November 24, 2014


Second attempted abduction reported in Elyria

ELYRIA – An attempted abduction on Tuesday evening was mostly likely not connected to a similar incident two weeks ago, according to Elyria police.

The incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when a 12-year-old girl walked alone to a Marathon gas station on 503 Huron St. in Elyria. Outside the gas station, two men in a red Chevrolet Corsica talked to the girl, asking her to come into her car and they would “take her somewhere,” said Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino.

The men started to laugh and the girl ran into the station to talk to tell the clerk about the incident.

When the clerk came out to check, the car was gone said Costantino.

One of the men was white and the other was black. Both looked to be in their 40s, Costantino said.

The incident does not seem to be connected to an attempted abduction two weeks ago when a woman in a red Sedan tried to hug a young girl and asked her to get into her car, according to police.

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In other Elyria police news:

A paper carrier told police she was robbed around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday at the corner of Prospect Street and Cambridge Avenue. She told police the man who robbed her was black and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

Police had no more information available as of Wednesday afternoon.

  • mdr12372

    As creepy as these stories are, is asking someone if they want a ride technically an attempted abduction? In neither case was the child grabbed. Is it against the law to offer a ride now? Can people be criminally charged for offering rides?

  • Jenn Jackson

    Why is a 12 year old out walking at 10:30 pm at night to begin with alone?? Where were the parents and did they know she was out? ( Lucky for that family she wasn’t abducted and found dead months later) Secondly. Yes it is creepy for an (two 40 year old men) adult to ask a 12 year old they don’t even know if they want a ride at 10:30 at night! Again my opinion but I think their offer was less than honorable..MY opinion and I am sticking to it…….And isn’t there a curfew in Elyria?

    • Bill

      Jenn, as children growing up it was never a problem. Things are different today and you are absolutely correct. Seems that in these areas where there are more and more reports like this you continue to see young children left unattended and running the streets. See it all the time in the Lake ave, Spruce st neighborhoods.

      • Jesus fan

        You all are absolutely correct. Where are these parents now a days. There is to much going on in this world to not take hold of your children and know what is going on. Ya, are the parents gonna get charged for their little one out roaming the streets, I think stricker laws need to come down on parents that violate the laws of our youth and young ones, I don’t believe they are being held responsible for them. To many weirdos out there. We need to protect ours kids not let them run freely.

  • Naomi Kropp

    this sounds similar to the guys who approached the kids at north park