November 28, 2014


Pirate ship decoration protruding from home stops people in their tracks

Ricky Rodriguez has been known to decorate his house with life-size pirate ships within his community. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

Ricky Rodriguez has been known to decorate his house with life-size pirate ships within his community. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

LORAIN – Drivers in Lorain saw a strange sight this week at the corner of East 30th Street and Tacoma Avenue.

On Friday afternoon, it prompted several drivers to stop their cars in front of the house on the corner, looking back at a pirate ship that appeared to be coming out of the home.

The ship, complete with skeletal pirates, is the handiwork of Ricky Rodriguez who constructed it on the side of his mother’s home.

“We need to get a video camera up there to get everybody’s reactions,” Marlene Rodriguez said, laughing outside the family’s home.

Marlene Rodriguez, Ricky’s wife, said her husband has always been handy. In addition to minor repairs around the home, he has built a tiki bar in the backyard and a similar pirate ship for Halloween two years ago.

“He’s very creative. The things that he comes up with are such extremes,” she said.
Ricky Rodriguez decided to resurrect the pirate ship this year by building a portion of the ship that appears to be sailing out of the home. He used extra bricks, siding and gutters to create the appearance of a shipwreck.

Ricky Rodriguez said it was so realistic that he even got a visit from the city’s building inspector.

“The building inspector came and thought I broke the house apart,” he said. “He was amazed.”

Reina Rodriguez, Ricky’s mother, said passersby are amazed as well, stopping to take pictures of the two-story tall ship.

The ship will be on display through Halloween, and it will be utilized during the holiday for the family’s pirate-themed Halloween. Marlene Rodriguez said visitors should get a special surprise when they see the ship at night. At night, smoke will come out of the cannons, and the ship will be lit up.

Ricky Rodriguez will have his work cut out for him next year if he tries to top this year’s Halloween display. His wife joked that he should build dueling ships next year, with one across the street.

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  • tickmeoff

    It would have been nice for the Chronicle to take a picture.

    • Phil Blank

      We want to see it, not just read about it or waste gas driving over there to what may turnout to be nothing.

      • johns62

        there is just not on line ( I saw it, its pretty cool

  • Kel Arroyo
    • tickmeoff

      Thanks Kel !

  • Anonymousrabbit

    I think it looks tacky. But then again they’ll
    do just about anything to get their 15 min. of fame. Even if they have to swim in a river of lava,

    • Pablo Jones

      Come on it’s for Halloween. If they were adding it to their house just to get attention during the summer I would agree. But doing something like that for Halloween is pretty cool. Do you have a problem with Christmas lights?

      • Anonymousrabbit

        It was up half the summer. I don’t have a problem with xmas lights. I like the way the homes look with the colored lights unfortunately for the past few years fewer and fewer people have chosen not to put up lights. People may not like what I wrote, yet one’s entitled to their opinion.

        • Pete

          Yep, no matter how misplaced it is. You try building a decoration like that and see how soon you need to start to have it ready by Halloween. How about you try that lava route for your fifteen minutes of fame?

          • Anonymousrabbit

            I really don’t give a damn a about fame nor am I stupid enough to waste money on a decoration that size with this economy. As I said ones entitled to their opinion no matter
            how misplaced it seems. I have better things to do with my time like WORKING!!! I swam my lava route by working like a dog saving plenty of $ if I should ever lose my job to last me for a couple of years and plenty in my 401k. Which I thank GOD I have. U obviously sound like u need one. Good Luck!!

  • Daniel Sutter

    Great Job.

  • Phil Blank

    I think they need to study what old pirate ships actually looked like.
    The bow on their ship looks more like one on the lake freighters that comes into Lorain. Almost straight, old ships weren’t like that, but I give’em credit for trying.

  • WTFnext

    I wouldn’t want to live next to it. It’s an eyesore. And yes, I like Christmas lights, but not when people leave them up all year long. That building inspector didn’t think he broke the house apart! Who would do that? The building inspector came out because he constructed an addition to his home and didn’t pull a building permit! He should get cited for that just like anyone else. I’m sure this thing violates building codes of some kind.

  • KR13

    FYI! He has a good job too. I think it’s pretty creative and fun. Something this city needs more of. Please note that their yard is immaculate as well as the house. Even mowing the empty lot across the street. Most people around here don’t even mow their own lawn.

  • Jennifer Williams

    I think it looks great I wish more people were out making more creative things like this for the CHILDREN on Halloween. I cannot wait to go see it.

  • yousuckwad

    Some people need to learn to accept the Bad critique. I do agree it’s a waste of time and money and it’s a huge eyesore and I live several houses down. There’s nothing wrong with being creative, but they’re doing it to show off. In this economy I’d rather save than waste. For those that insult us who give our opinion u either must be related or u are close friends. Bring on the thumbs down i don’t care. Bite me!!!!

  • yousuckwad

    Well now that they made the news, their heads and ego has swelled and they’ll
    walk around Lorain like their S#&T don’t stink. Which is common for this family, Don’t let their nice friendly demeanor fool u. They’ll rip u off & back stab u in a heart beat.

    • Anonymousrabbit

      BOOYY!!, U are not lying. Among other things I wonder if they still run that shady car repair shop?

  • HalloweenFun

    I am one of those “shady” family members and I think my family is pretty amazing! We did this because its Halloween and my Uncle loves Halloween and is VERY talented and uses it by building things. IT took 2 weeks to build and no it hasn’t been up all summer. My family wouldn’t do that for attention. We all have our own family issues but THIS is not about that. Just appreciate the talent and hard work put into something that’s great to see and the kids love it and families all over come to see it too. It is worth the drive and your welcomed to stop, park and get out, not just drive by. Its our “version” of a pirate ship and we love it and so does soooo many other people. its a shame that people feel they have to put people down to feel good about themselves. smh And I love my family and God Bless all of you and your kind words and not so kind words… :-)

  • Somebody

    Wow.. Yall is some HATERS!! This family is the nicest people you will meet so idk where you get off calling them out there name but then again nobody got the nerve to say it to someone’s face. And I will like to know how this was a waste of time and money if it only cost $200 and 2 weeks to build!! And he wasn’t doing this for fame he just wanted to do something cool for halloween. Everyone came up to him and wanted to talk to him, he didn’t approach nobody!!! so you must be feeling some type of way if you had the time to leave an ignorant comment … Ain’t nobody got time for that✌️