November 27, 2014


Teen charged with domestic violence

Ivan Smalley

Ivan Smalley

WELLINGTON — A 19-year-old Wellington High School student was arrested last Tuesday after his mother alleged that he hit her and threatened to beat her in the head with a baseball bat while she slept.

Leona Smalley told police that her son, Ivan Smalley, was upset because she tried to wake him up for school and because she took his cellphone.

She told police that Ivan Smalley tried to attack her, throwing a wooden bench into the dining room. He then went into her room, overturned a desk and threw her into the bed, according to a police report.

Leona Smalley said her son put a hole in the bedroom door with the wooden bench and threatened to throw it at her. She said Ivan Smalley pushed her into a loveseat and hit her in the head when she left her bedroom, threatening to “bash her head in with a baseball bat when she was sleeping,” according to a police report.

Ivan Smalley was arrested and charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest after police say he ran from officers on Barker Street. He was taken to the ground by police on East Hamilton Street, where he became combative with police, according to the report.

Police said Ivan Smalley threatened an officer with physical violence if he did not get a phone call at Lorain County Jail.

Smalley pleaded not guilty to the charges at Oberlin Municipal Court, and a preliminary hearing was set for 3:15 p.m. Thursday. A temporary protection order was issued to Leona Smalley, according to court records.

  • Ralph Davis

    Let’s hope Obamacare will cover a vasectomy for this fine specimen of humanity.

  • Bob Sweatt

    Sounds like the boy should be beaten. And I don’t me paddled. I mean taken to a wooden area and left for dead.

    • Jesus fan

      That is really harsh. Not saying what he did to his mom was right but we need to thank our goverment for taking away our rights as parents to punish our kids, no we get thrown in jail if we hit them. There is a difference between punishment and abuse. What are we and our schools teaching these young kids. Where is the discipline. It is not to late to turn this young man’s life around. We really need to get him help. The only one who has been left for dead was jesus fir our sins. Community please grap ahold of these young kids from an early age and teach them right, they need the guidance there is to much out there. As gor his mom she needs healing to, no parent should have to go through this.

      • Bob Sweatt

        You were just nicer in saying what I meant.