November 26, 2014


Police cite driver who struck Avon Lake bicyclist

AVON LAKE — The driver responsible for critically injuring a bicyclist after striking him with her car on Sept. 3 was cited with failure to yield, according to police Lt. Sean Bockleman.

The bicyclist, 87-year-old George Rockas, is recovering at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, where he was listed in fair condition Wednesday morning, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

Rockas, of Avon Lake, was traveling westbound with traffic on Electric Boulevard when he was struck by Carol O’Toole, 43, as she was pulling out of a driveway at St. Joseph Church, 32929 Lake Road.

He was flown to MetroHealth, where he has remained since the accident.

  • hottamomma

    i know bicyclist had the right away, but when i ride my bike and a car is backing out there driveway i slow down and possibly stop, i know i got the right away, but im not chancing it with a big car! hope the person be alright

  • mdr12372

    I often bike with my children and it’s terrifying. Pedestrians and bikers have to assume that no driver will stop or give them the right away, even in a legitimate crosswalk. People just do not care. They have important places to be and crucial texts to send while driving. They are conducting urgent phone calls while driving as well. Red lights mean nothing anymore–yesterday I saw an employee of a lawncare company run a very red light while reading what looked to be an Ipad as he drove. And drivers get a slap on the wrist for hitting a biker. What message does that send? That bikers and pedestrians have no right to be out biking and exercising.