November 29, 2014


Lorain murder suspect seeks work privileges

Anna Carter appears with attorney Mike Duff in court Thursday. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Anna Carter appears with attorney Mike Duff in court Thursday. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — Accused killer Anna Carter has been granted permission to travel to Westlake to apply for a job and possibly work at a nursing home there.

Defense attorney Mike Duff said his client, a state-tested nursing assistant, would work in the nursing home’s kitchen and as an STNA if she were to get the job.

Carter, 30, is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, 40-year-old Jerome Phillips Jr., once in the chest Aug. 11. She called 911 to report that he was drunk and vomiting and while she mentioned he was bleeding under his arm, she didn’t tell a dispatcher how the injury occurred.

LifeCare paramedics took 15 minutes to arrive at the scene, a response company officials acknowledged was too long and prompted discipline for the paramedics involved.

Carter was freed from jail in August after she posted 10 percent of the $100,000 bond set in Lorain Municipal Court. She was originally required to wear a GPS tracking device and was barred from leaving Lorain County.

But Duff said his client needs to work in order to fund her legal defense, including hiring experts, and that she has a good chance of landing the nursing home job.

Assistant County Prosecutor Tony Cillo, however, objected to allowing her to leave the county to work, saying Carter is already out on bond and that is enough for a murder suspect.

“She’s already received enough by the court with regard to her freedom,” Cillo said.

Duff said Carter has had no problems while she’s been free on bond and that she has yet to be indicted.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Miraldi said he agreed with Duff’s argument that Carter should be allowed to work.

“Taxpayers would be better off if she’s working,” he said.

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  • Mark B

    Your Kidding right. Your in jail for MURDER and you get work release? What the h3ll is wrong with our system.

  • Paul Salva

    Please let us know where at so i wont put my relatives in that home

  • Concerned citizen

    I’ve had family in nursing homes & we didn’t need extra worry about murderers taking care of our loved ones. I wouldn’t want them in a place like that!

  • Cassie

    You have got to be kidding me?!

  • stargazer2012

    She won’t be hired.

  • Shelley Miller

    REALLY??? There is a nursing home that will hire an accused killer??? I would love to know the name of that facility. I have no judgment regarding her guilt or innocence but if someone facing these charges can be hired to care for the defenseless I am concerned about where exactly the healthcare industry draws the line on what is acceptable.

  • Jesusfan

    I believe we all have second chances in our life. God forgives us of all of our sins no matter great or small, they are all equal in his eyes. We are also not to judge her, judgment will come when we see him face to face. God is a merciful god we must remember he died for our sins. Not saying what she done is right but we all deserve a second chance in life with whatever it may be. Do you need a second chance?

  • CharlesMartel732

    Maybe the nursing home needs someone to implement the Obamacare death panels? What nursing home in their right mind would hire someone awaiting trial for murder?

  • tickmeoff

    There is no greater sin than to take a life! Could you imagine if this was your brother or sister that she killed. You know the pecking order in court? From worse to best, Black man, White man, Black women, White women. Two people do the same crime, how they will be treated will be different. She had the ability to save his life by calling 911. Instead she left him bleed out. The number one concern is not whether Mike Duff gets paid. It is stories such as this, that tells me if somebody kills my brother or sister, I will have to take the law in to my own hands and kill the one who took away my Brother or Sister’s life. When you take a life, they are gone forever. If you steal money or hurt somebodies body, they have a chance to recover. The court needs to look at this from a loved one’s point of view!

    • Jesusfan

      I would have to forgive as god has forgiven us. Yes, it would hurt and what she did is totally wrong but by you doing the same in retalliation is no greater then this person thinking it is even a sin but through god we will be able to forgive and hopefuuly her life will turn around. God’s grace is amazing.

  • WTFnext

    I didn’t even know she has been out on bond. Most of the time when it is a murder charge there is not a bond. You are in jail until the case is over one way or the other. I can’t believe they put people in jail for back child support in this economy and let murderers out on bond. SMH