October 31, 2014


UPDATE: Motorcyclist injured in crash with Chevy Blazer


A Harley-Davidson was sustained heavy damage in a crash Tuesday in Avon Lake. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

A Harley-Davidson was sustained heavy damage in a crash Tuesday in Avon Lake. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

A Chevy Blazer was damaged after hitting a motorcycle Tuesday.

A Chevy Blazer was damaged after hitting a motorcycle Tuesday.

AVONLAKE — A motorcyclist was seriously injured after he was struck by a Chevrolet Blazer around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Walker and Lear roads.

The 51-year-old AvonLake man, whom police didn’t identify, was flown to MetroHealthMedicalCenter in Cleveland. His condition couldn’t be determined Tuesday night.

Police Officer Caleb Robinson said the driver of the pink Blazer, whom he didn’t identify, was heading east on Walker Road. The Blazer turned northbound onto Lear Road and struck the westbound Harley-Davidson on Walker Road.

A witness said the 17-year-old AvonLake teenager driving the Blazer did not see the motorcyclist as she approached the intersection. The tearful driver, who appeared uninjured, wouldn’t comment.

The accident occurred near LearwoodSquareShopping Center, 375 Lear Road. Police swept broken glass from the intersection, and the motorcycle, which had a broken front wheel, was towed from the scene. The Blazer, which had heavy front-end damage, also was towed.

The motorcyclist’s leather jacket, gloves and personal items were found in the middle of the intersection. Robinson said officers didn’t find a helmet at the scene.

State law does not require adult motorcyclists to wear a helmet, but accident data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates wearing helmets saves lives.

Reporter Evan Goodenow contributed to this story.

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  • Mike wowk

    Didn’t see the oncoming bike you turned in front of equals playing with her phone. And the bike rider wasn’t wearing a helmet. A bad scenario all the way around.

    I wish a speedy recovery to the rider. And hopefully the driver of the SUV learns a valuable lesson on looking where she is going

  • Barbara Radke

    So if he had been wearing a helmet (which don’t now at this point) the accident would not have happened? She would not have turned in front of him because she would have seen the helmet? This just point is not pertinent to the story.

    • Phil Blank

      Now and Know are two different words with different meanings.
      Look them up!

      • Barbara Radke

        Please display your license to correct others. This is getting to be ridiculous, people always looking with eagle eyes to find something wrong with someone else. Enough already. Did you understand what I was talking about? Did you get my point? Do you KNOW I’m 63 years old with arthritis in my hands and still try to stay in contact with the rest of the world? I NOW am finished with my reply and hope you KNOW what I’m talking about. How’s that?

    • Mike wowk

      No Barbara, what I said was since there was no helmet at the scene, either it wasn’t fastened to the riders head properly and flew away in the accident or he wasn’t wearing one as is the case with the majority of Harley riders and that is their choice. A helmet wouldn’t have prevented the accident, but his chances of surviving or even walking away from a crash are GREATLY increased. As a rider for many years we all know that there is a good chance if we get into an accident it will be the fault of an inattentive car driver. We can choose to be as prepared as possible for the day when someone doesnt see us and turns in front of us.