November 26, 2014


Man charged with cocaine trafficking after SWAT team raids home

LORAIN — After a month-long investigation and a series of undercover drug deals, Lorain police, with help from the Lorain County SWAT team, raided a house Friday morning and arrested a man on charges accusing him of trafficking in cocaine.

Victor C. Brooks, 44, of 1125 W. Fifth St., Lorain, was charged with drug trafficking and was being held Friday at the Lorain City Jail.

Around late August, Lorain police received a tip that Brooks, who has been charged with trafficking in the past, was selling cocaine and crack cocaine out of his house, according to Lorain narcotics Detective Tim Thompson.

Police said they conducted “controlled buys” with Thompson during which they sent an informant to buy small amounts of crack from the dealer multiple times over the course of a month. Thompson explained that multiple buys were necessary to ensure a more serious charge for Brooks.

“The court likes to see a pattern of activity,” Thompson said.

After a month of investigating, police obtained an arrest warrant for Brooks and, around 7 a.m. on Friday, raided his house with the Lorain County SWAT team. Brooks was asleep in bed with a “female companion,” Thompson said, adding that the woman was allowed to leave without charges.

Police searched the house for more than three hours and found around $3,000 worth of cocaine and crack cocaine hidden around the residence in the closets and rafters, along with scales and small bags, Thompson said.

Brooks has faced multiple charges since 2001, including one possession of criminal tools in 2001 and disorderly conduct in 2012.

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  • Ray Venn

    Within a thousand feet of TWO schools as well.

    That should lock him up for a week or two…

  • Arietta Sullivan

    good job..

  • Phil Blank

    Where is his photo?

    • solonggone

      If he’s a Brooks,the last name explains it all.We don’t need a photo!

  • stayfocused

    Very sad the devil has gotten to so many people. Wish more people had the guts to send him back to hell.

  • Guest

    If he’s a Brooks then we don’t need a photo.