November 22, 2014


Speed limit reduced on heavily trafficked North Ridgeville street

NORTH RIDGEVILLE — Motorists will have to slow it down on a heavily trafficked section of state Route 83 after the city moved to lower the speed limit from 45 to 35 mph.

Safety-Service Director Jeffry Armbruster announced the change this week, saying it was made in response to a significant number of traffic accidents along the two-lane road, including a fatal crash that occurred in August.

The revised speed limit is now in effect for an approximately 1.8-mile section of Route 83 between Center Ridge Road (state Route 20) and Mills Road, which serves as the boundary between North Ridgeville and Avon.

State Route 83 is the city’s major north-south road.

“We looked at the situation and felt that we should err on the side of safety here,” Armbruster said. “There have been a substantial number of accidents in that area, and we simply want people in North Ridgeville to slow down through there.”

Dating to the start of 2012, 49 accidents have occurred on the portion of 83 between Center Ridge and Mills Road, Armbruster said.

Those accidents include the Aug. 26 accident that took the life of Brian Rummel, 49, whose Kia sport utility vehicle went off the road and overturned after crashing into two trees.

The nighttime crash happened about a half-mile south of Mills Road.

Residents in the area said at the time of the fatal accident that motorists routinely ignored the road’s longtime 45 mph speed limit, and often took risks passing slower vehicles.

Of the 49 accidents occurring along the nearly two-mile portion of Route 83, 10 produced injuries to drivers or passengers, according to Armbruster.

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  • Don Grantzki

    While they are making changes, I suggest they paint the northbound lane’s stop line at Mills road about ten feet further south in order to facilitate easier turns on to the southbound lane of 83 from Mills. Presently vehicles are stopping nearly into the intersection when the light is red.

  • Mike wowk

    WOW just think of all the extra revenue they are gonna generate with that in speeding tickets. Public safety my a$$

  • kirsten zielinski

    since all north ridgeville police seem to do is write tickets and shoot ground hogs i guess this will make them busier than ever.

    • Rachel Emery

      Groundhogs or cats?

      • kirsten zielinski

        the HUMANE officer (retired cop) shoots the kittens.. he also shoots the ground hogs but i’ve seen the police do it too. only if they are trapped in a hav-a-hart trap though. got to love this city..

  • hottamomma

    speed doesnt cause to many accident unless its overly speeding, its stupid people that pull out in front of people driving down the road that causes accidents

  • LAB1660

    The answer is not to lowering the speed limit, but to widening the road. Route 83 is sorely overused and undersized for the traffic that traverses it. Don’t just flare some of the intersections, but widen the entire road. It’s long overdue.

  • JogWalker

    What is sad – and even more sorely needed here, folks – is for Avon, Ridgeville and Lorain County/State of Ohio to get their respective acts together and install a GREATLY needed turning lane AND left turn arrows on the traffic signal at the “dangerous” Mills Road and State Route 83 intersection! Having lived in the area over 15 years and NO action from local/county/state governments to EASE UP the bottleneck… driving through the intersection during rush hour is a standing joke! Even worse now, with the closure/bottleneck of nearby Jaycox and Schwartz Roads in Avon affecting this scenario even to the worse detriment! Can’t figure it out… if it’s labeled by the signs “dangerous intersection,” then why not FIX the problem… hello????!!! One more reason we look forward to moving away from this “headache” area!! Lastly, my s/o caught Ridgeville police ticketing some unlucky person TWO WEEKS AGO at their usual “stand” at Kelly Anne Growers’ lot, long before 6:00am on a weekday, with NO notification of its lowering the speed limit to the public at large… be forewarned – and careful!!

    • Spec440

      Wow. Tell your s/o good catch. What were they ticketing them for?

    • NR2004

      Ever since they opened the Lear exchange I stay the heck off of 83. Had to use it every day to get home. Of course that sewer work on Schwartz is hosing it up right now. I’m taking Crocker just to avoid Mills/83. I’ve almost hit a few people because I try to turn left onto Mills while the person on the other side is trying to go the other way down Mills and the person behind him darts around him. I’m sorry but when opposing cars are making lefts, they have the right to go at the same time. It doesn’t help when the other person just sits there and doesn’t go. I can see why the folks behind them get aggravated but its still the law. You can’t pass them.

  • Lord Anoobis

    This is such b.s.!! I’d like to know if Armbruster had a straight face when he explained the reason for the reduction in speed. Does anyone know if Ridgeville even posted signs or let the public know about the change? This is no different than cities putting up red light and speed cameras then telling the public they exist for safety reasons. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    People from this area know that Ridgeville is a speed trap. Hell, if it were up to the city, they’d make the speed limit 35 MPH on I-480, Route 10, and the Turnpike.

    Perhaps Ridgeville did put up signs letting people know about the reduction in speed. If they’re missing, I’d check Chief Freeman’s garage. It’s possible his wife stole them.

    • kirsten zielinski

      nothing was posted about the reducton.. but what else is new..

  • Tammy Arbogast

    putting in a turning arrow would help too because that is what causes the traffic to back up or forces drivers to turn hastily or make irrational judgements. I have lived in North Ridgeville my whole life and it is virtually impossible to travel anywhere without getting into an accident . Speed isn’t always the the reason either it is too congested! . Lear Nagel was once a sleepy street has a constant flow of traffic now. Also, getting out of Marcs is an accident waiting to happen too. Traffic Light would be nice!

  • Rachel Emery

    I agree with what most everyone else is saying–speed isn’t the issue–it’s poor traffic planning all around. The city of North Ridgeville has made it incredibly painful to get around–they keep adding people and businesses but refuse to change traffic patterns or widen roads. North Ridgeville isn’t the sleepy hamlet it once was and they should change to keep up with the times. There are few left turn signals at four-way stops, creating traffic jams that make it impossible to get in or out of the city at rush hours (see Mills & 83, Root and Bainbridge). There are very few blinking lights during slow traffic periods. In North Olmsted, a town that receives far more traffic than North Ridgeville, between 10 PM and 6 AM, most of the traffic lights that aren’t at major intersections are blinking red or yellow (I suspect in North Ridgeville this is just a blatant ticket trap). Lights are timed very badly. Center Ridge is one lane through town. School buses stop every three feet for pick up and drop off. Isn’t there some sort of traffic committee? I mean, if there is, please let me know so I can attend these meetings. We need to have some sort of voice of change for this town!

    • kirsten zielinski

      north ridgeville needs a new mayor which should be obvious to anyone who lived thru the kitten shooting fiasco of a couple months ago.