is. at first there wasnt, and at first it was suppose to be innocent till proven guilty. now they r proven guilty, they can do there time. and they couldnt have done to much to the boys if the judge only gave them 7 months. that doesnt seem very harsh. if they did it they shouldve gotten years and years if i was the judge and they were found guilty i wouldve at least given them 10 yrs

    • scunnered74

      You go ahead and trust your kids to such a woman. You sound like a terrible mother too. These kids will grow up and be adults one day. And I hope you and your ‘friend’ get what you deserve – in SPADES.

      • Justamom

        Can you please tell me the EXACT thing that made me sound like a bad mother??? Because I know someone that you do not?

    • C. Emmerling

      I, too, have trusted her with my children and as of today I would do it again in a heartbeat! I will stand up for her and the truth!

    • Erica Leslie

      I know her and Joe too, and I would’ve never trusted my kids with her. I saw how she treated the boys at church, all while putting on her fake smile and acting like mother of the year. She clearly had issues even then.
      Personally, I can’t believe that Joe got custody of the boys or ever married this woman. I’ve witnessed his “corrections” (when the boys were 4-5 years old, and they were too harsh then). I am so glad that they are back with their REAL mom where they should’ve been for the last decade!
      I’m only sorry that J.W. got such a small sentence in comparison to the torment she brought those boys.

      • Justamom

        If their biological mother was so wonderful and Joe was such a monster can you please tell me why she has not had them all this time?

        • Erica Leslie

          Clearly the courts made a HUGE error in judgment. I’m glad the boys are now back in the care of a REAL mother who LOVES and CARES for them (something that Jonna NEVER did), and the half sister that JOE kept them from for far too long. It’s just too bad that it took the system this long to consider the best interests of the boys.

          • Justamom

            Hysterical!!! You don’t see your own foolishness!! So, they made a mistake for “real” mom but not Jonna? Put down your pitchfork and torch long enough to see the truth.

          • Erica Leslie

            I don’t find anything about the situation hysterical. The boys’ REAL mom NEVER gave up. And Jonna, well she took the easy way out when she was CAUGHT. Thank God that the boys finally NEVER have to worry about that crazy woman who pretended to be a “Christian” all the while acting with evil in her heart. Thank God NONE of those kids will be under her care for at least 7 months. They ALL deserve better than that evil woman as a “mother”.

          • Brianna Yvonne Lester

            joanna held me and my mom from my brothers and joe was to scared to stick up himself. we tried fr years to back and not their fault that my mom was sick with cancer for 2 years and thats why he decided to up and leave the county when he was not aloud to. thank you erica for sticking up for me and my mom. if you dont know the whole story shut your mouth. you sound absoulty pathetic “justamom”

          • Erica Leslie

            Brianna, your mom was and is an amazing woman. She tolerated a lot, and always had the best interests of you and your brothers at heart. These foolish people sticking up for that evil woman who committed such awful acts against your brothers are obviously delusional. I’m just so glad that they are FINALLY out of that wretched house and back with the people who love them the most. I’m praying for you guys,. I know none of this has been easy on any of you, but I know that with God’s help, you will ALL be able to put this awful situation behind you and move forward as a REAL family with the love that you’ve always had for one another. Luv you guys!!

    • polarbear7


    • Brianna Yvonne Lester

      dont you ever stick up for her. shes an evil person. and for her to do what she did to my brothers she deserves to rot in hell.

    • Jennifer Williams

      Justamom- Did you read todays article! I just want you to know the monster you left your children with. Her husband told the judge this morning that YES she did do these things and yes he should have stuck up for his kids but she broke him down. Goes to show what you see is not always what is going on. Get a clue and find a new babysitter.

  • Sonya Horstman

    Please, let me have some time alone with that Woman. And Dad, how can you allow this to happen, you are just as bad as her. These kids were treated like dogs. They can come live on my farm and i will treat them lovingly. Please neighbors, harass the crap out of her. Throw dog food at her. Make her move from the community, we do not want her around. She better hope she doesn’t run into me, i am hotter than a hornet over this!!!!!! i swear if i ever come across her she will be forcefed dogfood!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AconcernedCitizen

      Your post is also alarming. The court has spoken. They are more familiar with this case than you could ever be based on a short article. If you have a problem with the decision of the court do something about the laws that are in place. But you shouldn’t go around threatening people lest you end up in trouble for your actions. If you are without fault or failure then go ahead and demonize the woman and her husband.

      • Sonya Horstman

        oh i understand your comment but remember this is free speech. i am only saying what you and others are thinking, i do not wish her harm, just a spanking!!! she will be harmed in prison for sure!!!!

        • Sonya Horstman

          obviously a concerned citizen is another one of the evil moms minions…

  • tmc

    Her maiden name is Caudill

  • Guest
  • Justamom

    How quickly people jump from the “don’t judge” band wagon to running with their pitchforks and flames ready to burn someone. Myself included after some of the disgusting things people said all because I spoke from experience, unlike the posters.

    In the article you will see that she was NOT found guilty. She plead no contest. I know that many of you would not be able to find the money for attorneys. What family with six children would? No contest does not imply that the person is guilty. It is a plea that will allow the trial to end with a punishment.

    To assume that she starved them is a grave injustice and the fact that the judge just agreed with some photos instead of hard medical facts is almost enough to warrant his removal from the bench. And the dog food accusations, those came far after the trial.

    What this is, is a family asking their children to do chores, not allowing them to have junk for nourishment, and then being punished because the boys were angry they could not run wild.

    • Jennifer Williams

      Some mom you are? She dead bolted those CHILDREN in their bedrooms. They were NOT her children to punish that way. Did the police find anything wrong with the children she gave birth too NO she treated hers differently then his. She is the true wicked step mother. She should be locked up for good….

      • Justamom

        No, she did NOT bolt them in their room. There was a lock on the room. That does not mean that they were bolted in there. Don’t you find it odd that if they were able to “escape with for their lives to run to the police” that they would choose to go back into the house and risk being caught? If I was being tortured and held prisoner you darn well better believe I would be running as fast as I could.

        • Kim McM

          I’m agreeing with Justamom here. I don’t personally know this person, but I have had experience with the Lorain Court System with my ex (using/coaching my kids) to accuse me of horrible things, one of which happened to be locking them in their room which I NEVER did. I’m guessing she plead no contest thinking that she would not be put in jail and stay home with her other children (perhaps only getting probation). It is amazing how the court system is used for people to get what they want (such as custody and child support as was my case and probably hers). Fighting to try to keep teenagers that want to see if the grass is greener on the other side is useless. And I don’t believe it to be uncommon for kids to say things that are not true to get what they want (happened to me) or make things seem worse than they actually were. I’m guessing all you judges out there have perfect children who never lie??? If Jonna is not guilty, I can empathize with her and pray for her, her children and her step children. My guess is that there are many people in jail that were put in a similar situation with kids saying untrue things… pleading no contest or easily giving up custody of their kids to not have these type of cases go to a full-fledged trial. Judges seem so liberal these days. I gave up custody of my kids to a dad who, though not a bad father, did not take the time I did with schooling. I could have fought, but risked not seeing my children for five years by putting my case in front of a judge who did not know me and also spending thousands of dollars that I did not have to fight (believe me if I had unlimited funds I would have fought and he would have surely lost). Please do not judge this woman and her husband unless you’ve walked in their shoes. God Bless you Jonna, I will be praying for you and your family.

          • AconcernedCitizen

            Well said! Thank you for sharing.

          • C. Emmerling

            Hopefully your compassion and wisdom will overcome the vast ignorance and false judgments I’ve been reading on here.

    • hottamomma

      a lot of people on here believe everything they read. they remind me of back in the 1800′s when someone called someone a witch and everybody would hang her, without any evidence of her being a witch. you have to ignore society most of the time

    • Erica Leslie

      Actually no contest means that she is agreeing to the facts of the case without admitting guilt, which is why the court then found her guilty of the charges. Even worse that the woman admits that the allegations are true, but won’t own up to them.

  • 440patty

    She was found guilty by our court system. She should serve her time. I only hope she is forced to serve her 7 months in jail and that they do not release her in a few days.

  • C. Emmerling

    I am blown away and disgusted by what I’ve read in this article for the real evil that is contained in it. SHAME on S. and T. for their malicious lies that maligned the character of their step-mother, a godly woman and a great mother! SHAME on the North Ridgeville police and Lorain County Children Services for a shoddy, incomplete investigation! SHAME on an attorney who is not willing to defend his client to the hilt! SHAME on a judge who would prejudge a case BEFORE a plea was entered! SHAME on a reporter for putting in print these lies and innuendos to further the character assassination! Why was it that only Jonna’s husband was quoted in the article as coming to her defense? There are MANY, MANY of us who are willing to stand up for her and the truth. The REAL EVIL here is the hoax that these boys were able to pull off and get away with. I hope that someday soon, someone will care enough to find out the truth. I hope that someday soon, these boys will ask for forgiveness and accept the punishment THEY deserve for their vicious lies. The REAL EVIL is believing all these lies and spewing venom without the benefit of any kind of knowledge… this is called ignorance! The REAL EVIL is putting an innocent person in jail. And by the way…… Jonna was not found guilty!

    • LS

      Correct, she was not found guilty, she pleaded no contest because her lawyer scared her to death that the judge was believing the boys and it would be worse to go to trial and cost a fortune. These boys have told lies to get their mom to get custody of them. A mom who hasn’t seem them for years and finally wants them. She could never get them without his current parents being found as unfit. So the lies started. They are already troubled boys and getting away with this will not be good for them in any way. Jonna is a person of the highest character, a mom who loves and cares for her children and always puts them first. She has been judged by people who don’t even know the truth. It is so frustrating to read comments by people and an article that is so extremely far from the truth. These boys are smart and with help they were able to pull it off and make ridiculous accusations. Anyone who knows Jonna knows there is no truth in this article. Her life is being destroyed and she is being sent to jail even though she is innocent and no one seems to care but the people who know her. No one that knows her will ever believe these lies. She will be torn from her younger children and they will not understand why she is gone. She is innocent! There is no justice here!

      • Jennifer Williams

        If that is the case that you are stating why were her bilogical children on the stand defending her? HMMM Maybe because they were feared the same treatment as the story says The door to the bedroom was deadbolted from the outside- there is no explanation and when the cops went back to confront her the deadbolt was gone? HMMM I wonder if you practice the same upraising of your children. Out of all the children in the home the two that are not biologically hers are the ones mistreated coincidence I think not. You may have to back her up she may lock you in the basement.

        • Justamom

          Do you know her biological children? What gives you the impression that they are not standing by her?

      • ha

        everyone – pleading no contest does not preclude a finding of guilty. you can both plead no contest and be found guilty. in fact, a plea of no contest almost always leads to a finding of guilty. just like here, where the home-schoolin’ bible-beatin’ child-abuser plead no contest.

      • Erica Leslie

        You are full of crap. Their REAL mom has always wanted them, even when Joe attempted to turn them against her when they were just small children. It is sad that even admitting to the facts of the case the woman still cannot accept responsibility for HER actions. Even sadder is that you believe her load of horse poo! BTW, I do know her. I have since she was “dating” Joe. The only lack of justice here is that she will be serving such a short term and in five years she will be able to contact the boys and harass them. That is the true injustice.

        • Justamom

          Then why did their “real” mom not have them??? How is it that she loved them so much and then never cared for them enough to keep them full time?

          • Erica Leslie

            Never cared for them? You obviously don’t know a thing about her or Joe, or Jonna, the lunatic that ruined their child hood. Thankfully, they are now back with their real mother, instead of the vile piece of garbage that Joe brought into their lives. Maybe now they can have the loving and peaceable home that they’ve always wanted instead of the worse than prison that Joe and Jonna made them suffer. PRAISE GOD!!!!!

    • Erica Leslie

      Shame on you for putting out ANY identifying info on the boys like you did here. Jonna is far from Godly (by Biblical standards). She is divorced, married to a divorced man, treated her kids like crap and walked into church each week with her fake smile and hypocritical countenance.
      And shame on Joe, for being so weak that he wouldn’t even stand up to this evil hearted woman. I know that he had no problem raising a hand to his last wife. UGH! What a coward!!!!

  • concerned

    I wondered why Winkler only received 7 months in jail for the horrible things she did to those boys so I did some research. I asked some questions and I found out that she was originally charged with felonies which could have resulted with time in prison but the Lorain County Grand Jury only indicted her on misdemeanor charges! The case was sent to Elyria Municipal Court and assigned to Judge Bennett. The maximum penalty available for the child endangering charge was 6 months in the Lorain County jail and the maximum penalty for the disorderly conduct persisting was 30 days in county jail. The judge gave her the maximum time he could under the law. Too bad she didn’t get the felony charge so she could go to prison.

  • Justamom

    I find it very telling that the only people on here that know this family personally are the ones defending her. Everyone speaking ill of Jonna has never spent a single moment with her or those boys.

    • C. Emmerling

      Very sad that they believe such a one sided story and give no consideration that there may be more to it than only what they’ve read. I hope they remember this the next time they utter the phrase “there’s 2 sides to every coin”. Maybe someday they’ll be facing false accusations themselves and remember what they said here. We know the truth here, I’m content with that and knowing that the measure they are using to judge Jonna will be the same measure that will be used to judge them.

  • polarbear7

    just another in the zillions of home schooler horror stories.

  • sad

    I kneww all people involved not close. I would never let my kids go over because I knew there was something not right. Jonna did not like the boys and it was a sad story four years ago. It just got worse. I wish them the very best and pray they don,t loose there faith. People do care and iam sorry they went throw all of this. May God Bless. Yes she should have gotten more time

  • A friend

    I can’t believe it those were 2 close friends of mine and there step brother I grew up with them a the church God really had great things for them. I haven’t seen them in forever it just floors me to think all of this! She really deserved more time in prison!