November 23, 2014


911 tapes released in Fenik shooting, suspect still at large

ELYRIA TWP. — Gunshot victim Jared Fenik remained critically wounded and his shooter remained at large Thursday night.

Detective Sgt. Josh Croston of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that police have no motive or suspect but continue to pursue leads.

Jared Fenik

Jared Fenik

“The right one just hasn’t come across yet,” he said.

Fenik was shot in his arm and jaw around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday outside a home at 6580 Lake Ave., near his own home, according to neighbors and relatives. Fenik had been speaking to a man who had asked him for a ride and was acting strangely.

Fenik refused and called the Sheriff’s Office and then followed the man, who had run away. Fenik was then shot and called 911.

“I’ve been shot,” said Fenik, who struggled to breathe as he spoke.

“It’s amazing how quickly life changes,” his brother David Fenik said in this story. “One day we were working, the next he’s lying in a hospital bed hooked up to breathing tubes.”

On the recording, released Thursday to The Chronicle-Telegram, a neighbor then tells a 911 dispatcher that Fenik was found in a driveway and is bleeding profusely.

“Come on, breathe, Jared,” the man said. “You’re going to be OK. Breathe.” 

Fenik, a 30-year-old tool-and-die maker, is being treated at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.  The suspected shooter is described as a thin, light-skinned black man in his 20s wearing a white hooded sweatshirt with an orange stripe.


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  • Mark C

    WTF that is horrifying

  • Jeff

    another reason for concealed carry !!

    • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

      Another reason why we need stricter gun laws, less of them around to end up in the hands of someone like this. Its not a coinsidence that Japan has one of the lowest murder rates of developed nations and has some of the most strict gun laws. This is an awful story but I’m curious to know why he followed the guy after he called the police. If this happened in the state of Florida this shooter and attempted murderer could use the stand your ground defense like that scum bag George Zimmerman.

      • stargazer2012


      • Jeff

        Why don’t you just go sit in the corner and think about what you just said !!!

      • Pablo Jones

        First I’m willing to take a bet that the gun used wasn’t purchased legally, so any gun laws would not have prevented that person from having the gun. We already have laws that make it a crime to go around shooting people, but it still happens. That is how well laws work, they are only as good as the people that follow them.

        I didn’t see where Jared attacked him, so there would be no stand your ground / self defense claim.

        The best place to find a nut job is to look in a mirror.

        • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

          Some one purchaed it legally, and it ended up in his hands. How do so many legally purchased guns end up in the hands of criminals? And no don’t tell me break-ins, they are not that common to end up in that many criminals hands. Some redneck probably sold it to him to support his meth habit. Apparantly you don’t need to be attacked to claim stand your ground/self defense (i.e. George Zimmerman). Zimmerman was the aggressor who chased the kid. The British aren’t coming any longer, we don’t need some 200+ year old law that allows every hillbilly to go to a gun show and purchase an assault rifle without a background check. Look up the stats jackass, less weapons = less murders.

          • Bill

            Worked pretty well in Chicago. 60 people shot and 12 deaths of the 4th of July weekend and during Fathers Day weekend over 40 people shot and 7 dead.

          • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

            What worked well, the fact that everyone has access to weapons? I don’t understand your comment.

          • Bill

            On July 9th Illinois became the last state to allow public possession of firearms. Those 2 weekends I posted were before this law was enacted. The only ones carrying prior to this law being enacted were the criminals. Now that the law abiding citizens can legally carry concealed in public watch the murder rates drop there.

          • Pablo Jones

            OK master of Stats. What percentage of guns in America are used in crimes? Just a rough calculation it is less than 1/10th of 1%. Then if you take into consideration that the same gun can be used multiple times it’s even less.

            From the Bureau of Justice Stats 1.4 million guns were stolen between 2005 – 2010, 4% of all household robberies involve the theft of a fire arm.

            And where are your stats about rednecks and meth?

            The George Zimmerman case Treyvon attacked George first. Following someone is not attacking someone.

            The majority of the sales of firearms at gun shows are done by dealers and there are background checks and waiting periods.

            The 2nd amendment isn’t a law it’s a right in the constitution. Maybe we should get rid of the rest of the Bill of rights as well since they are 200+ years old as well. Who needs free speech that was before video and the internet and can lead to attacks on our embassies. Or how about illegal searches and seizure, police should have the right to go into anyone’s home to see if they are breaking the law.

            There are more firearms in the country now than there were in the 1980′s. Yet there were more crimes per capita involving firearms then than in the 2000′s. So less weapons don’t equal less murders. In fact between 1993 and now there was a 49% decrease gun related homicides, and a 69% decrease in non lethal firearm crimes.

            Maybe you should look up the stats to keep yourself from looking like a fool.

          • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

            Your argument is a little flawed there Pablo. You stated that less than 1/10 of 1% of “crimes” involve guns. How do you define “crimes”? All I know if that 68% of murders involve guns. Going to the NRA website to get your flawed statistics is not going to help your argument. Jurors in the Zimmerman case even knew he did something wrong, but they couldn’t charge him with anything because of that ridiculous law, he shouldn’t have followed that boy and brought the whole situation onto himself, even the dispatcher told him not to follow that boy, but I’m not surprised you support him. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want stricter gun laws, if you are a responsible, law-abiding, sane citizen then you have nothing to worry about. I’m not saying that we should get rid of them, but there is no reason why a dimented individual should be able to go to a gun store buy a gun the same day and then go to the Navy Yard and shoot up the place (i.e. Aaron Alexis). I’d love to hear your solution to curb violent crimes. I’m not saying stricter gun laws would solve anything, but it would definitely not hurt.

          • Pablo Jones

            I didn’t say 1% of crimes involve guns. I said that less than 1% of all the guns in the country are used in guns. There are about 400 million guns in the US and only a very small portion are used in crimes. And there are millions of gun owners and very few commit crimes with their guns, but you want them to face greater scrutiny for what only a few do.

            My stats are from the Bureau of Justice and Pew Research. Where are your stats from? I’ve never even been on the NRA website.


            George Zimmerman did not break any laws. Following a person is not a crime. He didn’t even pull his gun out until he was attacked while he was walking back to his car, hence it was self defense. Now did he put himself in a situation that led to the incident? Maybe, but nothing he did was illegal. Saying it is would be like saying the woman caused her rape by wearing a bikini.

            ” I’m not saying stricter gun laws would solve anything”

            That is the problem, knee jerk reactions that do nothing to improve the situation. How about we just lock up any person who has the slightest mental problem? Cars are involved in more deaths each year should we ban them? Restrict who should have them?

            The funny thing is that most of the recent proposed guns laws wouldn’t have stopped any of the recent shootings. As I said if laws were the solution were wouldn’t need more gun control laws because it is already illegal to shoot someone.

            “if you are a responsible, law-abiding, sane citizen then you have nothing to worry about.”

            So we should let cops walk into your house without a warrant and look around whenever they want? I mean if you are a law-abiding, sane citizen then you have nothing to worry about? Maybe we should do away with the rest of the Bill of Rights as well.

            No one can go into a gun shop and buy a gun the same day. There are background checks and waiting periods. Aaron Alexis did not buy a gun right before he started shooting people.

  • Kim Thomas

    Fire that dispatcher! He said he needed an Fing ambulance! Why does he keep asking what he needs when I understood him clearly more than once! GEEZUS! Almost 2 minutes? He was struggling to get help and stay alive & this is what he gets? HORRIBLE!

    • MZee

      maybe cuz you knew he was shot by the article? It was quite hard to make it out, although, I agree, the dispatcher did take a while to figure it out.

  • Katelyn

    Hey all. Just wanted to put my opinion in on it. In the audio, it was very hard to understand what the man was saying. And for those of you who don’t know the dispatching backround, after the call is over and all is recorded, the system enhances the tapes to make it clearer to understand when playing it back and listening to it again. And as others have said, the man that was calling in had gotten shot. He was dying. I’m pretty sure it isnt very easy to speak clearly on the phone after being shot multiple times. Furthermore, give dispatchers some credit! They make a living picking up phones to only emergency situations. When going into work, everyone hopes for a good day. How in the world would you describe a good day of a dispatcher? They are in a room communicating to everyone involved in the emergency situation through a freakin phone! What you hear in the audio is just the conversation between the caller and dispatcher. The dispatcher also has to talk to the fire department/ems and police when the scene is safe and what is going on at the scene. You cant send our ems crew in if the shooter is still there! And the police need to know what is going on too! The dispatcher has to communicate with all of these different lines while trying to figure out what is going on! So when you hear this audio, think of the bigger picture! The dispatcher did a good job. The only person that was hurt was the one that got shot. Two times. And he is alive. Finally, give thanks to ems, firefighters, police and DISPATCHERS when you get a chance because it could be you on the other side of the phone in need for help.