November 28, 2014

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Mayoral candidate volunteer tells local business it will lose customers without campaign sign

A sign supporting incumbent Mayor Eileen Bulan is displayed Tuesday outside Bad Boy Bait, Tackle & More in Vermilion. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

A sign supporting incumbent Mayor Eileen Bulan is displayed Tuesday outside Bad Boy Bait, Tackle & More in Vermilion. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

VERMILION — Jean Anderson, mayoral candidate in Vermilion, said that her campaign volunteer was only expressing concern for a local business when he told a bait-and-tackle shop that they might lose 2,000 customers for refusing to put up an Anderson sign in front of their store.

On Monday a volunteer for Anderson, who’s running against Eileen Bulan for mayor, entered Bad Boy Bait, Tackle & More to ask to display a campaign sign. When told he couldn’t put up the sign, he responded, “I’d hate to have 2,000 people boycott your business,” according to employee Jennifer Urban.

Jean Anderson

Jean Anderson

“We don’t need that kind of thing,” said store owner Larry Woods, adding that he wanted to keep the store out of the election debate. Woods said that the store isn’t allowed to post any election signs without the building owner’s consent. The pro-Bulan poster in front of the store was put up by the building’s owner.

Anderson said her campaign volunteer went into the store because he saw the Bulan sign in front of the building.

“It’s fair to ask them to put both signs out,” Anderson said.

Anderson supports her volunteer’s response in the incident and said that her main concern was for small businesses in Vermilion.

“He just didn’t want my supporters boycotting their business,” Anderson said. “If my supporters see that (the store refused to put the sign up) they might go somewhere else.”

Woods said he is nervous that people might boycott after the incident.

“We’re one of three bait-and-tackle stores in Vermilion … 2,000 people (boycotting) might close us,” he said.

Anderson said she doesn’t know if her supporters will boycott Bad Boy Bait, Tackle & More, but she added, “My supporters won’t like (the store’s refusal to put the sign up).”

Anderson plans to talk to Woods in person about the incident.

“You don’t want to see any backlashes,” she said.

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  • John Boy

    Typical politician.

  • Ray Venn

    Ok, to me it sounded like extortion.

    Anderson supports her volunteer…REMEMBER THAT come election time.

    Imagine what would happen if she’s elected and a business doesn’t want to play “her” game.

    • Conservator440

      She would do as all the D politicians do–whatever suits their ends.

      • TheOriginalFactChecker

        Obviously NOT. Her opponent is a Democrat and didn’t do anything like this.

        • Conservator440

          Well, there were at least five righteous people in Sodom, there are a few non-conformists in every crowd.

          We are not naive enough to think that Democrats are concerned about the “greater good” in what motivates them. The current circus going on in DC provides ample evidence that self-serving political rhetoric remains the mearde du jour.

          • banshee70

            the circus in DC is brought on by the GOP.

          • Conservator440

            “I will not negotiate.”
            B.H. Obama
            “Why would we want to do that?” referring to NIH funding for cancer research
            Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

            “They (GOP) are legislative arsonists.”
            Nancy Pelosi

            And with these three ringmasters, you have the gall to say that the problem is brought on by the GOP? Which flavor kool-aid are you drinking today?

          • banshee70

            The law was passed, by ALL three branches of government. It is unrelated to the debt ceiling. They have no right trying to use it to hold the country hostage. They are nothing more than a bunch of crybabies throwing a temper tantrum to get their way, with Boehner being the biggest one of all. Obama should NOT negotiate over this one. Would you like it if we had a Republican president and a Democratic house refused to pass a budget unless there were gun bans attached? Think about that for a bit…

            You want quotes?

            “It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it.” — Rep. Michelle Bachmann on the shutdown.

            “We’re not going to be disrespected,” conservative Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind., added. “We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.

            That one quote right there sums up the GOP mindset in a nutshell. Even people in their own party are turning against them. (“Lemmings with suicide vests.” — U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., describing his GOP House colleagues.)

            I campaigned in 2012 all over this country for months: ‘Repeal and replace Obamacare.’ That was not the mandate of the voters. If they wanted to repeal Obamacare, the 2012 election would have been probably significantly different. — Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona

            You are the one still drinking the kool-aid and refusing to see the facts. Perhaps if you turned off Faux News, you might have an actual clue.

          • Conservator440

            Except for a teeny little fact. The House has control of the purse strings, and it is in Republican hands, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The three branches are separate and co-equal. Obama is either acting as a dictator (which he wishes he was) and a spoiled child that will hold his breath and stomp his feet when he doesn’t get his way.

            To a Democrat– the definition of compromise is DO IT MY WAY.

            The House is being reasonable, trying to fund the various areas of government. The Senate and White House are the ones who are obstinate. The Dems got their butts in a sling and they know it. There is a reason why it is called an impasse. If the debt limit goes nowhere, Obama is the only one who is going to be blamed for it–it will mar his already minuscule legacy as the worst president ever.

            And if you weren’t perpetually tuned in to MSNBC maybe you would be able to do more than parrot DNC talking points.

          • banshee70

            I think you got that backwards. the GOP are the ones stomping their feet because they didn’t get their way with the Affordable Care Act. If the President gives in to their demands it will only destroy the democratic process. By the way, I don’t even watch MSNBC, but it’s obvious you watch Faux News. Have you seen the GOP approval lately? It’s spiraling downwards, just like the old, rich white man’s party.

          • Conservator440

            You are aptly named, Banshee–a shrieking spirit hovering over the graveyard of socialism.

            The process by which Obamacare came into being was Democratic only with the capitalization of the word. In terms of its actual meaning, it was anything but missy.

            In case you haven’t heard, we are a representative republic with three distinct branches, not a dictatorship where the president does what he wants and changes laws to suit his wished. That is called tyranny. No president, or congress, has the right of dictatorship. The Dems are the majority in the Senate, and the GOP is in the House, with a Dem president, we have the stalemate. The “shutdown” will be forgotten mere weeks after it ends, however, if there is a problem the credit limit, that is going to be squarely on Obama.

            For the first time in his presidency, he will have to make a big boy decision where he can’t wiggle away from it by voting “Present.” And that will stick to him for the remainder of history.

            Keep on believing in your socialist/Marxist ideology. You see all the good it did for the Soviet Union and how well it works in China and North Korea. Those are your people missy, you hold most of the same views as them. Proud of yourself??

          • banshee70

            Typical Republican response…calling people socialist. Democracy does not work without elements of socialism. If you’re so against socialism, perhaps you should not collect social security, drive on public roads, use your public library, call the police or firefighters if you need help, send your kids or grandkids to public schools, and perhaps you should cancel your mail delivery, among other things.

            Furthermore, the ACA passed all three branches of government and was originally a republican idea. Republicans just can’t handle the fact that a democratic president signed it into law.

            Perhaps you should try taking political science and government classes so that you can learn more about these terms that you interchange so easily. Socialist countries? Not the Soviet Union…England, France, and Germany, socialist and doing quite well.

            Again, the ACA passed through the democratic process, it was passed by all three branches of government, and every single attempt to block it has failed in the House.

            You are nothing more than a sore loser who will not accept facts.

          • Conservator440

            If the shoe fits, Banshee, wear it.

            Or can’t you take the truth either?

            There is a vast difference between paying taxes for services and government confiscating other’s property to give to someone whom they believe is more deserving than the one who earned it in the first place. This is a typical liberal red herring.

            Social Security was sold as a retirement insurance program by no less than your demigod FDR. Democrats have morphed it into the disaster we have now as both it and its sister, Medicare, are effectively broke. So please don’t try to blow your smokescreen about publicly owned improvements and a debacle like Obamacare. The very fact that you brought those topics may work for the lame brained constituency that you court, it don’t play here in Peoria.

            Another talking point–it was a republican idea. It may have been, and it was discarded. And I can guarantee that had the GOP enacted it, it would not have been implemented in the socialist mold as ACA is.

            Perhaps it should be you that learns something about socio-political systems, other than that taught by the left wing professors. Most would term their preaching a mutual admiration society. You see, Banshee, your ideology clouds the truth, and if you never understood the truth in the first place, you have nothing to gauge it against. Sad to say, you are a real example of the low information voter. And your rhetoric proves such.

            And so what if the ACA passed Congress and the Supreme Court. Plessy vs. Ferguson did as well.

            You write: Again, the ACA passed through the democratic process, it was passed by all three branches of government, and every single attempt to block it has failed in the House.

            Let’s get this straight. It passed in the Congress, where legislation is created and voted upon. There were supermajorities in both House and Senate of Democrats. The bill was created in the Senate, a clear violation of the Constitution, and was passed through at midnight with a budget reconciliation trick. Not exactly what you would call a “clean” process. The bill is then signed by the president, in that elaborate ceremony with the little boy and the elderly congressman in the front for the photo-op. A lawsuit was filed and eventually made its way to the Supreme Court, where the Chief Justice channeled his inner CJ Warren and found a way to turn a penalty into a tax so he could save his political butt.

            This is the crowning achievement of socialists–who have been trying to get control over as much of the society as they can. I am sure that Wilson is very happy that his scheme has achieved fruition over a hundred years later.

            Please enlighten me on how socialism works so well. You certainly seem to be an expert on the topic. Why does the government do a better job at making decisions for the people than they could do themselves?

            Why do Democrats worship at the altar of government?It’s not like its a monarchy (though the prez wishes it would be) and they will always be in power. Eventually they will be deposed. And exactly how has the government conquered poverty in its decades long war on it? Do tell, do tell…………

          • banshee70

            Your delusions of grandeur amuse me.

          • Joe Smith

            Funny you are arguing that you are not a socialist because the GOP does not want to fund….wait for it, Socialized medicine!

          • Joe Smith

            The people are paying the price for the unaffordable health care act

          • Joe Smith

            There is really nothing complicated about the facts. The Republican-controlled House of
            Representatives voted all the money required to keep all government activities
            going — except for Obamacare.

            This is not a matter of opinion. You can check the Congressional Record. The Dems chose to shut down instead of going forward with the bills to keep it going

          • banshee70

            Wrong…Boehner is the one refusing to hold a vote for a clean CR.

          • Joe Smith

            Obama is refusing to negotiate at all and why does it have to be a clean bill? Why should the Dems get everything they want? The Dems hide items in bills all the time ( so do Repubs) why all of a sudden that it has to be a clean bill for this? The Repubs need to represent their base too who don’t want this garbage bill that nobody read ( Obamacare) to pass and they should fight for what our side wants. All he has to do is delay the bill for a year for the people like he did for big business and he would get everything signed. They are not ready for millions of people to sign up all at once anyway and it would be the right thing to do.

          • banshee70

            The people voted. The law passed. It passed all three branches of government. They’ve voted to repeal it over 40 times, wasted over 60 million dollars to do so. They’re just grasping at straws to get their way and hurting the American people in the process.

          • Peter Aldrich

            Slavery was a law, and was finally repealed. So was prohibition. It took years to get women the vote. This nation can still get saved from Obamacare

          • LarryEWells

            Obama has already made over 100 concession to the G.O.P.. The G.O.P. lost in the Senate, the House the Supreme Court, lost the Presidential election when Obama ran on keeping the A.C.A. Then the voted and lost 42 times on defunding the A.C.A. Albert Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. New insanity definition= Republican

          • Conservator440

            A rock is worn down by a stream of water over a long period of time. It doesn’t make what the water does wrong.

          • Graz65

            Why do you not like the Constitution? There is a set way for the Congress to repeal a law. Attaching a requirement to defund the ACA in the unrelated spending bill is doing an end around on the Constutionally mandated process. Also, the GOP was asked 18 times to negotiate this spending bill and they refused each time. This shutdown was planned by a number of conservative activists in an attempt to eliminate the ACA when they knew they wouldn’t have the votes to do it otherwise. There are now enough votes in the House to pass a clean resolution at 217. Boehner is still refusing to hold the vote which would allow the government to start again. Blaming the Democrats for this shutdown is like blaming a bank for refusing to negotiate with the robbers. By the way, polls show that people want this reform, even factoring in the number that say thay don’t like the ACA because it doesn’t involve single payer. Whan asked about the provisions in the ACA without calling it Obamacare, people wanted it.

          • Joe Smith

            Love the Constitution, where in there is anything that says what the Repubs are doing is not legal? And he will allow the vote when Obama is ready to negotiate.

          • banshee70

            The president doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.
            The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.

            Yes; that sounds exactly like what Boehner and his cohorts are to me.

          • TiredOfPoliticians

            And where is the “force” and “violence” you speak of?

          • banshee70

            They are trying to force the president to bow to their demands.

          • Peter Aldrich

            Banshee……what are you high on?

          • Bill

            You were able to sit there and type that out and still not see how utterly stupid and wrong that is?

          • Joe Smith

            SHow me one instance of violence or force by the GOP, do you just make stuff up when you can’t win by logic? I would say Obama is trying to use force when he instructed people under him to make it as painful for the American people as possible

          • Graz65

            Why should Obama negotiate about the funding on something that is a LAW? If the GOP wants it gone, get the votes to repeal it via the constitutionally prescribed manner. That’s why I ask why you are against the Constitution. Trying to defund and destroy a law via this manner, and being a law that most people want (when most of the people that disagree with it are asked about the provisions of it by those not calling it Obamacare, they indicate that they DO want this reform), then to hold the country hostage and shutting down the government may be legal, but it’s morally repugnant. How about the thousands of veterans that are having their benefits delayed, how about the hundreds of children that aren’t getting medical treatments because they are part of government studies, how about the food safety and drug safety inspectors not able to do their jobs that are endangering the safety of millions? You may be fine with that, but that’s a horrible chance to take with other people’s lives.

          • Joe Smith

            You mean the same law that says all spending bills must originate in the house and the house decides what to fund? Why have it that way if they have no choice to fund something because it is a law?

          • TiredOfPoliticians

            Sorry, but it’s not…the Democrats are telling everyone that Obamacare is “the law”, if it’s a “law” then it shall apply to ALL, not just who they pick and choose…If politicians and thier big business and union cronies can get exemptions, why can’t an individual???

          • banshee70

            Educate yourself. NOBODY is exempt.

  • Heath J

    That say’s all you need to know about said politician… HELL NO.

  • Beentheredonethat

    I had to google to see what party she represented.
    As always if its a republican its noted in the article.
    If its a democrat its not.

    • TheOriginalFactChecker

      You fail to mention that her opponent apparently running a clean campaign, is a Democrat. Why did you only post the party of one of the candidates?

      • stillsleepyeyes

        Yep clean campaign, makes one wonder how this made the papers…………….hmmmmm

  • stillsleepyeyes

    This sounds like a gardwennie nephew………………….

  • Jeff

    WOW, What a B&*^%. Do you really want a person like that running your town ??


    She sounds like BULLY…Picking on the small Buisness people. She doesn’t get my vote!

  • banshee70

    Anderson gets my vote. You can’t blame her for what a not-so-bright volunteer says. Furthermore, it seems to me that nobody would have even known about this if the store owner wouldn’t have tried to make a mountain out of a molehill. I bet Bulan said “Call the newspapers!!! This will assure me a win!” Seriously, Bulan hasn’t done much for Vermilion at all, except erect a large, hideous metal fish in the park downtown, copy off of Amherst and make a brick captains wheel in the middle of the road at Main Street which is ugly,unnecessary, and a waste of taxpayer dollars, and paint the bridge an awful ugly blue. Oh yeah, and I forgot, make it so that trains cannot blow their horns to warn people that they are coming. Not very bright or safe in my opinion. Meanwhile, the roads are going to hell, crime and drugs are getting worse, and our mayor only cares about how we “look” to other people. Ms. Anderson needs to screen her volunteers better, and the damned childish political games of he said/she said needs to stop.

    • Ray Venn

      But you can blame HER for supporting a “not so bright” volunteer.

      • banshee70

        People are people. We’ve all said stupid things in our lives. I refuse to hold Ms. Anderson responsible for what a volunteer says. It shows character and strength to me that she still supports her volunteer when she could have easily turned her back on her.

        • Ray Venn

          Point being she should have “turned her back” on the volunteer but didn’t.

          If I had someone working for me that made such a colossal mistake and caused the uproar this situation has, I’d certainly distance myself from that person.

          Standing up for an employee that did nothing wrong is different than standing up for someone who made such a mistake.

          • banshee70

            You are from Lorain, this does not affect you. Furthermore, I am NOT related to Jean Anderson in any way, shape, or form. Just because I know her history as mayor and the fact that she cares for ALL of the people in Vermilion and not just the select few, does not make me related to her. As for the volunteer, I don’t know who the heck the volunteer is or whether they are even male or female.

            Furthermore, how would you know what my last name is? If a person chooses to not use personally identifiable information on the internet, it is not your place to put it out there.

          • Ray Venn

            You have 4 online profiles with your actual name right alongside Banshee…my 3rd grade daughter could have figured that one out.

            It was just a question…thanks for the answer.

            And thanks for the confirmation of your name. That was priceless.

    • BadBoy

      #1 You need to do a little fact checking on your comments on who gets the credit for what.
      #2 If you think it’s OK for a store clerk/business to be threatened over something she/they have no control over, your nuts. All the gentleman had to do was call the property owner as he was told and we would not be debating here.
      #3 The credit for this going to the papers goes to Facebook

    • Abbie

      You don’t KNOW when a train is coming in town? Seriously? Not even when the red lights are flashing bells are chiming and the gates are down and the train is blowing it’s horn just a short city block away?

      The JUDGE lets the drugged adult punks go free time and time again even though they are on probation and under a ‘good behavior’ sentence.

      You are very certain that Ms. Bulan said what you are quoting her to have said in your comment above?

      HOW long have those roads been like they are?? If I am not mistaken, the list of roads to be repaired were made when Ms. Anderson was in office. Here’s an actual quote: “For the first time since 1968, Vermilion voters passed an income tax increase, this one to repair the city’s roads,” said Mayor Eileen Bulan. Repairs will begin in 2014. This came about while Mayor Bulan is in office.

      • banshee70

        So she waits until she’s up for reelection to decide she needs to do something. Furthermore, the point is not whether or not I know if a train is coming into town. There are kids who might wander onto tracks, or teenagers who still tempt fate and walk on them. And yes, sometimes lights and gates fail. I never QUOTED anyone, thank you very much…but I know politics well enough and I know this is a non-issue that is obviously blown out of proportion for political gain. The people should NOT have to vote an income tax increase to repair city roads, it should be done regardless, and done before things like erecting fish sculptures, planting flowers, and making a brick captains wheel in the intersection.

        • Abbie

          2007. The ‘Compass Rose’ (aka brick captains wheel) was proposed in 2007 – WHO WAS THE MAYOR THEN? If I recall correctly, most – if not all – was paid for by a grant anyway. The flowers you may be referring to have been in place for the past countless different mayoral terms, not just the current mayor’s term. I think the Vermilion in Bloom volunteers do an awesome job.

          The Follow the Fish sculptures were supplied by artists. What is the price on the one you find fault with? Not all things aesthetic are bad, especially with the tourism Vermilion experiences.

          This was not a “He said / She (He, actually) said” situation. This was an action on the part of the campaign volunteer that did not go unnoticed. I am sure you understand why some people might discuss the threat he made in retaliation in this forum.

          • banshee70

            I can think of WAY better things to spend grant money on than a stupid captains wheel. Flowers, yes, they’re beautiful and the volunteers do do a good job, but again…there are so many other things that should come first.

            I mean, come on people. A volunteer said something stupid. You’re all acting like he or she started WWIII. There are many other things more important to worry about. Instead of focusing on hate and how you can hurt a mayoral candidate, go out and do some good for your community. Volunteer yourselves for the food pantry, youth groups, the salvation army, etc… Donate to the food pantry, donate clothing and other items to churches, do what you can do to make this a better community and stop joining in the mindset of those who wish to perpetuate hate.

          • Abbie

            It’s a compass rose, not a a ‘captains wheel’. Downtown Vermilion was selected as was Amherst. Some fact-checking on your part will help you to realize who was the mayor when that came about. When you realize who was at the helm maybe you will understand that you are lacking credibility here. Think back to 2007…

            I do volunteer, but it is not my actions that was reported in the newspaper and is the basis of the discussion in this forum. To recap: “When told he couldn’t put up the sign, he responded, “I’d hate to have 2,000 people boycott your business”…” followed by: “Anderson supports her volunteer’s response in the incident…”

          • banshee70

            Blah, blah, blah… It’s not a rose, a rose is a flower. It’s a wheel. hahaha.

          • banshee70

            Furthermore, we only have his word as to what was said. This could be nothing more than a smear campaign based on lies and/or misquoted quotes.

          • obvi

            First of all the only person smearing J Anderson’s name into the ground is this volunteer! He has approached many businesses & homes with the same pushy attitude. And maybe Vermilion would be more receptive to her running for Mayor again, if she hadn’t created the budget debacle in her last term. Her administration overspent by 1 million dollars and 3 of her employees almost went to jail for pocketing Vermilion tax payer’s money. They were cout ordered to payback what they took. In 2008, the Ohio State Auditor’s Office declared Vermilion’s records “unauditable”! Because she didn’t hire a staff that knew how to do their jobs. Who would really vote for her, just on past experience alone?!! This Anderson volunteer just sealed the deal with his bullying tactics, that Vermilion wants nothing to do with her running this city again!

    • Abbie

      And the results are coming in… Guess what?!

  • rlm_Lorain

    I don’t care how much lipstick you slap on that pig, extortion is still extortion. This is still the United States and people are free to support one candidate over another without interference. Private people and private businesses are not required to grant “equal time” like the radio and TV stations. Anderson may be a good person and a good mayor (pure conjecture on my part), but this incident has surely sullied her reputation.

  • Ray Venn

    After re-reading the article, there’s something astonishing going on here that has failed to be mentioned.

    Anderson said: her campaign volunteer went into the store because he saw the Bulan sign in front of the building. AND “it’s fair to ask them to put both signs out”.

    Really? Are you kidding me? Fair?

    Personally I believe that no business should display political signs or allow them on their property but if they do, it’s done with the permission AND CHOICE of the property owner…right?

    So if I’m showing my support by allowing a candidate’s sign be placed on my private property it’s ok for the opposing candidate to EXPECT me to place THEIR sign on my property?

    I can’t wait for someone to come knocking on my door from an opposing candidate saying “hey, you have his sign out there, now put mine out there too, you know…to be fair”.

    “It’s fair to ask them to put both signs out,”
    “It’s fair to ask them to put both signs out,”

  • Jen Dilligaf-Williams

    Jean goes out several times a week in the evening to educate people and help people register to vote! She did it during her last run for mayor, yet I have never ever once seen Eileen make much of any effort to campaign. She does not care one bit about this city and has shown that through her entire run as Mayor. While streets are so deplorable they should be closed off, the main focus of her whole run was to make Vermilion “pretty”. Decorating the bridge, repainting the water tower, and the Showsee park project to name a few.

    • banshee70

      Finally a voice of reason. These people fail to realize that they themselves are the bullies. Someone makes a mistake and makes a stupid comment and they want to call a lynch mob on a woman who didn’t even make the comment! I bet the majority of them aren’t even from Vermilion, nor know what goes on here! It makes me sick that people are so quick to jump on the Hate Bandwagon based on the mistake that a volunteer made. Had Ms Anderson herself said that, then yes, it would be a problem. But Ms. Anderson did NOT say those words. I’ve lived through both Jean Anderson and Eileen Bulan being mayors of Vermilion, and let me tell you, Ms. Anderson is way better! Ms. Anderson actually cares about the people, while Eileen Bulan only cares about how we look to the outside world.

      • Jen Dilligaf-Williams

        Agreed! I have lived here for Jeans last run as mayor and Eileens and by far Jean is more concerned about the people and their quality of living. She is a good person all the way around! Like I said Eileen has not been around campaigning much if at all while Jean is walking door to door herself and explaining her plans and also assisting people who want to register to vote. And not to mention “Bad Boy Bait & Tackle” is not the most friendliest place to go into out here, Id rather drive to Lorain before giving them my business ever again they are to rude.

    • BadBoy

      The “Pretty” things you and others mention were done and mostly paid for by volunteers, Duck Race fundraising and grant money. Bridge was ODOT money

  • disgruntled voter

    whats next? is she going to have her henchmen break our legs if we dont vote for her? she is a bully, point blank. who does she think she is, hitler? she is responsible for her representatives, especially when she supports them when they try to push people around!

    • banshee70

      Godwin’s Law.

  • Abbie

    (Who remembers Goofus & Gallant?)
    “Hello. Can I put a political sign in your yard?”
    “Sorry, it can only be approved by the property owner. I don’t have authority to allow you to do that.”
    “Okay, thanks for your time. Have a good day!”

  • Guest

    The key that most people seem to be missing is that the BUSINESS did not tell the volunteer that they couldn’t put the sign out. The business said that they (the volunteer) needed to ask the building owner if they could put the sign out. For the volunteer to threaten the business for FOLLOWING the RULES is a little concerning! The business did not tell the volunteer no. They simply asked the volunteer to follow the rules that they were given by the owner. No condemnation should be put on the business at all. The business stated that they don’t support one candidate over the other… the building owner can choose to support whoever they want. This was a good reminder to me to not assume a particular business supports the candidate just because there is a sign there- the building owner could be in control!

    • BadBoy

      Amen, exactly the point alot of people are missing

  • INavon

    This woman is a complete moron. People display signs because they support a particular candidate. Why in the world would they also put up the opponents sign?? also…how many of Andersons supporters ever go that business? I would imagine not all 2,000, so that is not the amount of customers they would be losing. Do people ever think before they open up their stupid mouths?

    • banshee70

      I don’t know, do they? I’ve seen tons of places who have posted opposing candidates signs before. Those are the smart ones; they let all sides advertise, and don’t lose business based on political affiliation.

      • INavon

        Then there is no point to put up any at all.