November 26, 2014


Vigil held in Lorain to pray for undocumented immigrants

A vigil to pray for undocumented immigrants facing deportation was held Friday at Veteran's Park in Lorain. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

A vigil to pray for undocumented immigrants facing deportation was held Friday at Veteran’s Park in Lorain. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

LORAIN — All Anabel Barron could think about as she was turned away at the United States border 13 years ago was the last — seemingly innocuous — time she had seen her children in the States.

“You don’t say goodbye … you’re just gone,” Barron said.

The moment sticks out in her mind; Barron was 20 years old and attempting to return to the U.S. from a short visit to Mexico to attend her mother’s funeral when she was turned away at the border.

“That was the first time they knew I was (undocumented)” Barron said.

Though Barron made it back into the United States shortly after, the incident followed her for 13 years until May when she was jailed in Lorain for being an undocumented immigrant.

In February, 33 year-old Barron will most likely be deported to Mexico.

“I try not to think about it,” she said, adding that she loves every moment she can spend with her four children before they are separated in a few months. “I want to enjoy Christmas.”

100413_DEPORTATIONVIGIL_KB01Barron’s story echoes the stories of many other undocumented Lorain residents who gathered at a vigil in Veterans Park on Friday night to support each other and pray for undocumented immigrants who are facing deportation. The vigil was hosted by HOLA, a grassroots Latino organization focusing on advocacy and outreach in the community.

Over the course of an hour and a half, supporters of HOLA lit candles and lead prayers and discussions — all primarily focused on the effect deportation has on family life.

“What are we doing taking their father away? We can’t think of a solution to this?” said Veronica Dahlberg, executive director of HOLA, discussing one of the many children in the crowd whose father is facing deportation.

“Americans care about families and children,” Dahlberg said, adding that many undocumented immigrants are afraid to discuss immigration laws for fear of deportation. By focusing on the effect deportation has on children and families Dalberg said, people will be “moved to act.”

For Barron, who knows she will have to leave her children in four months, protesting immigration laws is a way to ensure that others don’t have to go through what her family is going through.

“I’m not afraid anymore,” Barron said. “If I make a noise, we might win.”

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  • Mark B

    How about a vigil for all of the true americans that have been victomized by the ILLEGAL immagrants.
    Press 1 for english
    Press 2 for imagration
    Press 3 for deportation.

    • JoyceEarly

      It’s articles like this that make illegals think they are the victims rather than the true victims; the taxpayers who have to pay for their food stamps, welfare, Obama phones and housing. And the poor guy who lost his job to an undocumented worker who is willing to make $1.35 an hour. Accountability in journalism is also necessary. These un-American articles are sickening! We have legal immigration, write stories about those people. These criminals need to be deported! Nobody in America has a problem with “legal” immigration.

      • Jose

        Sorry Joyce no prize for that one,Undocumented do not qualify for welfare and stamps,American born(of undocumented) children do, but not the parents.
        Federal housing same thing.I know of no undocumented who work for $1.35 an hour.And quit blaming the undocumented for taking jobs away,your own American businesses sent them overseas,what was left over were low paying jobs Americans did not want,jobs that had no benefits and listen to me American workers were better off collecting workers comp welfare etc and the also have health insurance.But only if they were not working.Blame Nafta for all that mess, just any

        any union man if NAFTA was good for the country.Not only did NAFTA destroy the Mexican worker but so did the American worker suffer.
        And as to the criminals you are referring to yes there are some but just like Americans there are a lot more who are good people.They are hard working men and women who have families and who work hard for their money.Just because someone is of a different color or speaks a foreign language you want them out of your sight.

        • JoyceEarly

          Rubbish! Undocumented workers do take jobs from Americans. And those Americans don’t get a job because the illegal is willing to work for peanuts. Illegals are criminals, they might be good people but they are still choosing a criminal act. I don’t care what color or language anyone speaks as long as they are legal. It isn’t a racial thing its a law abiding thing. I love the diversity in America, I don’t agree with taxpayer money going to school, house, feed, and provide health care to illegal aliens! I want them out of America and back to the country they belong in. Do it legal and I can welcome them with open arms.

    • Sunny Jim

      Press 4 for English spelling lessons. You sure you’re not an illegal immigrant?

    • Alan Pugh

      Funny, you used an immigrant language (English) for #1 instead of a native language. Do you think your immigrant language should be the official language? Are you aware that it’s not?

      • rlm_Lorain

        Actually, the US does not even have an “official” language (you can pretty much thank the ACLU for that; they feel it is a violation of the 1st amendment), but English is recognized world-wide as the predominant language used in the USA. Most people aren’t even aware of that we do not have an official language.

        • Alan Pugh

          Yeah, that was my point.

        • Peter Aldrich

          But we should. Yes, thank the idiots at the ACLU for that and many other wrongs.

  • Joe Smith

    Will they also pray for burglars and robbers?
    If she applied for citizenship 13 years ago, she would be a citizen by now unless there was a reason for it.

    • Smira29595

      or maybe drug dealer unlicensed pharmacists?……… Robber unleased tenant? (would you then need to evict them?)

      • Joe Smith

        “unlicensed pharmacists” Hee hee

      • Jose

        You are assuming so am i .So those drugs are for you a drug user?

        • Smira29595

          No but illegal is illegal no matter what you call “undocumented”……………..

    • Jose

      I know her personally,and yes she does have a reason which i am not disclosing.It is easy to to be a couch quarterback when you do not have all the facts.When you have walked a mile in their shoes than you can criticize them.I pray for the incarcerated who are burglars and robbers as do a lot of my christian brothers and i also especially pray for the undocumented.Too long has this country swept this problem under the carpet,gutless leaders who are afraid of controversy who are out of touch with reality.People like you are not any different than any of your ancestors you always complained and whined when the next wave of immigrants came thru,whether it was the Irish, Italian, Hungarian,etc, if they spoke or looked differently they were made to feel inferior,but then i guess that is the American way.But there are Americans who do not think like you for them i am proud for sticking up for the unfortunate and more than ever are a compassionate Americans,me included.

  • Ray Venn

    Which part of illegal alien don’t they understand?

    We live in a society where certain people with certain letters behind their name would rather giv away our country than stand up for law and order.

  • Bob Sweatt

    Here’s what I don’t get. I am sure there a few illegals at this event. Why aren’t we reading about a bunch of arrests stemming from this “vigil”?

    What pis*es about this too. Is they at it at veteran’s park.

    • Alan Pugh

      Do you know our nation’s history of using “illegal” immigrants from Europe (of which you are descended) to fight “wars” against the natives? It’s really rich to see whites complaining about immigration in America.

      If we’re sending everyone back where they came from, I hope your family enjoys the trip to Somerset, England.

      • Bob Sweatt

        Actually it would be Belfast, Ireland. I am from am legal Irish immigrant. And I was born here. So like all the children of illegal immigrants. I am a citizen.

        My father’s family has been in this country since the late 1800′s and they ALL came here legally.

        So since my family did it the correct way. Why can’t all these illegal immigrants do the same. I feel zero pity for them at all.

      • Peter Aldrich

        Geez Alan, you liberal apologist. Kumbaya….

    • Smira29595

      Because ICE if furloughed………..

    • Jose

      I am a Veteran and i fought for those rights did you? I was also there and so were a lot of other Hispanic veterans.So what is your beef?

      • Bob Sweatt

        Yes I fought in the first Gulf War, while in the Navy.

        My beef is, everyone there is promoting illegal activities. Might not be drugs or the sex trade. But is it is illegal then why shouldn’t people be deported.

        Question. Were you a citizen before or after you served your time in the military?

        • Jose

          Born here

        • Jose

          What we were doing at Veterans Park is not illegal it is a right to assemble guaranteed by the constitution and we had a permit okd by the mayor.There were some undocumented there but there was also American citizens who are pushing for a comprehensive immigration law.American citizens who care about the unjust present immigration law is.Many of the people who were there are in deport status,they have American born children who would be left behind.Like it or not they are American so the question is what do we do with them,break up families? It is easy to say deport,but do you realize what the cost would be to deport 11-12 million people? Do you know who becomes rich? the detention centers the Govt. has privatized,big lobby for deporting the undocumented.

          • Bob Sweatt

            Unjust immigration laws. That doesn’t matter IF you came here illegally.

            As for the soldiers. Something smells fishy to me. But if they fought then there is no reason for them to be deported.

          • Jose

            That is the only the tip of the ice-burg,there are a lot of veterans who were deported and are in Mexico,these brothers are starting a movement to do something for them.

  • modus

    i love the euphemism… “undocumented” plain English folks… undocumented means ILLEGAL…. no apologies… if you are here illegally you need to go home, get in line, and come here legally… there are no excuses… you are breaking the law!

    • Jose

      In God’s eyes no one is illegal.

  • amuncat

    Boo hoo! I don’t care! These people create the circumstances, and expect us to suffer the consequences…not them! If family is so concerned about their leaving, they go with them!! As I said, I have had it up to here with their sob stores and justifications for being here while they rape a pillage our country by draining it with their proliferation of children for benenfits and our health and educational systems. ENOUGH!!

    • Bob Sweatt

      Those same children will now hate this country because their mother/father was taken away from them.

      People will blame the government for this. NOT the person who has been here illegally.

      You want me to care. Get a job and START paying Taxes.

      • Jose

        @ Bob Sweatt,you want them to get a job and start paying taxes,well they cannot get a social security number hence they cannot pay taxes.It seems the only solution is to detain and deport.Well that kind of mentality does not solve problems but adds to the problem,In Northern Ohio there was a tomato farmer that had a million dollar operation but because of Border Patrol harassing and deporting the undocumented and documented people
        he took his operation to North Carolina.This is what happens here when you have workers who are undocumented.The other side is that these very same companies send those jobs to China or to some other country who has cheaper labor.China sends us products that does not go thru the FDA inspections like they do here and of course are not healthy.There are ways to fix this problem,but if people like you who keep harping to deport does not help the situation you influence other people.You do not even look into the problem on how it started or how to fix it.If your reasoning does not include compassion then take a look into the economics,you will be surprised to find out what is really happening.

        • Bob Sweatt

          First. If the farmer was using undocumented workers. Then INS had every right to harass him.

          Second. IF THEY CAME HERE LEGALLY. They might get an SS card. Ever stop to think about that. No because you are bias about the whole situation.

          Cry me a river. There are people coming to this country everyday LEGALLY. WHY can’t these illegals do the same thing?

  • Pablo Jones

    This just shows their priorities. The Federal Government is “shutdown”, yet they think the priority should be making them legal so they can stay and bring their families into the country. If they truly cared about the country and wanted to be citizens they should have a stronger desire for the government to fix itself first before worrying about themselves.

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  • Bob Sweatt

    First don’t bring your silly religion into this.

    The whole point is being here illegally. If you are here illegally then expect to be deported. Don’t sit there and cry to me (A TAXPAYER) about your problems.

    If people want to do something. How about they fix the country they came from. You know like the fore-fathers of this country did. Stand up against their government and make their countries a place worth staying in.

    Again the grower was using illegals. And why aren’t you saying anything about this GROWER using cheap labor. The illegals are treated a little better but about the same as slaves were. And I could give two turds about that grower. I just care about my tax money going to fund illegals when it should be going to keep our schools running.

    • Jose

      As to changing there own government,would you like to be shot at with machine guns,armored tanks,tear gas this is what is happening .I just finished watching a documentary on Monsenor Romero,who was killed by his own government of El Salvador a few years ago. Mexico had demonstrations that were disbanded with tear gas not too long ago.

      As to why they come here read what this guy from Serbia has to say his name is Milovan Mracevich.

      In my experience as a grass roots
      anti-corruption activist in Serbia, I concluded that it’s not just poverty that
      makes many people leave their homeland but also the humiliation and sense of
      helplessness that being a victim of corruption inflicts. Successful immigrants
      who return to Serbia after many years spent working in Western countries
      typically find themselves pressured for bribes from local officials if they
      want to open a business, making them wonder why they ever returned and, in many
      cases, driving them out again. Unless corruption is significantly reduced in
      such countries as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, they are likely
      to remain sources of high levels of illegal immigration to the United States.