November 29, 2014


Man fatally shot in Avon

Ryan Raider

Ryan Raider

AVON — Police are investigating a overnight shooting early Saturday that killed a 29-year-old man.

According to police, Brandon Smith was shot once in the head by a roommate, identified as Ryan Raider, 25.

Smith was rushed to the EMH Avon Emergency Care Center by Avon Fire Department paramedics.

He was later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, where he was pronounced dead, Police Chief Richard Bosley said.

Raider was taken into custody on charges of reckless homicide and having weapons while intoxicated.

He is being held at the Lorain County Jail pending arraignment Tuesday in Avon Lake Municipal Court, according to Bosley.

Preliminary investigation has led police to conclude the shooting was an accident.

“Everything we have so far points to this not being intentional,” Bosley said.

Bosley said both men lived at a residence near French Creek and Muirwood Roads along with Smith’s girlfriend, who placed a 911 call reporting a man had been shot in the head.

Smith was shot once in the head, Bosley said.

It was not immediately known what kind of weapon was used.

“Both men had been out drinking at a local bar earlier in the evening,” Bosley said.

Police had not determined whether either of the men was intoxicated.

“We do believe alcohol may have been a factor, but the shooting appears to be inadvertent in nature,” Bosley said.

Avon police, along with officers from Avon Lake and Sheffield, responded to the home, where they found Raider leaning over Smith in an apparent attempt to control the man’s bleeding.

Police initially withheld Smith’s name until his parents were notified, Bosley said.

Officials were also trying to locate Smith’s siblings to inform them of the man’s death.

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  • Paul Facinelli

    Another life lost needlessly (and stupidly) because a gun was close at hand.

    • rafedial1

      There are many responsible gun owners in Avon. Educated in proper handling, use and storage. Just because a gun is “close at hand”, it doesn’t cause death. People work with guns close to their person everyday, and no accidents happen. A person who was not trained/raised in proper firearm safety, will not handle the firearm with care/common sense. Always assume a weapon is loaded before handling.

      • Paul Facinelli

        The close-at-hand gun caused this death.

        • Bob Sweatt

          No drinking and being a dumbass drunk cause this death.

        • Ryan

          You’re a fool. Lack of personal responsibility caused this death. You have it backwards. Why aren’t you writing articles blaming the car that killed someone being driven by a drunk driver? Guns don’t cause anyone harm. They need a driver too.

        • John Boy

          The alcohol being close at hand was at least a large contributor to his death. Lets ban it. I wasn’t around during prohibition, but you probably remember that didn’t work out so well.

          • Paul Facinelli

            The booze is incidental. This “personal responsibility” is just a smokescreen. This all comes down to a simple equation: No gun = no death. I challenge anyone to dispute this.

          • Den724

            strict gun laws in Chicago = criminals who don’t follow the law having guns=innocent law abiding people unprotected form criminal animals.

          • Pebody

            taken….. the gun did NOT kill this person, a bullet fired from the gun hit the person there for he died. the gun did NOT jump up and start going off by its own power. A person did this to the young man. A few days ago there was a person stabbed to death with a fork, yes the one you eat with that goes with the spoon and knife, shall we ban forks now ? Police carry a gun every day they are on the job and how many police shoot themselves or one another because there was a gun close at hand ? When there is an auto accident and someone outside the auto is killed why do they charge the driver of the auto and NOT the auto, because the car didnt kill anyone , the driver did.

          • Bob Sweatt

            No gun = no death

            Ok well since people are killed in auto accidents everyday. Then we should take away motor vehicles. Right?? Go back to horse drawn wagons??

            A drunk driver taken the life of an innocent motorist is just the same as a gunman/woman killing some one with a gun.

            Anti gun laws only hurt the innocent.. CCW all the way.

          • John Boy

            I guess it’s really easy for you to call the major contributing factor incidental. I’m going to have remember that in the future.
            I’m sorry I was driving so fast and got in a car accident that killed another person, but the speed was incidental, the car is the real culprit. I can use the same logic. No car = No death. I challenge anyone to dispute my logic as well.

    • jz

      Is the gun an inanimate object? Does it shoot itself?

    • Den724

      Yeah, maybe we need more gun laws in Avon. We can follow the example of the tough gun laws they have in Chicago. Its working good for the people there. I can’t remember the last time someone was shot there.

  • justsayin

    This man was trained and his dad is gun smith he knew how dangerous what he was doing was. makes u wonder if it really was an accident.

    • mp9

      Obviously you do not know Ryan or Brandon, so keep your ignorant opinion to yourself. You have no idea what both of these families are going through so be a little more sensitive.

      • A sad friend

        This was no accident. Ryan was a weirdo pulling his guns out all the time to try and look cool. He obviously didn’t know the dangers and of course the neighbors and Ryan’s father are saying it was an accident but how do you accidently shoot someone in the side of their head point blank. Prayers to Brandon’s family and may Ryan forever sit in prison thinking of what pain he has caused and the beautiful life he has taken. AMEN.

      • justsayin

        And i do kno the victim and his poor beautiful girlfriend that will never be the same.

  • stop ur whining

    “gee im bored and drunk, anybody have a gun to play with?” the last stupid mistake that both of these men will ever make. morons, pure morons.

  • tickmeoff

    Guns and alcohol do not belong together, Get the He double fiddlesticks out of Dodge!