November 27, 2014


Suspect charged in shooting that wounded 18-year-old

Elyria firefighters and police officers investigate the scene of shooting Wednesday on 15th Street right off Middle Avenue. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

Elyria firefighters and police officers investigate the scene of shooting Wednesday on 16th Street off Middle Avenue. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

ELYRIA – Elyria police have identified and charged a suspect in a shooting on 16th Street last night.

Tony Carter Jr., 24, was charged with felonious assault and child endangerment after being arrested at his apartment on 1879 Turner Blvd. on Wednesday evening.

Police say he fired three shots, hitting 18-year-old Andre Jackson in the leg. His friend’s 6-year-old son was sitting a few feet from Carter during the shooting, Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino said.

Jackson told police that the incident began when he was visiting a friend at 308 16th St. Police said there were a couple of people at the house during the incident, including Delance Kimbro.

Around 7:50 p.m., Jackson heard a commotion outside and went to see what was going on. Once outside, Jackson saw Carter and Kimbro arguing. Jackson told police that he recognized Carter only by his street name “Ya-yo” and his first name, Tony.

Carter had driven to the house with Chanel Grantham and her 6-year-old son, who was in the car’s backseat. Carter got out of the car and started arguing with Kimbro, the father of the 6-year-old, police said.

Carter was carrying a 357-magnum handgun which he was waving around, threatening Kimbro by saying “I’ll do it,” Jackson told police. Police have not yet found the gun.

At the sound of the first gunshot, Jackson told police he began to run when he was hit in the leg by a second shot. He fell to the ground immediately, hearing one more shot before Carter, Grantham and Grantham’s son left in the car.

“There’s nothing to suggest that (Jackson) was the intended target (of the shooting),” said Costantino, adding that Carter was firing the gun and one bullet happened to hit Jackson.

After the incident, police showed Jackson a lineup of photos of potential suspects and Jackson was able to identify Carter, police said.

Carter has been charged with weapons-related charges before, including weapons while under disability charges in 2009 and 2007. Carter was also charged with aggravated robbery in 2009.

He is currently being held at Lorain County Jail without bond.

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  • Tommy Peel

    As long as the judges continue to let people who have a pattern of criminal activity out on bond, there is always going to be problems in the community.

  • Mike wowk

    Im sure he’s a loving father and a pillar of community.

    • Melissa Merrill Snyder

      But of course he is. Why get out and argue with the father of your partner’s child? Sigh….when will people choose to act with decency and dignity?

      • Mike wowk

        This is the new America. Decency and dignity are going the way of the dinosaur.

  • Logdog39

    Now let’s see,, Tony Carter was charged with “having a weapon under disability” in 2007 and 2009, and “aggravated robbery” also in 2009, and he’s NOT in prison, and he’s got a GUN ! Maybe we need even MORE “gun laws” that our Courts will ignore ? I’d REALLY like to see the Chronicle start publishing a “Judicial Watch”, and keep us informed as to what actually happens to these “repeat” violent criminals ! But, such reporting would prove to be an embarrassment to our Liberal Judges and Prosecutors, so don’t look for that to EVER happen !

    • Mark B

      Your absolutely right , they would never do anything to disgrace the party they are in bed with. But they are fair and un-biased you know .

  • Mark B

    The shooter should not be released from jail or prison until all of the medical bills of the victim are paid in full.

    • Mike wowk

      Well then Mark….. Turn him loose, cuz his medical bills are all paid I’m sure. By you and me….

  • Logdog39

    You’re absolutely RIGHT Mike, Us Taxpayers have paid to have him patched up, and we will pay for his “team of lawyers” if and when he ever makes it to Court. And we will pay to have him “monitored” while he’s on out on Bond. And we will pay to have some lenient Liberal Judge give him a “slap on the wrist: AGAIN. And we wil pay and pay and pay ! But, if you happen to notice this, and ask WHY,, then you’ve become a RACIST ! (Like most of us Taxpayers) !!

  • GreatRedeemer