November 25, 2014


Police: Gang member found in motel with drugs, cash

Eric Echols

Eric Echols

LORAIN – The Lorain-based gang, M.O.B., had been relatively quiet in the recent past until Thursday afternoon when police said they found a gang member often called “E. Money” in a Lorain motel with drugs, scales and over $200 in cash.

Eric Echols, a convicted felon and member of the gang “Members of Blood,” alternatively called “Money over (expletive)” was charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia Thursday at the Erieview Motel on 2800 W. Erie Ave. in Lorain.

Since receiving increased reports and complaints of drug activity at the West Erie Avenue motels, Lorain police have been conducting regular visits to the motels to read the ledgers and look for any suspicious names of motel occupants, Lorain Police Detective Mike Gidich said.

It was on one of these routine visits that police saw Eric Echols’ name on the ledger. Echols is a member of M.O.B. who’s been charged with drug trafficking in the past.

Police went to Echols’ door and he invited them in saying “I ain’t got nothing but marijuana,” according to the police report.

Police said they found money and marijuana scattered on the bed along with a scale, so they charged Echols with possession. Police also saw cocaine on the scale along with a clear plastic bag and Percocet, according to a police report.

Police said that Echols looked nervous and jumpy when was arrested, prompting police to order a strip search, according to the police report. During the search, a rock of crack cocaine fell out of Echols’ pants, police said.

Echols was taken to Lorain City Jail and released on bond around noon Friday.

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  • Mike wowk

    He seems like a nice guy

  • Linda Nutt

    The article mentions when he was arrested and then when he was bonded out. Just curious as to what the bond was? Does anyone think it’s odd, that a known gang member, with obvious tools to sell and distribute drugs, only had $200. on him??? Just seems that this whole story is lacking a lot of credibility to me!!

  • Zen Grouch

    “Police said that Echols looked nervous and jumpy when was arrested, prompting police to order a strip search…”

    That is odd… I’m sure being arrested is such a calming experience.

  • Rachel Eusebia Torres

    He’s a lowlife and should not bevable to get bond he’s a waste ppl like him dontvderserve to be free lock him upnandvforget about him he’s nothing but garbage good riddons

  • GreatRedeemer

    Did this fine motel pay the bed tax on the gang members room

    • stillsleepyeyes

      Now you know Lorain got their monies………………

  • boldlover

    fuuny that the city wants to close these bars because of the type of people that go to them but you wanna go and watch a hotel cause you know the type of things that go on and not even think about closing it and then wanna let a know drug dealer and know gang member back out on bond just so he can go back and do it again… lorain really needs to get better judges and start giving max sentences on these thugs…