November 28, 2014

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Sheffield Lake cruiser accident is latest ‘Supercop’ escape

Sheffield Lake Police Officer Jim Simone's cruiser was struck by a passing vehicle on Tuesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Sheffield Lake Police Officer Jim Simone’s cruiser was struck by a passing vehicle on Tuesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

SHEFFIELD LAKE – Cleveland’s so-called “Supercop” has found a new job with the Sheffield Lake Police Department.

Police Chief Tony Campo confirmed that Jim Simone was hired earlier this summer. Simone earned the moniker “Supercop” during his 38 years with the Cleveland police in which he killed five crime suspects, shot at 11 others, was shot himself twice in the line of duty, stabbed and hit by cars on numerous occasions, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Simone had another close call Tuesday when his police cruiser was hit by Terry Hines, who smashed the driver’s side door off around 9:25 p.m. Tuesday and then fled.

Terry Hines Sr.

Terry Hines Sr.

Hines, 60, was cited for failure to control, leaving the scene an accident and failure to exercise caution when approaching an emergency vehicle.

Simone, who was making a traffic stop just south of Lake Breeze Road when the incident occurred, narrowly missed being struck. Simone was unhurt and the driver he stopped was treated and released from Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain for minor injuries.

Simone retired from the Cleveland Police Department in March 2011 on his 63rd birthday, according to the Plain Dealer. He told the newspaper that he planned to work part-time at another police department.

Campo said Simone is working as a provisional full-time officer until new officers are hired at which time he’ll be switched to part-time.

“He has a lot of experience, and he had a lot of local experience,” Campo said.

Bruce Shade, Elyria’s assistant safety service director, said Simone’s reputation has been well earned. Shade did a stint in Cleveland as the assistant director of public service and said he knew Simone and his adventures well over the years.

Elyria is in the process of hiring new officers for its Police Department, but Shade said it’s not looking for part-time help.

“But if Jim Simone came over here and wanted a job, I would be hard-pressed not to hire him,” he said. “He’s unbelievable. They stabbed him, shot and ran him over but he’s still out there.”

Shade said he has some advice for those traveling through a city patrolled by Simone, obey the law.

“He’ll pull you over. He will pull anyone over. He’s done it to his own relatives,” he said.

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  • givemeabreak1234

    how about when you pull someone over, you get off the road and stop blinding drivers with your over head lights. just saying

    • d c c

      how about you slow down and move over in a safe manner

  • Larry Oldfield

    you all know that im all for the police.. but he isnt an officer. he’s an arregant cowboy

    • Phil Blank

      Time catches-up to all of us, including him!

  • Phil Blank

    I always wondered what happened to Terry Hines?
    I went to grade and Jr. High school with him way back then.
    I ran into his younger brother a few years back, but he disappeared too.

  • givemeabreak1234

    how about you get off the road