November 22, 2014


Bill would ban Ohio teens from driving other teens

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Republican state lawmaker is proposing tough new driving restrictions on Ohio teens, including prohibiting them from transporting even one additional teenager.

State Rep. Rick Perales, of Beavercreek, tells The Columbus Dispatch his bill would bring Ohio’s rules closer to the recommendations of safety groups.

Besides banning teen buddies, it would require backseat passengers to wear a seat belt and push back Ohio’s teen driving curfew from midnight to 10 p.m. Teens engaged in work and school activities would be exempt from the new night rules.

Caitlyn Pitts, a 15-year-old from Gahanna, says barring teens from traveling together to sports practices or to the movies is “kind of defeating the purpose” of having a license.

Current Ohio law allows 16-year-old drivers to transport one unrelated passenger of any age.

  • Tom

    I agree with Miss Pitts, it does defeat the point of getting a license when you turn 16. I think kids just need to learn that it’s a privilege to be able to drive and not a right.

    • Mark

      privilege, yes, but kids will be kids. Texting, talking, giggling, provoking, egging on… we all somehow grew up doing it, but seems the law is trying to prevent any of the isolated instances of, well, when it all goes wrong. This area of Ohio has seen a handful of deaths because of it, but it is not an epidemic problem. Seems like they’re trying to kill the forest to save a tree.

  • Smira29595

    So EHS has no school buses, hasn’t since I went there, 5 or 6 of us would ride together. Sorry I disagree with this one.

    • Buurga Topek


      • hottamomma

        walk and get raped or abducted?

        • Buurga Topek

          Walk with friends, ride a bike (if college students can do it you can) or get a ride from a parent (or better a carpool) and carry your cell.

      • Smira29595

        It is the only public HS in the city. walking is not practical for all students, and I went the a few years back.

        • Buurga Topek

          Of course, in some situations a parent may have to drop off a student (distance or physically challenged) but most students are within walking distance, and as a bonus it might help the obesity problem a bit.

          • Smira29595

            Walking 4-5 miles?? In all types of weather? My parents both worked when I graduated in the 80′s. as I said we car pooled………..

  • GreatRedeemer

    So in school districts where because of budget cuts high school busing has been cancelled. Now the same state that cuts funding, allows districts to forgo high school and event busing will now demand that only adults drive to and from. Government needs to look at the real world and its impact on real people.

    • oldruss

      The article stated that presently teen drivers may lawfully have one non-related passenger of any age. The proposed legislation would eliminate any non-adult passengers.

      That may be too extreme, and unless there is hard data showing that teen drivers with one teenage passenger are more likely to be involved in a collision than teen drivers driving solo, I think the state should pass on this tightening of the driving rules.

  • dreamer

    I completely agree with this! Teens take driving for granted and act reckless while driving.

    • hottamomma

      so do people under 30, if we let this happen then the next step will be people under 30. i do agree its safer, but so is a horse and buggy

  • juls

    NO! As a parent of a teenage driver and troop leader to many, these kids are more responsible then the adults I see driving today. The only drivers I see eating/texting/talking on the cell or worse putting on makeup are adults. Teens may have the mentality of being invincible but adults are just plain reckless and irrisponsible.

    • Buurga Topek

      They are more responsible? Then they will understand why these changes make sense. When they become legal adults they can have full legal privileges – not until.

      • Starryeyes63

        There a Drunking driving laws yet “resonsible” adult still drive drunk.

  • Blair

    This is absurd. And they dont follow the 1 unrelated teen law ayway, yes there have been some terrible accidents involving teens and reckless driving but im sure the adult statistics are worse. This doesnt work by any means and they (thegov) have more important issues they should be looking at not teen drivers

  • Carrie Watson

    Don’t pass this stupid law :-( It’s not really going to help people. It certainly won’t stop people from driving with more than one teenager in the car at a time. I agree with the fact that many high schools don’t offer bussing, and telling teenagers that they can’t take a classmate or a friend to school (by passing this law) is more punishment to parents than it is to teen drivers.

  • Heath J

    Just another law to give cops more legal standing for “fishing” trips.

    Bad law.