November 22, 2014


Elyria man faces marijuana charges

ELYRIA — Police shut down an apparent home marijuana growing operation Friday morning and arrested an Elyria man.
The Elyria Narcotics Unit went to the home at 135 Woodbury Ave. just before 10 a.m. and found 46-year-old Richard Wallace inside the home along with a large quantity of marijuana.

Police said they found 11 potted marijuana plants, marijuana grow lights, dried marijuana plants and less than a gram of cocaine along with digital scales, pipes and fertilizer inside the home. Marijuana was also found bagged in the freezer.

Police said Wallace was uncooperative and changed him with cultivation of marijuana and possession of criminal tools, fifth-degree felonies, and a possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Wallace was also served an outstanding warrant from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office and taken to the Lorain County Jail. He was released later Friday.

  • tickmeoff

    Well Richard, looks like one of your jealous friend’s got you! Twenty years from now, everybody will be growing it!

  • kevin_hunt

    Marijuana Consumption Doesn’t Necessarily Negatively Impact Your Health

    A research team from Boston Medical Center (BMC) and Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) examined the effect of marijuana consumption on a person’s overall health status and use of health care services.

    “Even though we could not compare marijuana users to those who used no drugs at all, our findings suggest that marijuana use has little measurable effect on self-reported health or healthcare utilization in adults using drugs identified in a primary care clinic,” explained Daniel Fuster, M.D., lead author of the study.

  • Mark B

    All the while Heroin runs rampant in Elyria , with over doses on a almost daily basis

  • Sue Lawson

    Big deal, no one cares. A lot of people want it legalized anyway, including me….

  • Danyel Hite Bailey

    stuff should be legal anyway

  • Mark B

    If you can ever get on a Jury for a marijuana case , vote for Jury Nullificcation and the person wil not be convicted , several cases like this will show that wasting time on marijuana will also be a waste of time in the courts , they will make no money from it and maybe they will go after the real drugs causing problems for society.

    • jz


    • Derp

      This, Thats how Alcohol prohibition ended. When they cant convict anyone they give up. Not because of its right or wrong but because they cant make money.

  • Traci Anne Wolford

    Leave the pot alone and go after all the heroin that’s in this county!!!! You have people passed out in cars with needles sticking out of their arms, people breaking into cars and houses, robbing places and their own families for this POISON, gun battles over dealer territory and you go after a PLANT grower? Give me a F*CKING BREAK! Stop persecuting people and demonizing a harmless plant that is HELPFUL in so many ways and start making more of an effort to get rid of the REAL dope problem!