November 23, 2014


UPDATE: Man shot in leg in Elyria

Elyria firefighters and police officers investigate the scene of shooting Wednesday on 15th Street right off Middle Avenue. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

Elyria firefighters and police officers investigate the scene of shooting Wednesday on 16th Street right off Middle Avenue. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — The identify of an 18-year-old man shot in the right leg around 7:50 p.m. Wednesday is expected to be released today.

The man suffered a non-life-threatening wound after being shot outside a home at 308 16th St., between Middle and West avenues, according to police spokesman Capt. Chris Costantino. The man was hospitalized at EMH Medical Center in Elyria.

Costantino said the motive for the shooting was under investigation. A man was questioned by police after the shooting and tested for gunshot residue, but Costantino said he had not been arrested.

Neighbors said they heard a single shot. Officers searched for the shell casing around the home shortly after the shooting.

A witness, who asked not to be identified because of safety concerns, said six to eight men were arguing outside the home after a car pulled into the driveway of the home. Shortly after the car pulled out of the driveway heading west toward West Avenue, the witness said she heard a single shot and saw the man lying on his back.

The woman said there is a lot of traffic around the home and there is frequently noise and fights outside of it.

Another witness said violence on the block is frequent.

“Around here, gun shots happen,” he said.

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  • Heath J

    Definitely not a crime worth defending oneself over, just ask Pete!

    We should just have more legal restrictions, and maybe a sit-in with hugs, and all of the violence in Elyria will stop.

    I mean really, if it were specifically illegal to shoot people in the leg, in the vicinity of 16th street, this wouldn’t have happened. Right????

  • Logdog39

    It’s just another shooting in the “hood”, and it’s part of the “culture” there. I’m sure that all the witnesses didn’t see a thing, and yet they will demand that the Police “do something”. These things will continue as long “Political correctness” and Liberal Courts prevail. Couple that with a segment of our society that seems perfectly willing to accept violent crime as a “way of life”, and we have a problem with no acceptable solution.

    • Mark B

      All while the hard working honest person is picking up the tab for their medical bills to get patched up

    • Tommy Peel

      Liberal or Conservative, the violence has got to stop. You can’t blame violence on any one political party. The courts should get tough on criminals who use guns. It seems that the judges in Lorain county are very lenient on repeat offenders.

  • luvmytoaster

    I am so glad that I no longer live in Elyria……