November 28, 2014

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Man jailed for not paying child support

Asim Taylor

Asim Taylor

ELYRIA — Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther ordered Asim Taylor, the man he has barred from having more children while on probation, jailed Wednesday for failing to follow through on a court order to begin paying back child support.

Taylor, who owes roughly $100,000 in child support, was supposed to have paid at least $1,700 by Oct. 16. But Walther said that Taylor had only paid about $100 of that amount when he appeared in court Wednesday and he ordered him jailed.

“He got 30 days in jail and when he comes out, he’ll still be required to pay his child support,” Walther said after the hearing.

Taylor is contesting Walther’s controversial order that he father no more children until he has made good on the money he already owes for the care of the four children he already has.

Doug Merrill, Taylor’s attorney, has argued that Walther’s order violates his client’s basic human right to procreate. The case is being reviewed by the 9th District Court of Appeals, which heard oral arguments earlier this month.

  • stop ur whining

    when you father as many children as he has. You forfeit your right to procreate. This piece of garbage should be sterilized.

    • Bob Sweatt

      This guy is no father. A father pays for his kids. This piece of work is nothing more then a sperm donor.

  • Mark B

    put him in jail till its all paid in full

    • LAB1660

      Jail doesn’t help this guy–working at a job that pays a good wage and leaving himjust barely able to cover his own expenses after he pays a stipend will go a long way toward making his obligation. On the other hand, forced sterilization will go a long way toward abating the problem permanently. BTW, who wants that much progeny, anyway?

    • Joe Smith

      He can’t pay anything from jail and it would just cost the taxpayers.

      • d c c

        and he didn’t pay anything while out of jail, keep him locked up, he has ample time to find a job, what does he do all day every day, nothing apparently

      • therest_ofthestory

        He wasn’t paying anyway! I say bring back the prison farm system or some kind of prison industry and make them work and earn their keep!

        • Joe Smith

          I would be for that

  • Jennifer Williams

    Give him a vasectomy! Make sure he cannot have more kids!

    • Bob Sweatt

      No it’s more like, “Make sure we don’t have to pay for anymore of his kids.”

    • Joe Sandor

      I prefer to have him neutered.

  • Shelley Miller

    He clearly doesn’t think he is responsible for whether he fathers more kids so maybe it would be better to approach this problem from the other party and let women know that the state (us) won’t support anymore of his children should anyone be stupid enough to get pregnant by this loser….


    You really want him,to pro-create? Please help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Sweatt

    When this moron first got in the news. People were coming out of the woodwork to support him.

    UMMMMM where are all those people now.?? Maybe they figured out what the rest of us did. He is a completely waste and wants to do nothing more in this world then to get laid.

    • therest_ofthestory

      If they really want to support him, they can make donations to his back child support!

  • John Smith

    Actually, this loser had a job as a maintenance man at a hotel in Sandusky and quit when CSEA found out he was working and began docking his pay! This poor excuse of human existence needs to stay in jail because he purposely dodges the system and gives the court no other choice than to lock him up. That is the best place for a loser who quits his job when child support begins to collect!

  • Awoll

    His attorney is a p.o.s!!! he also see nothing wrong with getting teenagers that molest little boys off the hook. They both need to be locked up

  • DonMega

    I want to see what hes ladys look like because he looks like hes retarded.

  • Jeff

    Blight on society

  • Al Gray

    Charles Davenport , Margaret Sanger ,Francis Galton even
    the Pharrell of Egypt order for population control. I remember Christ being judge
    by the crowds while the yelled crucified him.
    You who have judge him should know he has a skilled traded, but having a felony because child support wont let him work. None of you will say what you could do to help. But are so eager to throw stones.
    The economy is in the tank but you sharks would rather see him on his knees begging. Sham on you

    • d c c

      quit making excuses for him, that 100,00 didn’t happen over night. Who feeds and clothes this jerk? He is a loser because he doesn’t even make the effort, what kind of man doesn’t feed his children? You step up and pay his bills Mr Gray, his kids would appreciate a good meal

    • Beth

      Does your Jesus want him to have lots of kids he can’t pay for? While not married? More hypocrisy.

      • Al Gray

        You don’t need Christ because your perfect Isaiah 16:6.
        Beth no to your question Christ would wont him to do that ,Bob if i wasn’t poor i would,dcc i still see him as a brother and i know the deck is stack against him.

        The letter J is only 4 to 500 years old , so i know you don’t know Christ. Matthew 7:22
        Second what would you call this man African American black or the other derogatory names .I identified this man according to Deuteronomy 28: 15 thru 68. He is from the nation of the twelve tribes of Israel. Iv’e seen him with his kids and they love him,but the devil is always looking for some one to devour. Who controls this world. Corporations it’s all about the bottom line and prophet.

        You don’t look at this man or his kids as a human or a brother,
        just livestock and profits. I guess if he was out on the street corner saying shine your shoe’s boss.You pet him on his head an throw a Nickel at him and say good boy.He better not quite that job.

        When I look around the cities in the county who owns the banks the businesses runs the city halls Law Enforcement who the most part are responsible for teaching .It seems kinda one sided,even the jobs with Formans and supervisor they don’t look like him.Who makes $100.000 a year ridicules
        Then you can sit back with a stack deck then claim your own righteousness. Luke 7:37

        You look for your utopia, but for that to happen you must keep a permanent under class . Charles Davenport , Margaret Sanger ,Francis Galton

        You are the new Roman citizens, but the barbarians are at your gate.I feel like this is the Titanic and were the third class citizens. or the Jews before Hitler had his finale way.

        I’M done no more response from me about this issue believe what you wont I hope you read some of the scriptures i post

        Proverbs 22:22,Deuteronomy 23:16.Psalm 35:10,Proverbs 14:31,James 2:2 Deuteronomy 15;7

    • Bob Sweatt

      Ok put you money were your mouth is and you HELP him.

      I am a single father of two kids. I have both of my kids living with me. I TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS. This man (if you want to call him that) presumably had a job and quit it. And the fact that he can’t get work because of outstanding child support is BS.

      As for helping him. Our tax money is going to feed his kids.