October 25, 2014

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Duo charged with trashing, stealing from Elyria rental property

An Elyria Police officer photographs evidence after a woman was arrested for taking a hot water heater and pipes from a residence she was living in. The woman was stopped on Barres Lane in Elyria where she was with another person pulling the wagon full of metal. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

An Elyria Police officer photographs evidence after a woman was arrested for taking a hot water heater and pipes from a residence she was living in. The woman was stopped on Barres Lane in Elyria, where she was with another person pulling the wagon full of metal. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — When Rodney Young arrived at Barres Lane on Thursday to pick up the remainder of the items at his house, he found a battered water heater and a few pipes in a wagon.

Leon Winans

Leon Winans

Amanda Gerber

Amanda Gerber

“I feel like crying,” Young said, explaining how everything — including appliances and pipes — had been stolen from one of the homes he rents out. “I’m going to board it up.”

Amanda Gerber, 22, and Leon Winans, 29, were charged with theft early Thursday afternoon near Barres Lane and West Avenue after a witness saw them pulling a water heater and some pipes in a small wagon.

When Young and his friend Susan Bond arrived at Barres Lane, the two already had been arrested. Almost all the appliances and some additional items were missing from the house, which Young rented out, including a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer and an air conditioner.

For Young, Thursday’s thefts are the latest in a series of similar events.

For the past four years, Young owned and rented out a house on 434 East Ave., Elyria, and had very few tenant issues. The problems started in June when Gerber began staying with friends in the house, Young said. When the friends left, Gerber continued to stay there with her children without having a lease or paying rent.

An Elyria police officer takes theft suspect Amanda Gerber into custody Thursday in Elyria.

An Elyria police officer takes theft suspect Amanda Gerber into custody Thursday in Elyria.

Young said at first he was hesitant to evict Gerber because she had young children. However, over the following months, when Gerber and her visitors broke plates, made holes in the walls and littered the area with cigarettes, Young decided to try eviction.

Maria Georgievski, executive director of Lake Erie Landlord Association, said the eviction process can be a long one. A landlord must file for eviction, which could take three weeks and, if a magistrate decides to grant the eviction, a tenant is then given a time frame in which to move out.

As Young began the eviction process, appliances and other items began to go missing from the house, he said.

Both Blue Star and Elyria Recycling have recorded transactions from Gerber over the past few months, according to the police report.

Now, with an empty, messy home, Young said he has few choices but to board up the place.

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  • DonMega

    Shes a fat ugly slob and he looks like a junkie.

    • Yvonne Nichole Gay

      shes not on drugs thats the most i can say about her…

  • Jeff


  • Bonnie Pickett

    I would be willing to bet this woman has no job and receives assistance from the taxpayers and feels entitled to everything she can steal. When I owned 7 rental units, I heard every sob story out there and unfortunately gave many people the benefit of the doubt. As a result, I was taken advantage of over and over. It should have been a money making venture but I got so fed up I sold them. I feel for the honest people that need a place to live.

    • Don Grantzki

      Sleazy lice such as these people shouldn’t be permitted to reproduce since they will only bare more just like them. As Obummer continues to destroy the economy with his programs, it’s likely that there will be more potential renters with better living habits, but they aren’t likely to be given the benefit of the doubt simply because of actions such as as the story depicts.

  • Melissa Merrill Snyder

    As a landlord, my heart goes out to the owner. And I’d be going after her for damages and theft.

    • Nudge123

      Melissa.. Please explain how you go after her for the damages. Tenants like these leave a trail of destruction from rental to rental with no repercussions. You can spend the money to take them to court, but with a 300 credit score, no assets, and no income, it means nothing to them. You will never collect as she is likely collecting some sort of disability which is not garnish-able. People like these who destroy the home they are renting should be arrested. Ray Venn is right, the courts and the council believe it’s a bad landlord issue when it’s really a tenant issue. They should be prosecuted just like they walked into a store in Crocker Park and destroyed thousands of $$’s in merchandise, but that’s not how the system works. She will get a slap on the wrist and the owner will be left holding the bag of schnit the tenant left behind.

      • Melissa Merrill Snyder

        The building I own units in requires background checks. And in another city where they take this type of thing seriously.

        I’ve been duped once by a sob story. It won’t happen again. We go back to court in November for the hearing on how much she owes and how it will be paid.

        Even if I don’t get paid for a long time, it will show on her credit record and will be a judgement against her. I’ll hopefully get it one day.

  • Ray Venn

    And the “$hitty councils” of both Lorain and Elyria target landlords for what their tenants do.

    Landlords provide affordable housing for a majority of people in both cities yet they are ostracized as “slumlords” by building officials and government employees all while nearly prohibiting us from addressing the issue in the courts.

    Yes I know there are landlords out there who are horrible but the vast majority of them care about their property and would love legislation to be able to PREVENT stuff like this.

    • Oneday67

      AMEN to that! Slum tenants

  • Scott Williams

    my wifes kid did that and more to me sad

  • tickmeoff

    If she wasn’t on the lease, wouldn’t she have to go when the other tenants left?
    Living here in Lorain I have met these people who have no couth, no class, and go out of my way to have nothing to do with them. I was 8 years old with my Dad driving to the Elyria mall when i saw a homeless person underneath a bridge. It was 8 degrees outside,bitter cold. i say to my Dad, dad I feel so sorry for that guy!
    My Dad put me right in my place, and told me he probably took advantage of family and friends, and that is why he is where he is at. Truly, there are people in need and deserve help, but there are others such as Amanda Gerber who need to be avoided at all costs. With all the work going overseas, we are paying a social cost with the government providing food and shelter. in the world we live in, having a baby is now the road to independence. Out of wedlock birth gives you section 8, a cash stipend, food stamps and heap to pay your utilities. i am older and have worked my entire life. This world is truly upside down when one is rewarded for being un-responsible. A person working for minimum wage should be living better than a dolt who does nothing but spread their legs, but it is what it is, and it is destroying the work ethic that made this country great.

    • C.Y.G

      I had an encounter with the female. She is a thief. Like I told her karma is a bi… sooner or later you are going to get yours and now look at her on the front page.Hahaha.