November 22, 2014


Lorain blotter: Woman tells police someone stole her bathtub

The following was taken from reports from the Lorain Police Department:

Monday, Oct. 7

  • Midnight — 1100 block Washington Avenue, a window air conditioning unit was pushed out of a window and items were missing from inside the house.
  • 9 a.m. — 1900 block East 31st Street, a man said someone broke into his house and stole his laptop.
  • 11:53 a.m. — 4700 block Meadow Lane, a man said someone stole his white Ford Focus while it was parked outside his house.
  • 2:05 p.m. — 400 block Leavitt Road, someone tried to place steaks and children’s clothes into a bag and leave the store, according to an employee.
  • 4 p.m. — 5300 block Oberlin Avenue, a woman said another woman stole her bathtub.
  • 8:35 p.m. — 600 block West 13th Street, a girl said her boyfriend punched her in the face.

  • Reeeally309

    Finally a break in on the south side makes it to the paper. This is one of MANY of the last several months! And while the perps are known, the police are doing little to nothing about it. It’s the same group of delinquents hitting every house possible! They stake it out and go in when you aren’t there. The problem is ridiculous and out of control! Most are under 18, but a couple of the leaders are over 18 and I cannot understand why they aren’t being stopped. Oh yeah… Lorain cops are SHADY AS ****!! Oh and if your house is one of them, check Park n Pawn for your items, they have someone working on the inside that buys the valuables that they aren’t posting all over fb for more than likely isn’t put out right away, but there’s a lady there with shady boots on!! Sorry to get all fired up, but I personally have heard of at least a dozen houses that these kids have broken into. I can’t imagine how many houses unknown to me! It really just makes me so mad!

    • hottamomma

      someone needs to put a couple bullet holes in a few of them, that will stop them!

    • Bill

      First Rona is not with the CT anymore and secondly I have spoke out against the Lorain Police Dept before and mysteriously I have never been banned.

  • bobby d

    Well I guess the lady who stole the bathtub made a CLEAN GETAWAY! LOL

    • Pablo Jones

      I’m not sure how you can steal a bathtub. Maybe it was her bathtub gin that was stolen, or maybe her bathtub meth.