October 25, 2014

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Parents charged after heroin found in house near 4-year-old

ELYRIA — When police searched the house of two alleged drug traffickers Thursday morning, they found heroin, razor blades and a 4-year-old child sleeping on the floor.

Mitchell Krugman, 33, and Kristia Collins, 31, were arrested around 7:30 a.m. Thursday and charged with possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and endangering children at their house at 144 Brunswick Drive.

They both also received a heroin trafficking charge with a juvenile specification for having their 4-year-old daughter live with them as they sold heroin from their house, according to police.

Around two months ago, police launched an investigation into Collins and Krugman after receiving tips from neighbors in the area that the two might be involved in drug activity.

Based on the evidence they gathered, police obtained a search warrant and raided the house.

Police entered the house to find the 4-year-old daughter of Krugman and Collins wrapped in a blanket and asleep on the floor in front of a television, Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino said. The child was given to her grandmother and Lorain County Children Services was contacted following the incident.

Money, razors, a small amount of heroin and two shotguns also were found in the house. In a back bedroom, police found and charged Krugman and Collins, who were within arm’s reach of the two shotguns, Costantino said.

Thursday’s incident is the latest in a series of drug trafficking arrests, and Costantino said he credits the Elyria Police Narcotics Division with a well-developed investigation.

“Narcotics did a great job of putting it all together,” he said.

Krugman and Collins have a hearing at 2 p.m. Oct. 28 in Elyria Municipal Court.

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  • dag800

    Al Capone. … also took full advantage of the
    criminal opportunities available during Prohibition.

    Prohibition is an absolute plague The real problem; the system that grants
    exclusive distribution rights to violent cartels, street gangs and corrupt
    politicians most definitely is the problem. Legalize it, regulate it, make it
    safer, and tax it.

    Do a search for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition LEAP

    • Pablo Jones

      Do you think all prohibition is bad? Are you against the prohibition of rape? Maybe if we regulate rape we could make it safer. Maybe we could have designated rape zones and rapist would be required to use condoms and go through mandatory STD testing. We could even tax it. Yes I agree prohibition is awful.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Um I do not believe there is any SAFE heroin. It is a very dangerous drug and i can not belive my eyes when you say legalize it, regulate it, make it safer? pretty disgusting if you ask me

    • jz

      Alot of things are not safe. The point is that our drug prohibition policies make what is already not safe more unsafe, for abusers of heroin, the neighborhoods where it is sold, increased crime committed by addicts to support their addiction and also fund criminals all the way to cartel members who are some of the most dangerous people on the earth. It is a 3-4 pronged argument and if you research LEAP, you will get a better idea as to why dag 800 gets his opinion, which I totally advocate. What is disgusting is how we allow policies which encourage disgusting acts by criminals who now control the black market rather than a regulated medically supervised distribution of these drugs, which is far better than the arrest ourselves out of this mentality which has caused more harm than good from top to bottom. Some of the people who belong to LEAP are Walter Cronkite, former secretary of state George Shultz, Alexander Haig, conservative columnist William F. Buckley, former new york cop Serpico, and many former cops, judges etc who advocate the abadonment of our destructive law enforcement drug war which itself has created most of the problems we have due to drug use and abuse, which you will not ever totally stop.

  • hottamomma

    i understand the drug charge but not the child endangering charge, the child was sleep on the floor, were they given the child drugs? i doubt it.

    • ihatedumbppl

      Are you kidding? I really hope you dont have children, are you friends with them? im sure they wernt giving the child drugs either however its still around her in her home, what happens if she would have gotten ahold of it then what? What about if while they were using they over dosed? Plus people who are on that stuff also have friends on that stuff, You cannot predict how your behavior will be when you use or when someone else uses. So since it was right near the child its probably likely it was used right next to her too. Once again i really hope you do not have children, I hope your not a addict and instead just completely stupid. Common sense will get you along way!

      • hottamomma

        to the dummest person. u are the reason some people r scared to ask questions. i asked a question and became and as*hole!. well like i said where was the child endangerment. people have bleach in there house and dont get charged with child endangering ( kids can get into it). so u r saying they should leave their child in a car of garage alone while they r at home?( cause im sure they arent gonna give it away so the next best thing is to keep them with u where can see them and watch them. i hope u dont have any children cause they would be scared to ask a simple question, cause u might call them dumb. i dont know what is worse a child being with u or around drugs!

        • Jennifer Williams

          I am pretty sure they are meaning these parents DOING these drugs become incoherent or can OD that hottamomma is endangering a child. I am sure this child has seen the so called parents shooting up and other stuff that should not be used by anyone let a lone a parent. I am starting to think your name should be NOTTAMOMMA because you lack common sense in all cases that you comment on. Maybe you should keep your moronic thoughts to yourself. Glad you are not an attorney or judge because you do not know the difference between good and bad. Run for congress you would fit in.

          • hottamomma

            u no where u can go and what u can kiss with ur little amart comments! i hope u r not a teacher and call ur students dumb for asking questions. and if could read it said nothing about using it just say dealing! now if push came to shove and i needed food on my table for me and my kids i would probably sell drugs to get by. now im not justifying what they did. they should go to jail for dealing but not child endangering. the child was in the presence of a parent that wasnt using. so thats why i asked the question where is the child endangering? u r endanger kids by calling them dumb and lowering their self esteem! glad u r not a teacher, but u make a great drug dealer calling people morons and all ms. J-NO!

          • Jennifer Williams

            Wow we are glad you are not a teacher I am SMART what is amart? In case you were not UNDERSTANDING what this is about! HEROIN a very dangerous drug (but I am sure you are aware of the side effects) What if that child got a hold of a needle with heroin (would that not be endangering) or what if one of the buyers came in all highed up or was OD’ing in front of this 4 year old is that not child endangering? of course the child would be sleeping at 7;30 in the morning. Razors,HEROIN and SHOTGUNS were confiscated if you cannot see the ENDANGERING of these items maybe you need a 3 day evalution. By the way it is Mrs. Williams

          • hottamomma

            people have shot guns in their house, but im gonna quit taling to people who is so dumb that they cant explain it but say it is common sense. good bye idiot!

          • ihatedumbppl

            Guns are supposed to be locked up and un loaded…would you leave a loaded shot gun on the table where your son could get it?

          • Jennifer Williams

            You say I am calling names yet you have called me dumb, dummy, and idiot multiple times. We have said common sense is illegal drugs, razors and guns with a 4 year old what is there to question how it is endangering? Then you say above: GOD DONT MAKE DUMB PEOPLE. Y DO DOWNGRADE RETARDED PEOPLE U SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF URSELF! which it is politically incorrect to use the term RETARD,RETARDED etc any more and what the heck does that have to do with the conversations? You have called all of us dumb or smarta**es all along.

          • hottamomma

            i asked a question and u started downgrading me for a simple question. if it was so hard for u to answer. shouldnt have said anything, but worry bill answered my question. it wasnt difficult for him!

          • budlitemama

            It said there were drug instruments in the home, so that is an indication that drug abuse was happening in the child’s home and the sales were also confirmed. Do you really believe a 4 year old is fine in the care of 2 drug addicts that are selling drugs out of the home to support their habit? I’m not even going to go into the part about the poor child sleeping on a floor, it was pretty chilly last Wednesday night, that poor baby should have been snuggled in a clean bed. Or the guns laying in the open….the story should have read “ELYRIA — When police searched the house of two alleged drug traffickers Thursday morning, they found heroin, razor blades, an EBT card and a 4-year-old child sleeping on the floor.”

          • hottamomma

            no i dont think kids is ok with addicts, from what i read i thought it was dealers.(drug instruments could also be scales and plastic bags) and i just didnt understand the child endangerment charge, bill answered my question. i just asked question i said nothing about its okay, thank u

        • ihatedumbppl

          So you think its okay for children to live in a house where there are drugs right next to them? is that what your saying? even if i were down and out I wouldnt sell drugs, okay lets think logically for a minute, if for whatever a reason cannot get a job…it wouldnt just be one it would be the two of them couldnt get a job and they chose to sell drugs, and use them dont you think it would be more reasonable to keep it away from the kids? not right in their face basically encouraging them to become addicts them self. If they lack the common sense to at least keep it away from their kids then you best believe they were doing everything right in front of that poor kid. And well 4 year olds are pretty smart they catch on quick and are extremely interested in what is going on. Bleach…really….I will say i have never heard anyone getting in trouble for having bleach in their house unless they left it open and right in the childs reach….why???because they can get poisoned…they can harm their eyes….etc..ya know stuff you should of learned in school, or even growing up….that goes along with common sense. my guess is that you probably use some sort of drug, or are really sheltered and have no clue about life yet….would you leave a loaded gun on the table right next to a 4 year old too???just wondering…do you think that is safe? i am not being in anyway hateful to you, im just asking a question like you are.

          • hottamomma

            they can get poison from household items also, but since u can anwser a common sense question goodbye, there is only one person on here that answered my question without calling me names and that is a great person!

          • ihatedumbppl

            Good bye, have a nice day with all of the knowledge you gained!

          • hottamomma

            to bad you(dummy) couldnt help me with any of it, thamks for wasting my time

        • Kim

          so your comparing herion to bleach? most parents dont leave their bleach were a child can reach it unless maybe they are on herion or other drugs. you cant properly take care of your child when your on herion.

          • hottamomma

            i was making a point, they both can kill. and i was just asking question, cause it didnt say they were addicts. but bill answered my question. all i wanted was an answer cause i didnt get it. and if they were dealers i would hope they would keep it put up and away from kids

      • Jennifer Williams

        I think Completely stupid! I hate dumb ppl too!

        • hottamomma


          • Jennifer Williams

            Ignorance is bliss! Have a great day!

          • hottamomma

            yes u r, and i had great day!

    • hottamomma

      if anyone can answer my question without being a dumb smartas* then please answer, if not dont waste ur time please. dont be hateful like ihatedumbppl. cause to me no questions r dumb!

      • Bill

        It’s pretty simple. The people that engage in the possession, use and sale of heroin can be pretty desperate. Reason enough right there not to have children around it.
        Now to answer your question about the child endangerment charge.
        Heroin is illegal. Selling heroin is illegal, using heroin is illegal. Possession of Heroin is illegal. Having a child in this atmosphere will get you the child endangerment charge.

        Having bleach in your home is legal although if you allow your child access to it and should harm come to the child then I personally think endangerment charges would be appropriate.

        • rlm_Lorain

          Not to mention the unsecured firearms just lying around.

        • hottamomma

          thank bill, thats all i wanted to know, cause i didnt get it

  • Phil Blank

    Oh my!
    People be careful if you have razor blades somewhere in your house and you kids sleep on the floor!
    What does any of that have to do with an illegal drug being in the house?

    • S.A.

      Probably because they were using it to cut up the heroin. I’m assuming they’re referring to straight blades, not the kind you buy from Schick.