November 22, 2014


Passenger in stolen SUV that crashed dies

Michael Storrow

Michael Storrow

NORTH RIDGEVILLE — A critically injured passenger from a stolen SUV that crashed about 1 mile from the Elyria service station from where it was taken has died.

Michael Storrow, 31, of New London, died Wednesday night at MetroHealth Medical Center, according to spokeswoman Kristin Anderson.

Storrow had been hospitalized since the Aug. 25 accident in which the SUV he was riding in crashed on Sugar Ridge Road in North Ridgeville about 9 p.m., according to North Ridgeville police reports.

The SUV was driven by Danielle Grogg, 31, of Elyria, who remains in fair condition at MetroHealth, according to Anderson.

Police said the SUV was stolen by the couple as it sat in the parking lot of a Speedway gas station on East Broad Street in Elyria.

Danielle Grogg

Danielle Grogg

“The vehicle was running with the keys in it and it was unlocked,” Elyria police spokesman Capt. Chris Costantino said. “We’ll send someone in to talk to her about the stolen vehicle and the circumstances surrounding it.”

North Ridgeville police Detective Lt. Greg Petek said his department also is considering charges against Grogg.

“It’s still under investigation and we have to determine what kinds of charges are applicable,” Petek said.

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  • ibethepappy

    even though they committed a crime that is still sad to hear..condolences to the family..and she will have to live with knowing she killed her cousin

    • Candie Rue

      I have known her since she was 5 years old and their family as well and I am just in shock. Earlier this year she really was trying to turn her life around and she turned to me wanting to know God and we did Bible Studies together and we would conversate about life and I tried to give her as much advice and positivity as I could. I know recently things have went very south for her but this is no excuse. There is no good excuse for what she did. I was praying so hard for her and I just can’t even believe this is happening right now. My heart goes out to the family and I will continue to pray for all of them….Danielle needs some serious intervention and therapy and I hope she gets it! Whoever has her right now I hope you have her on suicide watch because believe me she is going to need it. She needs to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions. And if I know her, she will not be able to handle this news. This is so very sad.

  • kim

    Prayers go out to the family that lost their son. My son in law drove the suv to get my pregnant daughter some gatorade because she has been sick during her entire pregnancy. They live with us along with their 4 year old daughter and after buying the suv were going to start saving money to get their own place. They are even deeper in debt now. I am not trying to overshadow the death of this man, I am just saying crime does not pay and in this case 3 familys are suffering. A tragedy all the way around. My condolences to all. Very very sad.

  • kim

    By the way the car was not running.

    • amy

      I knew mike very well he had a hard life he was my sons best friend at one time he lived with us for about a year and im sorry he dyed he was a sweet kid growing up I don’t know why he chose the path he did but I will miss his kindness and im not condoning what he did I just want to say there is good in people even when they did wrong

    • tracy

      yes it was don’t lie about it

  • Renee Carlton-berry

    Prayers go out to the bereaved family!! Often times we tend to focus on the wrong things in times like these..I didn’t know the young man but I do know that his death should not b in vain..yes they commuter a crime..however it saddens me even more to hear of the LOSS of a VEHICLE really A vehicle???? A mother lost her son a father lost his son friends lost their friend..need I ho on…..WE all have to live with our choices .but it hurts to loose someone who will never b able to loose anything again!! Praying for peace within Danielle ..she’s a good person who hurts by the ups and downs of this thing called life….BLESSING b with all those affected by this tragedy

  • Ashley Strimbu

    This man mike is n was n will always be a monsster o knew him from elyria and there is not a good thing he. look him up his record is a mile long..

    • Ashley Strimbu

      I did