November 27, 2014


Man who barricades himself in shed with gun incompetent to stand trial

A sheriff’s deputy outside the command post on Robson Road during a 17-hour standoff. (Chronicle File Photo)

A sheriff’s deputy outside the command post on Robson Road during a 17-hour standoff. (Chronicle File Photo)

ELYRIA – A Grafton man who allegedly holed up in a shed behind his father’s Carlisle Township home in August has been found incompetent to stand trial.

Kelly Boros

Kelly Boros

Elyria Municipal Court Judge Lisa Locke Graves made the finding during a hearing Tuesday and ordered 42-year-old Kelly Boros sent to a mental health facility for treatment, according to defense attorney Doug Merrill.

He said Boros suffers from “mental health issues coupled with drug use.” Boros’ mental status will be reviewed again in 60 days, Merrill said, and the state has a year to restore him to competency if they want to try him.

Boros barricaded himself inside the shed with a shotgun when Lorain County Sheriff’s deputies went to serve him with arrest warrants for drug possession, domestic violence and identity theft on Aug. 12.

  • Bill

    This is utter baloney. He has the mental competency to know he can’t deal drugs out of his fathers house so he does his drug deals at the beginning of our street. This judge is full of crap. Lets put a mentally incompetent stamp on this idiot and pass the buck.

    • Ray Venn

      Plus, all he has to do is “play nutso” for 12 months and he goes free.

      The voters in Lorain County need to pay CLOSE attention to the names of judges making the ludicrous rulings in this county.

      • Bill

        Locked and loaded.

    • Marlie

      Have you notified the judge of this? Or are you just assuming she should know what goes on on your street? She had no other choice but to go by what the “professional” said. So instead of commenting on a news article, why don’t you stand up and do something about it?

      • Bill

        Trust me the Sheriff’s department and in turn this judge knows everything that was going on. There is a block watch here that was keeping a very close eye and documenting everything that was going on and turning said information over to the authorities. So maybe you should get off your high horse and quit assuming nothing was done about it.

  • copperbill

    The Chronicle “forgot to mention ” Mr. Boros is the brother in law of Judge Debroah Romantic Boros.. just food for thought…

  • Monique Guerrero

    The stigma for those that suffer mental health issues is real, as seen in these comments