November 29, 2014


Chronicle warns residents of credit card scam

The Chronicle-Telegram is warning residents of a credit card scam involving a newspaper subscription offer.

Several people have received phone calls from a woman who says she is a telemarketer for the newspaper. The woman offers to sell a subscription to The Chronicle or its sister paper, The Medina Gazette, at a special rate of $1 a week for 13 weeks if the customer pays with a credit card.

These phone calls are a scam. The Chronicle-Telegram and Medina Gazette do not have telemarketers calling residents to set up subscriptions.

If you receive a call, please decline the offer and notify The Chronicle at (800) 848-6397 immediately. Please take note of the phone number, if possible.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    or just hang up&laugh knowing it is a’s quite amazing of how many scam artists are in the world&how/what they do to make a buck.personally,i would have said ‘i can read the newspaper online,goodbye’

  • hottamomma

    thats a good deal 1.00 a wk, chronicle you guys should do that! lol lol lol