November 23, 2014


Police believe family living in woods near junior high school

LORAIN – Police were searching for a family on Friday that officers believed were living in the woods.

At 8:58 a.m. Friday, officers were sent to Longfellow Junior High School for a report that several students heard a baby crying in the woods nearby and found baby clothes. Police checked the area where the items were found – at the dead end of G Street near Filmore Circle – and found a tent hidden behind a bush.

The tent was filled with a baby stroller, blankets and toys, and a line was strung out to hang clothes. Two landscaping lights were placed in the front of the entrance to the tent and a garbage bag was laid down as a welcome mat, according to a police report.

Police said a woman’s purse was also found at the scene, and the purse was filled with paperwork from Lorain County Children Services and Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services. A cell phone was found on a trail nearby, and police concluded that the woman who lived in the tent ran away with her baby when she saw the police cruiser, dropping the phone.

A police spokesman could not be reached for comment, and the website for Lorain County Municipal Court was not working Wednesday, so it was unknown if the woman was charged.

The woman had been involved in an investigation of possible child abuse in May after police found the woman and several children in a hotel room filled with beer cans and empty beer bottles. She was charged with child endangering and obstructing official business after the police visit.

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  • therest_ofthestory

    She’s living in a motel and then from there into a tent in the woods….and there are no resources to protect those children?

  • WTFnext

    Lorain Municipal Court’s website hasn’t been working in about a week now.

    • Brandy Lynn

      I know!!!!! It’s been driving me insane!!! They need to fix it!

  • hottamomma

    what was the child endangerment for? empty beer cans? as long as the kids r healthy and wasnt drinking then empty beer cans shouldnt be child endangerment. neither is living in a tent, she could be having a bad time in this economy right and just need a little time to get back on her feet. and living in the woods would teach the kids morals and how to appreciate things more. hell the indians lived in a tent. some campers stay in tents. now if she is abusing them(whipping for not doing what they r suppose to dont count) then thats a different story. i would want to be with my mom even if she was in the woods, i wouldnt want child services to take me from my mom, just because they “think” its better for me. no one knows what better for me but my mom!

    • Brandy Lynn

      It kind of seems to me that she was trying to get help from lcjfs but either didn’t do it yet or couldn’t or was afraid because of childrens services. If she has a line out for baby clothes, that to me says she is somehow washing her baby’s clothes, and I don’t think abusive mothers would do that living in a tent.

      • Jesusfan


    • Jesusfan

      I truely agree everyone falls on hard times. But when they do people are so easy to judge and knock them down to a bottomless pitt. Why can’t people lend a helping hand. If this young lady is able to read this or if anyone knows of her and how to get ahold of her, let her know that we will be doing homeless ministry across from lorain city jail this saturday voming up around 1:30. Food and clothing will be there. God is good and will see this young lady through. I would protect my child too.

  • Phil Blank

    In Lorain, there are all sorts of people living in the streets or out in the woods in tents and have been for years, nothing new here.

    • Jesusfan

      yes, and by the grace of god they are still here on earth. come on world reach out to these people, because I know nobody is emissable from this happening to them. When we hit rock botyom there is only one person gonna pull ud out and that is our savior jesus christ.

  • diane

    There was no child its a couple whose children are with family.

    • Jesusfan

      Children or no children, these people need to be reached out to.

      • diane

        God bless you. Hope you can help her. Good luck