November 27, 2014


Woman suspected in rape at day care

ELYRIA — Only a day after receiving information about an alleged rape of a child at a day care center on Abbe Road, police made an arrest.


Heather Koon

Heather Koon, 25, was charged with two counts of rape at a house at 43971 state Route 511 on Friday morning. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office received information about the rape on Thursday evening and by Friday morning had enough evidence to arrest Koon, said Lorain County sheriff Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh.

The alleged rape was of a young child and police believe it occurred at ABC Kidz Daycare on Abbe Road, according to Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh said that the Sheriff’s Office cannot confirm any more information reported by other media outlets.

“This is just the beginning (of the investigation),” he said.

Koon was being held in Lorain County Jail on Saturday night without bond. A court date had not yet been set.

If anyone has more information about this or other related incidents at the day care, they should call the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department at (440) 329-3709 and ask to speak to Lorain County sheriff’s Det. Josh Croston.

Contact Anna Merriman at 329-7245 or Follow her on Twitter at @AnnaLMerriman.

  • taxpayer89

    sick sick sick. Poor baby, what a shame that you can’t trust people to care for your children. Places like this should do background checks on not no only the employees but family members too. I’d kill the nasty b$&#h if that happened to my kids!!!!

    • tickmeoff

      It is an accusation at this point. Nothing has been proven……Though, lets face it. The accusation could be worse than actually being convicted.
      I would much rather be accused of robbing a bank, assaulting a person or Embezzling than this charge! Lets wait and hear the whole story before we jump on the conviction train.

      • Tamra Tury

        I’m already on the conviction train and heading to fry the b$&#h station.

        • tham

          I’m already setting up my refreshment stand. Stop by for a cool drink while watching her hang.

      • Glen Hirsch

        Yes, lets wait and see…The video they have of her raping the baby could be some elaborate hoax. tickmeoff is obviously a tool.

        • tickmeoff

          Where in the article does it state they have a video? That information is not in the article, Obviously you know more than what was printed!

          • seanmacnair

            Plain Dealer has that information in their article.

          • Arietta Sullivan

            i believe they printed the part about a video in another article,the other day.

    • Steve N Adrienne Hughes

      That’s why my wife stays at home. I’d rather be broke poor than broken hearted


        Hats off to you Steve N Adrienne Hughes!! Too many people want to “live high”…both parents working… forcing their children into daycare. NO ONE WILL LOVE OR DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILDREN LIKE YOU DO!!!!!!!! God Bless You

        • mdr12372

          Few are “living high” in Elyria. Many just want to survive which often requires two jobs, especially in this economy when the majority of jobs around here are low -wage. Families deserve affordable daycare they can trust.

          • Jesus fan

            If you put things in gods hands he will see you through. Our kids need to be protected. The need to be shielded by living arms. We know the economy is rough but we just can’t trust our young with anyone anymore sometimes not even their own parents.

      • Jesus fan

        Absolutely true. We have to protect or kids. God will see you threw your financial situations. Keep him first and he will protect you and your family.

        • Sharyn MacMahan

          so god has the power to see you through* financial difficulties but doesn’t have the power to stop an innocent babies from being raped. Stop making good parents feel guilty about needing daycare. There are plenty of good people that need day care and lots of great people that work in day care centers. It is great that you could stay home with your children but not everyone has that option.

  • Tina Cruz

    There was a video how much more proof u need?? This chick is effin sick!

  • Steve N Adrienne Hughes

    Sick f@#k should never make it out of county lock up alive.

  • Carriee Stevens

    They seen a video so no its not a accusations she is a sick b$&_() that needs her butt kicked and then giving DEATH…

  • Ookook Eekeek

    this beast should already be in a morgue.

  • Daphena Madaris

    If that was my baby she wouldnt have made it to lockup. I mean really who does that? I dnt wanna hear she is “sick” she has an “addiction”. I wanna hear two words… Lethal Injection. ugh

  • Fred P!

    If she is indeed found guilty by a jury of her peers I have to wonder what good would it serve humanity in general to have her continue to walk amongst the rest of us. Even in prison…

    • Phil Blank

      They’ll take good care of her in prison.
      Real good care!

  • Tootrue4you

    Skin her alive and roll her in salt. They have her laptop with a recording of her committing the crime, no trial needed.

  • Loves2Laff

    Proof that not all pee-wees are men. Although I’m sure she did this for her man. Pigs, both of them.

    • Alan Pugh

      What do you mean by ‘pee-wees’? Are you referring to Paul Reuben, the guy that was caught enjoying himself in an adult movie theater? That has nothing to do with kids.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Please. Innocent until proven guilty. If proven guilty, public stoning.

    • common sense

      videographic proof denotes guilty.

      • Alan Pugh

        You’re correct, but “I heard there was a video” is not the same thing as “there really is a video.” Let the court do its job.

  • Sarah Lewis

    This is so heartbreaking to me. Parents please. Know where you are taking your kids when you go to work! Ask for background checks and stop at nothing to protect your children. This world is so sick and perverse. You just can’t trust anyone anymore!!! Unfortunately she will probably get a few years behind bars or probation and this baby is the one who has paid the ultimate price. Absolutely heartbreaking. If this were my child, this sicko would already be taken care of. Believe that!

    • Marlie

      Why would you blame the parents? The parents DID know where they were taking their infant. They were taking their infant to a daycare that had a clean record and who does background checks on their employees. She hadn’t been in trouble with the courts until now! What else should the parents have done? Just curious…

  • stayfocused

    Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life———-Stay focused.

  • David France

    Send her to prison with that bus driver.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    sick b….

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