November 26, 2014


William Terrance Taylor, Jr

TaylorWilliamWilliam Terrance “Young Tee” Taylor, Jr., 32, of Lorain, formally of Elyria, passed away Sunday, October 13, 2013. He was born in Elyria and was a graduate of Elyria High School, Class of 1999.

Mr. Taylor was a licensed barber in Elyria. He attended God’s Kingdom Church, 1671 N. Ridge Rd., Lorain. He enjoyed basketball, music, writing poetry, photography and was a good hearted person that would help others.

He will be sadly missed by his daughter, Kyah Lanae Taylor of Florida; son, Gaje Joshua Moore of Lorain; mother, Theresa Malone-Glynn of Elyria; father, William Terrance Taylor of Lorain; brothers, Donte’ M. Taylor of Elyria, Terrell Gregory of Texas; sister, Nataki Jackson of Lorain; maternal grandparents, Barbara M. Malone of Elyria, Allen Malone of Lorain; and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

He was preceded in death by great grandmother, Elizabeth Roberts; great grandfather, Sam Malone; and step mother, Silver Malone.

Friends may call Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 10 A.M. until time of service at 11 A.M. at the Call Out Church of The Almighty God, 7809 W. River Rd. South, Elyria.

Arrangements entrusted to Carter Funeral Homes, Inc., 127 West Bridge Street, Elyria, (440) 322-7788.

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  • the truth shall set u free

    I couldn’t get young tees poems together he said that was in a garbage bag at his mothers home..we were going to make a book out of them to uplift some individual s spirits that were down..but I will do everything in my power to make sure justice is prevailed…..police brutality aswell as covler-ups. will not be tolerated…lorain is small..many people know one another and will cover up the truth for ANOTHERS career…WAKE-UP..puertoricans..and blacks..INSTEAD OF THE LORAIN POLICE DEPT..using our tax money to payoff prejudice newspapers to write un true stories aswell as harrass minortys really the majority..they need to use our money to solve the many minority cases they disregard..and aswell as find and arrest the guilty and stop charging the innocent..WAKE UP.

  • Ernurse

    Are you really that ignorant!!! I really can’t believe you are really that stupid to believe what you just wrote. Lorain police were called to this incident and had nothing to do with the outcome. It’s low life people like you that cause such a problem in society!!

  • Logdog39

    RIGHT ON “ERNURSE” ! We live in a Country where 13 % of the population commits 60 % of the violent crime, and we are called RACIST if we notice that ! The Lorain Police Dept. is well represented by members of ALL races. And to call them prejudice and accuse them of brutality is an insult to ALL of these Officers, White, Black, or Brown. They realize that there are those that just can not accept civilization, and they will deal with those to the best of their abilities.