November 25, 2014


Woman shot dead in Lorain; suspect dies shortly after arrest

Catalina Ortiz

Catalina Ortiz

LORAIN — Karla Garcia was sleeping on her couch by the first-floor window of her family’s home at 1018 W. 17th St., around 5:45 a.m. Sunday when she said William Taylor Jr. crashed through the window and landed on top of her.

Garcia said Taylor was bleeding from the right shoulder, possibly from the window glass. She said he was terrified and hysterical screaming, “Don’t shoot me!”

Taylor’s bizarre behavior came minutes after police said they found a dead woman in his home around the corner from Garcia’s home at 1618½ Washington St.

Responding to a shots fired call, police spokesman Lt. Roger Watkins said officers found Catalina Ortiz. The 21-year-old Ortiz, of the 1600 block of East 29th Street in Lorain, was shot in the head and leg, according to Lorain County Coroner Stephen Evans.

Preliminary findings indicate Ortiz was shot in the leg with a pistol and in the head with a shotgun. Evans said a pistol and shotgun were found in the home.

William Taylor

William Taylor

Taylor, 32, died at Mercy Regional Medical Center shortly after being arrested, according to Watkins. Evans said the cause of Taylor’s death hasn’t been determined and an autopsy is pending.

Garcia said after Taylor crashed into her home, he grabbed the 10-year-old sister of Garcia’s boyfriend, Angel Roland. The girl was wrestled away by her mother.

Roland grabbed Taylor and tried to calm him and then allowed Taylor to call 911. During the call, Garcia said Taylor told a 911 operator, “They tried to shoot me.”

Taylor then ran into Garcia’s grandmother’s room where Jose Negron, Garcia’s father-in-law, said he held Taylor down on the floor until police arrived. The grandmother said Taylor was shocked by officers with a Taser, which emits a 50,000-volt shock, before being handcuffed.

Garcia and her family said Taylor appeared unconscious when he was taken out of their home on a stretcher by paramedics. Evans said there were no obvious signs of trauma on the outside of Taylor’s body, and he doubts that the Taser shock was related to Taylor’s death.

Watkins said Ortiz and Taylor knew each other, but wouldn’t say what their relationship was or what the motive was. He said he didn’t think it was domestic violence.

Both Ortiz and Taylor previously had been charged with violence. Ortiz was charged with assault in July. Taylor was indicted for felonious assault in February and had convictions for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Taylor’s nonviolent convictions including possession of cocaine and illegally conveying drugs in a jail or prison.

Despite Taylor’s record, his cousin, Levi Springer, said Taylor wasn’t a violent man. Springer said Taylor loved his two young sons and the rest of his family.

“Everybody knew and respected him,” Springer said. “He was a hell of a guy.”

Ortiz also was fondly remembered. Crystal Pirkle, who lived in Ortiz’s apartment house, described Ortiz as her best friend. Pirkle said she’d known Ortiz since Pirkle was 13.

The two went to school together at the former Southview High School. Pirkle said Ortiz dropped out in 2010 but recently spoke about getting her GED.

Pirkle said she last spoke with Ortiz around 1 p.m. Saturday. Ortiz was depressed about a recent miscarriage, and Pirkle said she was surprised Ortiz went out Saturday night because she usually called to see if Pirkle wanted to come. Pirkle, who said she’d never heard of Taylor, said Ortiz was a good listener and a class clown who went out of her way to make others laugh.

“You couldn’t ask for a better friend,” a tearful Pirkle said. “You’d be having the worst day, and she would do anything in her power to put a smile on your face.”

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  • ibethepappy

    r.i.p. to both victims…sad as ever that young people are dying like this..prayers to the families

  • Juli Mzghetmoneybytch Lankey

    I kno them r.i.p to both gone but never forgotten

  • Kimberly Ann

    R.I.P. Catalina ad baby! You were taken away from us too soon. I love you and you will be missed!

  • GreatRedeemer

    How utterly sad.

  • Pete

    Why is it not a surprise that they used mug shots for both people involved?

    • Kelvin Gray

      Wow Pete really? After reading the WHOLE article about a homicide & not sure about the other death, the best thing you could come up with to say is that? Man Pete you’re deep.

    • Heather

      I agree Pete.

    • Truth

      I bet the baby in her stomach didn’t have a mug shot while your judging those who you know nothing about

      • Pete

        She didn’t have a baby in her stomach, she lost it, I hope not due to her lifestyle.

  • keepsmewonderin

    What a mess. Too many names for me to follow the story, kids everywhere, and “talk” of a GED. Nothing but trouble and hardship for the innocent little ones left in the wake if irresponsible adults.

    • Becky Faye

      Wow really? The only kids are the small children of the people who’s house the suspect barged into! So 1st of all how are those parents irresponsible adults?and secondly this is a tragic story of a young lady who lost her life and you want to cyber bully by bad mouthing the victim. Why cuz she wasn’t perfect! What keepsmewonderin is how people can be so heartless and rude! You do realize she’s someone’s daughter and they will likely read this article and possibly ur ignorant comment!

      • Larry Crnobrnja

        I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but it’s pretty dang obvious. Unless you can’t see the forest for the trees.

        • Becky Faye

          What exactly is obvious?? You seem to like to use CLICHES and really not say anything at all!! Do you even know what “can’t see the forest for the trees means?” It means to be so closely involved that you cant see a situation objectively. Let me assure you I am not closely involved with anyone in this story and even if I was it is very clear that “keepsmewonderin” is attacking the victim, and insinuating she is an irresponsible parent and she left nothing but trouble and hardship to innocent little ones. Where in this article does it say that she or the suspect have children??? She recently miscarried! Another tragic event unrelated to this one! Your post makes no sense, why not try coming up with an original thought of your own to contribute instead of some weak cliches! and again like my 1st message, if that original thought is negative towards the victim, try using some compassion for her friends and family that may be reading this and keep that negativity to yourself! Which was my point to begin with!

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            “Do you even know what “can’t see the forest for the trees means?” It means to be so closely involved that you cant see a situation objectively.” – Becky Faye

            Uh, not exactly. But perhaps your sensitivity to the comment means that you were, despite your denial and regardless of your understanding.

            I think my position is very clear; if you live a life of violence, you will possibly become a victim of your own way. STAY IN SCHOOL, GET AN EDUCATION, FIND A JOB, STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. There’s a reason people have a criminal past…

          • Becky Faye

            You obviously have no idea what the sayin means! And now you basically sayin she deserved it based on what? One arrest and she dropped out of hs and is talking of getting her GED? Wow! And yes sir I am sensitive to ur comments! I for one believe people mAke mistakes it doesn’t mean they are beneath me or deserve this kind of tragedy! Also I’m a mother who buried my only child and there is no pain greater! So to compound this families grief with hateful ignorant comments is despicable!

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            “You obviously have no idea what the sayin means!” – Becky Faye

            Like I said…

          • Becky Faye

            regardless of what you google and what the saying means to you, its a pointless CLICHE!! What exactly is the big picture here LARRY??? That if te victim would have graduated or never been arrested this wouldnt have happened to her?? And apparently you can’t see the big picture because you are unable to look past the trees, her record and her education level to see that big picture that this is a tragedy and that 2 families have lost love ones to violence. And again like I said before your original post MADE NO SENSE and you continue to make no sense!! Or offer anything valid! GOOGLE THAT!

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            “Regardless of…what the saying means…” – Becky Faye

            To heck with your attempt to rewrite the definition.


            “What exactly is the big picture he LARRY???” – Becky Faye

            Get an education, get a job. RESPECT YOURSELF and hopefully you can enjoy a prosperous life. Nothing is guaranteed, but sometimes the roads you take can make it easier or harder. We all have choices and those choices generally have consequences.

            These two were too young to die.

          • Becky Faye

            and according to your definition YOU SIR CANT SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES!! Because you clearly cant see what is important is this situation!!

  • Kara

    RIP both of you, we loved ya T and I hope and pray the police do their job well to figure out what happened!

  • Donte Wyatt

    This is terrible. RIP to both and my condolences are with the families

  • Logdog39

    YES,,, it appears that Lorain has truly lost 2 of its finest citizens and role models ! And,, it’s ALL Bush’s fault !!!

    • Guest937

      I’m going to guess that this was sarcastic?? Lol

  • Carriee Stevens

    Y when someone does in lorain a criminal record has to be brought up a mug shot shown 2 ppl lost their lives comes on show some respect

  • MrsPaulette D Henry

    My Deepest Condolences to Both Families , Truly sad :(

  • anthonycokepresident

    rip cat gone but never forgotten

  • mike Johnson

    Logdog39 anything can happen to anyone anywhere anytime so if I were you I’d choose my words carefully chump!!! Two families lost love ones and you’d leave a bs comment like that.Tomorrow isn’t promised to me or you instead of leaving a sarcastic comment think about your love ones and what comments you would want to read if this happened to them!!!! Prayers for T’s family and the Ortiz family.

  • MEP

    When you lead a life like these two did, you know something will happen eventually. He may very well have been a great person like everyone says but if you think about it, don’t you people think that by dealing drugs and being arrested for it may have been the cause of all this drama?? Where there is violence and drugs, there is always prison or death! She didn’t look like a model citizen herself, have you seen her Facebook? C’mon people, neither of them were innocent! I don’t think he killed her because the story I’ve read so far doesn’t tell me that. I think someone wanted his drugs or drug money, she happened to be there, shiet went down and well, there you go. IT STARTS AT HOME, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN PEOPLE, TEACH THEM MANNERS AND RESPECT AND THEY WILL WALK THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW LIKE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED THEM TO DO

    • Victor Mackey

      Reap what we sow.

    • Victor Mackey

      Reap what we sow.

    • PTW

      Yes I saw her facebook. She was a young beautiful girl along with a lot of other girls that but crazy pics on facebook . Just so happens she also has pics of my daughter, one of my sons, 2 of my granddtrs, and some of their friends being young and having fun. For your info. They graduated, work full time jobs and are model citizens, and guess what along with the rest of us they loved this girl with all their hearts. She DAMN sure did not deserve to be shot and killed. ALL of you that are so perfect are so lucky that GOD is the one that does the real judging because I would hate to hear how people would judge you. Why don’t you all pray for this poor girls mother that just lost her only child, and pray that you never have to go thru the hell that this kind Christian woman is going thru tonite. Have a heart!!!!

  • guest

    First my condolences to the families… Second these racist and culturally bias writers need to be fired…. Anytime time there’s an incident in Lorain the criminal history of the people involved is always mentioned…. Why? An unfortunate event happens in Avon and it’s like ohhh nooo!!! those poor kids….. I don’t know any of the people involved, but I believe in death people should be honored and their life celebrated… The families have enough to deal with without the unnecessary bashing of a deceased love ones character

    • carmen001


    • Guest

      You took the words right out of my mouth! Automatically an “accident” in Avon. Something just isn’t right about this, until it is confirmed that he did this… In my eye’s he did not. The sad part about it is that if he did not, noone will ever come foward with the truth. People need to stop bashing. Bad things happen to good people no matter what he has done in the past…. He had ALOT of people who cared! So sad in all ways but the truth will always come out.

  • Dorothy (Williams) Roach

    Such a sad end, for two young people. Pain for the families that are left to pick up the pieces.

  • Offended4Real

    They both were victims. He was running for his life. I hope Lorain’s police department do some real work and find the murderers. What idiots leave both guns at a crime scene?My prayers to the Taylor and Ortiz family.

  • Lauren Sciabica

    What is wrong with half of you people? There are two families..that means mother s fathers,grandparents, aunts, uncles,and best friends and more are crying their eyes because they will never see their loved one walk thru the door ever again. If u have nothing nice pr positive to say then dont comment. Because their families are reading this article. They were both are fun loving caring people. And you guys are worried about where they are from. you have got to be kidding me. Half of your comments need to be deleted and banned. #ripkatalina #ripT.Taylor