November 24, 2014


Elyrians return home, name new coffee shop after Cascade Park


ELYRIA – Proudly calling Elyria home again is Todd and Anita Roig, owners of Cascade Café.

For Todd Roig, he is returning home to a place he left nearly 35 years ago.

“I am originally from Elyria. I was born and raised here, I went to Midview. I left here in 1978, the snowstorm blew me to Florida for quite a few years,” Todd Roig said. “About eight years ago I met my wife in Pennsylvania. She’s a good baker, good cook. I had a coffee shop restaurant in Florida.”

He said naming the restaurant was an easy, nostalgic decision.

“Cascade Park—as a kid, that’s where I hung out,” he said.

Anita Roig agreed.

“I love Cascade Park, it is just such a gem right in the middle of the city,” she said.

Opening Sept. 7, Cascade Café offers breakfast and lunch. Breakfast includes a variety of traditional favorites—such as, pancakes, French toast, omelets and breakfast sandwiches. It also feature flavored coffees, lattés and cappuccinos.

Topping the lunch menu are chicken salad sandwiches, ham and Swiss, tuna fish, and a variety of soups and salads. Dessert offerings include muffins, cookies, brownies and pies.

“What makes us different, I think, is that all of our food is homemade; our soup is homemade. Our omelets are three egg omelets — they’re huge omelets. And we do fresh baked goods, I get here at 3:30 in the morning so they are fresh when they (customers) come in,” Todd Roig said.

The restaurant is in the storefront formerly occupied by Pasquale’s Pasta House.

“We saw downtown trying to make a comeback; we have been wanting to try a coffee shop like this. We thought Elyria would be a good place. So far, they have really supported us,” Todd Roig said. “We purchased it and turned it into this. I think we worked on it for six weeks.”

The restaurant is distinctly decorated with nostalgic photographs of Elyria.

“I’m from Boston; it’s always interesting to me to learn the history of the area. In Boston we’re big patriots; we’re big on history there,” Anita Roig said.

Opened from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Todd said you can find daily specials on Facebook. Cascade Café plans to start delivering to businesses in the area.

“We want to cater to the downtown businesses. Sometimes they don’t have time to get out of the shop,” Todd Roig said.

The couple said the most rewarding part of opening a new business has been meeting all the nice people of Elyria.

“We’ve only been in business for three weeks and we have so many regulars. That’s pretty amazing,” Todd Roig said.

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  • hottamomma

    never been ther im gonna have go now

    • Jennifer Williams

      Take your kids do not leave them with Jonna :)

  • Mark B

    With all of the crime in Elyria , he is going to be sorry he ever came back .

    • Robin Michael Rush

      wow :(

      • Barbara Radke

        Just stop the BS already. Downtown Elyria is as safe as any other town. Just pull up every ounce of courage you have, you know like when you go get a flu shot…. call the police and alert them you are on your way so they can clear the area for you, and meet some nice businesses owners that have great food at great prices and have more faith in the town than you do.

    • Alan Pugh

      So he wants to come in and contribute something to make the city better, and you’d rather take a dump on it instead of supporting it? Way to be part of the problem, Mark B.

      • Mark B

        Why Blame me , when the elected officials and EPD would rather spend there time running speed traps than out fighting crime that really effects the quality of life in this city. Tuesday there were 2 shootings within hours of each other. 2 Sundays ago there was a shootout by red roof in , 4 men with guns on foster ave, the friday prior a shoot out on lake avenue in front of the drive thru. Now you tell me what is going to continue to bring this city down , someone going 5 miles over the speed limit or people shooting guns like it is the wild wild west? Some inocent person or child is going to get caught in the cross fire and killed while EPD is across town playing with there radar gun.

        • Mark M

          You sure seem to harbor a lot of anger towards the city and seem to love pointing blame as well.

          First and foremost, Elyria does not tend to run that many speed traps as you claim. Yes, if they see someone violate a traffic law then if they can they will pull them over.

          Second, exactly how is it EPD’s fault that these crimes happened? Nobody can control how another acts no matter what laws are in place. Also, as for the shootout by red roof in, are you aware that 4 of the 5 people involved were arrested already? EPD is doing what it can do with what it has. Do you even realize that the EPD is short by around 30 officers right now?

          Do you realize that they are trying to catch these people ASAP? Obviously not.

          Yes, some innocent person or child may get killed but it is not the fault of the police department. And if it truly was as you said, it wouldn’t matter if they were right down the street from where said shooting occurs or whether they are across town playing with a radar gun as you have accused…

          You want to point fingers, point them at the people committing these crimes.

        • Bill

          One of the clowns who will always complain about speed traps and has probably been the recipient of several traffic violations but never wants to comment on all the great stories about the EPD and the work they do. So much work by EPD that never gets reported on also. Did you ever realize how many guns, drugs, and people driving under suspension, how many drunk drivers and people with warrants they do take off of the streets on any speed traps that they may run?

          You really shouldn’t comment on things that you are clueless about.

        • ken

          hey mark, why don’t you leave if it’s so bad. we don’t need more negative people here.

  • Joe Smith

    Good luck to the new business