November 26, 2014


Former Columbia coach pleads guilty to marijuana charges

Matt Sheets

Matt Sheets

ELYRIA — Former Columbia High School boys basketball Coach Matt Sheets pleaded guilty to attempted trafficking in marijuana and offenses involving a minor.

Sheets entered the plea to amended charges Thursday. He originally was charged with trafficking in marijuana and offenses involving a minor after he provided beer to a 19-year-old former student at the school in exchange for sexual favors.

Sheets, 31, who also served as a social studies teacher during his three years with Columbia Schools before he was terminated, did not have the student in his class. He was arrested March 22 after the girl’s mother found text messages from Sheets on her daughter’s phone and messages on Facebook.

In the exchange of messages, the girl reportedly wrote to Sheets on Facebook that she would send pictures of herself — asking if he preferred nude shots or photos of her in a bra — if he gave her beer and “bud,” a slang term for marijuana.

Evidence obtained from a search warrant indicated that he and the girl met at a bar Oct. 12, 2012, and they engaged in oral sex. Prior to the meeting, the teen asked Sheets to bring marijuana with him and he replied that, “You would have to be real nice.”

Sheets admitted to providing the teen with beer, but he denied giving her marijuana. He will be sentenced at a later date.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    only the young generation would treat marijuana like its crack and offer sexual favors for it&beer..this is what NOT helps the project of legalizing medical marijuana.

  • jz

    The girl is a rat fink. The ex teacher was dumb, but other than alcohol and weed use I see 2 adults in adult consensual activities. The girl is old enough to die in Iraq, but they are criminals for drinking beer.

  • Willie Jenkins

    Besides the beer… I see nothing wrong…he should probably lose his job. He should not be condemned.

  • LAB1660

    Looks like Columbia Schools scored another bad teacher. In the summer of 2012, Columbia School local athletes were linked to some $10K damage to property (vandalism and what amounted to criminal mischief). Even though names were given, the sheriff’s department and the school did nothing about it. But, hey, why worry about that? Columbia Schools even had a 5th grade teacher terminated for sexting herself to her teen-aged daughter’s boyfriend! Yes sir, that’s what I call EXCELLENCE WITH DISTINCTION. And, to think that the voting public is so stupid as to fall for the same old story every time they come around and beg for money like they’re doing right now. Who’s got time to worry about keeping an eye on the teachers when they’re too busy out there trying to raise money for their next worthless levy campaign? Yep, it’s all about the kids, just like this situation was all about the kids. Who’s doing that hiring now? Mr. Sheets can probably get a job as a bouncer at the Crazy Horse after he gets out of jail. Or better yet, there are still a few dive bars on West 25th Street…..

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