November 24, 2014


Woman seeks return of dog that was taken from car

Maggie Mae was taken from Vicky Donovan's car Tuesday afternoon at EMH Elyria Medical Center. PHOTO PROVIDED

Maggie Mae was taken from Victoria Donovan’s car Tuesday afternoon at EMH Elyria Medical Center. PHOTO PROVIDED

ELYRIA – Victoria Donovan tried to compose herself long enough Wednesday to talk about her companion dog, Maggie Mae.

Her shaken state and tears made her other pets — Colby, Shadow and Baxter — a little jumpy, and they stayed close by her side. Or, maybe it was the obvious void Maggie Mae’s absence was having in the household. The young mixed King Cocker Spaniel has been missing since early Tuesday afternoon.

But Donovan said stolen is probably the more accurate term.

“I knew I wasn’t going to be gone long. I just needed to have some blood work done,” said Donovan, 47, of Elyria. “I came out to my car and as soon as I opened the door you should have seen the look on Shadow’s face. It was like he was saying, ‘I’m sorry, mommy’.”

Vicky Donovan dogs Shadow, left, and Baxter haven't left Donovan's side since her other dog, Maggie Mae, was taken. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Donovan dogs Shadow, left, and Baxter haven’t left Donovan’s side since her other dog, Maggie Mae, was taken. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Donovan said she had a Tuesday appointment at EMH Elyria Medical Center on East River Street when Maggie Mae was taken out of her car. She has since filed a police report and has searched the Lorain County Dog Kennel with hopes her dog will be returned.

“There is such a hole in our home because Maggie Mae is gone,” Donovan said. “From what I’m hearing, there are these people who will sometimes take dogs out of a person’s car because they think by doing so they can give them a better life, but they don’t know how much these dogs mean to me or the kind of life I give them.”

Donovan said she is dealing with a lot of medical problems. Doctors believe she may have advanced-stage cancer, but are waiting on test and biopsy results to confirm a diagnosis. In the meantime, she said she finds comfort in her dogs. On Wednesday, her three remaining pets stayed within arm reach and even attempted to lick away the tears that flowed as she talked about Maggie Mae.

“They just seem to give her renewed energy when she’s feeling down,” said Donovan’s son, TJ Donovan, 24. “I can tell when she’s having a bad day. She will be in bed all day and the dogs will be sleeping with her.”

Vicky Donovan hugs her son's dog Colby and holds a toy used by Maggie Mae, her dog that was taken from her car Tuesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Donovan hugs her son’s dog, Colby, and holds a toy used by Maggie Mae, her dog that was taken from her car Tuesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Donovan said Maggie Mae is intuitive to her needs. Last week, the young pup stayed by Donovan’s side all day, and within hours she had a full-blown seizure.

“She’s so in tune with me that I know she is probably unbelievably worried, just like I am about her,” Donovan said. “Having her with me is better than taking a pain pill. Just having her here calms me.”

Tina Carey, the owner and operator of Total Canine Obedience, said she doesn’t know Donovan but can vouch for the therapeutic benefits of dogs. She has a certified search and rescue dog that is also a therapy dog.

“Dogs are very attentive to their owners,” she said. “Some dogs have the ability to sense when their owners need that extra comfort and time. That dog is probably comforting her both mentally and physically.”

Donovan asks if anyone sees Maggie Mae, they call her at (440) 361-1894.

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  • Bill

    The thief better hope I don’t catch them with this dog.

  • justmy02

    Hopefully her animals are chip encoded like both of mine are. That way if anyone would ever attempt to pull a stunt like this, I would make sure they are arrested and charged.

  • stayfocused

    I’m nearly 50 and never married and have no children. Second to Jesus my dog Oscar is my best friend. I feel your sadness. I pray the Lord will ease your burden and your dog is retuned safely. If who ever did this crime remember this bit of advise taken from the Holy Bible. Thou shalt not steal.

  • Ray Venn

    Victoria “says”: “they don’t know how much these dogs mean to me or the kind of life I give them.”

    As long as they’re not an inconvenience.

    Would you have left a 7 yr old in the car when having blood work done?

    Then why leave a dog…

    • Bill

      7 year old child. Really? Where do you draw your numerous stupid comparisons. It’s not like the temperature was anywhere near where the dogs would have been even a little uncomfortable.

      • Lisa

        I agree Bill…

    • Rebecca Dougherty

      I agree with Ray, pets nor children should ever be left in a car alone, period!

      • luvmytoaster

        You’re an idiot, just like Ray….

        • Ray Venn

          So even in good weather it’s ok to leave pets in a vehicle unattended?

          …and I’m the idiot?

          Do you leave any of your “valuables” in plain sight in your car, with the window open while shopping or having blood drawn at the hospital?

          But I’m the idiot…?

          Is your pet deserved of the title “valuable”?

          Mine is and I’d NEVER leave them unattended in my vehicle at any time.

          It’s called PRIOR PLANNING…something responsible adults do.

          Face it people, we live in Lorain County in 2013 and regardless of where you go there are people out there who want your “stuff” and will take it at the drop of a hat. Smart people do things like lock their vehicles at night, leave outside lights on, keep their valuables out of sight if their vehicle is unattended and don’t leave their BELOVED PETS in a vehicle.

          BTW, I still have my pets…any questions?

        • Rebecca Dougherty

          Oh thank you so much, appreciate it. Your toaster must be very proud of your intelligence

          • luvmytoaster

            You’ve only confirmed the fact that you are an idiot…..

          • Rebecca Dougherty

            I think you are looking up the wrong tree here…..I am not the one hiding behind some sissy name. My opinion is mine. I did not disrespect you, your disrespect to me shows your an uneducated species.

    • luvmytoaster

      Ray, really? Do you have no sympathy? This woman is obviously grieving and I feel her pain – even though I don’t own a dog……your comment is just rude.

      • Lisa

        Maybe the “wise Ray” should offer to dog sit while this poor women (who has serious medical issues) is at the Doctor….

        • Ray Venn

          Maybe “Ray” has the foresight to PLAN a trip to the Dr. WITHOUT having his dog in the car. But wait, going to the lab at the hospital doesn’t require an appointment so she could have taken the dogs HOME before she went…right?

          • Bill

            As we have seen on other post, we know that Raven is perfect in everything he does in his life. I also know this from your post on the old CT comment section.
            FYI Raven, some visits to the lab do require an appointment.
            Fruitless to argue with you or Mr. Sweatt, always have an answer for everything. Whatever, carry on.

          • luvmytoaster

            I couldn’t agree more, thank you for your comment.

          • Ray Venn

            If the lab work required a scheduled time then that makes the matter even worse…

            If she knew she was going to the hospital and PLANNED on leaving her dogs in the car, unattended then that’s even more irresponsible. Any normal minded adult will tell you that.

            Hopefully this is a wake up for this lady and in the future she leaves the dogs at home when she goes somewhere she can’t take them inside.

      • Ray Venn

        I have absolutely no sympathy for a grown adult who leaves something so valuable (TO HER) in her car with the windows open.

        Furthermore, I may be rude(sometimes the truth is rude) but at the risk of sounding redundant, I STILL HAVE MY DOG…

        • luvmytoaster

          It could have been a dog, a child or whatever – I seriously doubt that you have sympathy for anyone other than yourself…..

          • Ray Venn

            I would have sympathy for a child or dog that was left unattended in a vehicle by an IRRESPONSIBLE ADULT.

            Now the comment comes out that she may have left the window open so far as to let the dog escape…

            Real responsible….

    • Bob Sweatt

      I do feel bad for this woman. But she left her DOG in the car.

      First, I am a dog lover. but it’s just a dog.

      Second. If this had been in the summer. All you dog lovers would be all over this woman for leaving a dog in the car. What make this time of the year any different? Now you have to ask yourself. How many times has she left her dog/dogs in a hot car in the middle of summer.

      • Bill

        First. It’s not summer.
        Second. Surmise all you want. What if. How many.
        What I hate is everyone that wants to question this poor woman who I’m sure has been doing this every minute since this dog was stolen. How about we focus the blame on the thief who took this dog.

        • Bob Sweatt

          Fair enough. But part of the blame lays with her. She didn’t need to take the dog with her.

          And yes the blame also go to the criminal who stole the dog.

          And I said, “IF this had been summer”. You can’t pick and choose when something is right or wrong. Leaving a dog in a car shouldn’t be allowed at ANYTIME of the year.

          • stillsleepyeyes

            Oh my….part of the blame on her…..hmmm…………just a few questions……………..did she buckle her seatbelt when she drove? if she loves her dogs did they have there seatbelts on? .in a carrier maybe? what would of happened to her precious pup if a accident would of happened……….?

          • Bob Sweatt

            Really you are just going to turn a blind eye to the fact that she leaves her dog/dogs in a car.

            Almost 95% of people do not belt their pets in a seat and I am certain this lady didn’t either.

            If she left her dog in a car on a 70° day. I will bet she does it on a 90° day as well. Plus she left a window open. Any of you stop to think that maybe the dog got out on its own?

          • stillsleepyeyes

            My point was if she loved her pets, she should protect them…….and the dog probably did get out itself, but that wouldn’t o made the paper as to the dog was stolen……….as so people should be cited for loose pets in cars…………..that to me is animal cruelty…………

          • Bob Sweatt

            read the story today. They are now saying the dog MIGHT have been stolen. Not that it was.

            Funny how this is even new worthy. Is the news that slow that they have to make a story about a runaway dog??

  • Bonnie Pickett

    I had a couple of people take a small dog out of my car while I ran into Tri-City Medical to pick up a form. I was only gone less than 5 minutes and had left the windows down. They were screaming at me and said the dog was in the car over 30 minutes and was thirsty. They told me they called the police and screamed calling me a dog killer. I should have had them arrested for reaching in and unlocking the door and taking my dog out. I was on my way home from work and kept my dog at work with me. It was terribly embarrassing.

  • Joe Smith

    I personally would have left the dog home where it was safe, not in my car but I hope she finds the dog and learns to leave them at home where they belong.

  • Donna Maxwell

    Dogs LOVE to go for car rides and there is NOTHING wrong with leaving them in your car for a short period of time “weather permitting”….PEOPLE should learn to keep their hands off of stuff that don’t belong to them!! Hope the THIEF gets what he deserves!! BAD KARMA!!!

    • Rae Ingram

      Could have locked her doors. My dog loves bye bye, but she only goes when one of us can stay w/ her in the car because she cant be trusted. So glad to read Maggie Mae is at home.

  • Lisa


  • Rebecca Dougherty

    I am sure she loves her dog and is grieving ( not now, someone said they have the dog) bottom line is though that you DO NOT leave pets or children in a car unattended at anytime of the year. She made a mistake….hopefully she learned from this and will make sitting arrangements from now on, they do have cages while owners are out of the house.