November 27, 2014


3 Amherst bartenders cited for allegedly selling alcohol to minors

AMHERST — Police issued three summons last week during an annual sweep to determine whether bartenders around the city were selling alcohol to minors.

Around 8 p.m. Thursday, police sent an 18-year-old informant into Ziggy’s Bar at 193 Park Ave. with $10, a recording device and instructions to buy alcohol. The girl ordered a Miller Light from Jennifer Baughman, a bartender. Baughman handed the girl the beer without asking to see her ID, according to the police report.

Thirty minutes later, police conducted a similar investigation at Cedar Pub at 200 Park Ave. According to the police report, the bartender, Jessica Kubishke, never asked to see the 18-year-old informant’s ID.

On Sept. 9, police sent a 19-year-old man into RC’s Brewhouse, 223 Church St., and he asked for a Bud Light beer from the bartender, Victoria Pijor. Police said Pijor asked for the 19-year-old’s ID and, after looking at it, still sold beer to him.

Baughman, Kubishke and Pijor each were issued a summons for the incidents. All three women are instructed to appear at Oberlin Municipal Court at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 27.

Amherst Police Lt. Dan Jasinski said this is part of an annual series of investigations. Each year, with help from the Ohio State Liquor Control Board, Amherst police employ underage men and women to do controlled buys in various establishments around the town. Police record the conversations and report any illegal sales to the Ohio State Liquor Control Board.

The board then will serve subpoenas to the bars and restaurants at fault for selling alcohol to underage consumers. Jasinski said the reports have been sent, but he does not know if the board has taken action against the three establishments.

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  • stop ur whining

    at the age of 18 you can get married, by a home and die for your country but it is illegal to drink. thank you M.A.D.D. P.S. that is sarcasm, i hate you all.

    • ekwaykway

      I agree. Die in the middle East! But no beer!

      • stop ur whining

        such a joke. if booze is going to be illegal till 21. Make everything 21.

        • rlm_Lorain

          When I was growing up, everything WAS 21; you couldn’t vote, couldn’t buy a house or a car, and you were not considered a legal adult. However, you COULD still be drafted. But then, we also had 3.2 beer for 18 y.o.’s. The law about alcohol just never caught up with the other changes.

  • ekwaykway

    But they tipped so well?

  • Mike wowk

    Makes total sense to me. Here’s a M4, go over to Afghanistan and kill some people for us and there is a good chance you will be killled yourself or have a leg blown off, but allowing you to drink a Coors Lite is to dangerous and we cant trust you to do that.

  • Allpaul

    Don’t they have anything better to do? What a bunch of losers!

  • TheOriginalFactChecker

    Of all the organs in our bodies, the brain takes the longest to develop. Frontal lobes — the seat of judgment — are the last pieces to be fully connected to the parts of the brain that sense danger. The frontal lobes control insight, judgment, inhibition, self-awareness, cause and effect, acknowledgment of cause and effect. And big surprise: It’s not complete in your teen years. Hence [teens’] impulsiveness, their unpredictable behavior, their lack of ability to acknowledge and see cause and effect. Thus, it makes sense to have a drinking age of at least 21, when the frontal lobes are more fully developed.

    • Zen Grouch

      On a list of 138 countries only Fiji, Indonesia, Micronesia, Palau, Sri Lanka, United States have the highest drinking ages of 21.

      It’s illegal to drink in Brunei, Gambia, Iran, Libya, Pakistan.

      Anyway, I’d bet our spot on the spectrum of legal drinking ages by country probably correlates to our spot on the spectrum of academic achievements in science, math, geography and language skills in our school system.

      This would indicate that we should start feeding our teens, with their developing brains, beer and wine as soon as they start growing some hair down there.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      but we can send them over seas and teach them to kill though…………………yep makes sense………….

  • oldruss

    Whether or not you agree with the current liquor laws, it is, nonetheless, illegal to sell or furnish someone under 21 years of age with an alcoholic beverage. It is up to the liquor establishment to enforce this law, and if the establishment can’t or won’t do so, then take their liquor license for 30 days.

  • John Reynolds

    Don’t the police have something better to do? Like, I don’t know, solve actual CRIME?

  • Arietta Sullivan

    it doesn’t matter what anyone’s,including mine,opinion is on the’s the law..if they look too young,you have to id before a alcohol sale.