November 26, 2014


Election: LCCC campaign spends $545,000 promoting levy

SHEFFIELD TWP. — The campaign committee backing a Lorain County Community College levy on the November ballot has shelled out $545,380 so far, and that number will continue to climb.

Tracy Green, who is directing the campaign Citizens for LCCC and is one of the college’s vice presidents, said the high price tag on the levy push isn’t out of the ordinary when the college is trying to pass a levy.

Campaign finance records show that when the college previously was successful in getting a replacement levy passed, the campaign committee spent $627,084. Green said she thinks the final bill for the 2013 effort will end up being about the same.

The committee still has $193,118 left to spend this campaign season, according to campaign finance reports that were due to the county Board of Elections last week.

“None of that is public dollars,” she said. “It’s money that was given to us for that purpose.”

Green also said that while a majority of the money has gone to consulting and advertising buys on the radio, Internet and cable television, the campaign hasn’t been able to afford some of the marketing it would like to do.

“We can’t afford, even with that kind of budget, network advertising,” she said.

The 1.6-mill renewal levy with a 0.6-mill increase is expected to raise $12 million per year for the University Partnership. It will be in effect for 10 years if approved by voters.

The college committee’s expenditures dwarf the second-most expensive levy campaign in the county this year. The committee backing an Elyria Schools’ levy has spent $20,221 so far, according to its report.

The most expensive race between candidates in the county is in Avon, where long-time Mayor Jim Smith is retiring at the end of the year.

Rich Summers has spent the most in that race so far, with expenditures totaling $13,726, followed closely by Dan Zegarac with $13,387 in expenditures. Kevin Ward has spent $9,617 while Bryan Jensen has spent the least in the Avon mayoral race, with expenses totaling $6,963.

In the hotly contested rematch between Vermilion Mayor Eileen Bulan and former Mayor Jean Anderson, Bulan has spent $11,146 so far, compared with Anderson’s $3,711.

Bulan still has $9,214 left in her campaign war chest to use this election season, compared with the $1,084 in Anderson’s campaign account.

Pricey campaigns aren’t limited to mayoral races. In Lorain, two well-funded independents with the backing of organized labor are challenging two Democrats who have the full backing of their party in City Council races.

In the 8th Ward, Councilman Frank DeTillio has spent $10,134 to defend the seat he was appointed to earlier this year when his predecessor, Craig Snodgrass, resigned to become Lorain County auditor.

DeTillio’s independent opponent Josh Thornsberry’s campaign has shelled out $8,631 so far.

In the race for the open seat in the 4th Ward, independent Greg Argenti has spent $5,625, putting him ahead of Democrat Dave Burgess, who has spent $4,162 on the race so far.

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  • Linda Groves

    Looks like LCCC doesn’t need MY TAX DOLLARS!!!!!

    • SniperFire

      They probably didn’t mention their 9% graduation rate in any of their half-million dollar advertising campaign.

      • stop ur whining

        they provide the education, it is up to the student to do the work and graduate. it is not LCCC fault that people quit school.

        • SniperFire

          Tax money enables this. It is certainly LCCC’s fault.

          • stop ur whining

            so tax revenue = poor grad rate?

          • SniperFire

            Of course. Lower standards are encouraged by letting any unmotivated idiot take classes, thanks to discounts provided by hardworking taxpayers. But I am guessing you don’t get that.

          • stop ur whining

            those discounts you speak of. those go in the form of scholarships for county high school students whose good grades provide them a discount to attend LCCC. it is designed to keep people in lorain county. when i graduate high school i was offered $2000 per semester to stay at LCCC. i had a b average…not a dumby. they also offer free classes to high school seniors that over perform so they can get college credit. again not dummies. you really need to check your facts. you are way off base

          • SniperFire

            ummm… No. Those are not the discounts to which I refer. As I said, you haven’t any hope of understanding this, as you a collectivist. And it is ‘dummy’, not ‘dumby.’ LOL

          • stop ur whining

            every school that accepts state fund is required to accept a certain number of students on the lower end of the spectrum. just the way it works. OSU, OU, Kent, Akron. all of them. Now they also offer money for those that over perform. This is every university that accepts state funding. you want to put me on blast and label me a fool…you are clearly out to lunch. you are the guy that blames everyone else for your short comings and never accepts the role you play in inflicting your own wounds. did you even go to college?

          • stop ur whining

            and their grad rate is 45%. still low, but you also do not realize that a community college operates much differently than a traditional four year school. most of your students are part time and have to work full time which makes completing a degree on time difficult. where a four year school is made up of full time students.

          • Sue Lawson

            Taxpayers/property owners. I would love if ALL taxpayers paid for LCCC, the libraries, public schools, mental health, JVS. Property taxes will get so high, it will be like paying another mortgage.

          • stop ur whining

            lower standards? each and every college offers a wide range of classes for students to take. it is the student that chooses what they want to do with their life and what classes need to be taken in order to reach their end goal. a college gives you choices, nothing more. it is on the student to attend classes and to master the curriculum.

            as for unmotivated idiots…at least they are in school making an attempt to improve their standing. I would never call any person an idiot that is at least trying. would you rather they be unemployed?

            while it is true that tax dollars do fund schools it is common for the tax payer to always feel they are getting the short end of the deal. in reality they are getting a community that provides good schools and many choices. people move to a city bc it is safe and is a good environment to raise their children. without that influx of new young families a city dies. this is exactly where elyria is…DEAD. i love listening to people in elyria talk about how they want more. they want to be like Avon Lake, Bay, Westlake, Rocky River but then complain that the taxes are too much. Well you get what you pay for. All the above mentioned cities are safe, have great schools, amazing parks and great amenities.

            these cities support their police and schools bc they know they hold the key to retention and attract new families to reside there.

            Finally i feel the need to repeat this…it is the job of a school to educate its students…it is up to the student to get the work done and graduate. we need to have responsibility for our actions instead of blaming others. blaming LCCC for a grad rate that isn’t even confirmed by the way, is foolish.


          • SniperFire

            ‘lower standards? ‘ Yes, as in a 9% graduation rate.

            You are completely unarmed here. Give up.

          • stop ur whining

            again 45% grad rate. your a fool. i would love to sit down with you face to face. your a loser that blames others for not making it. lets condemn LCCC for not graduating more students. what are they supposed to do? you want them to lock kids in the classroom? send a teacher home with them and make sure they are doing the work? i bet you flunked our of LCCC and just have sour grapes.

          • SniperFire

            The colloquial expression of ‘sour grapes’ does not reference something someone ‘has.’ Then again, not everyone has a state-subsidized education.

          • stop ur whining

            and where did you go to college? I paid for my education sir. unlike you, i do not blame others for being an under achiever.

          • SniperFire

            Tsk, tsk. More grammatical and syntactical faux pas. There needs to be a comma after ‘education’, and in this instance ‘Sir’ is a proper pronoun and needs to be capitalized. And of course, we all learned that ‘I’ is always capitalized in all instances.

          • stop ur whining

            or better yet you started at LCCC and failed out. that is why you hate LCCC so much. maybe mommy and daddy should have taught you to be a man and accept responsibility for your short comings instead of blaming others. im sure they would be proud.

          • stop ur whining

            didn’t capitalize sir bc i do not respect you. c’mon man…where did you graduate from? don’t be shy. bash college a little more bc you did not go.

          • SniperFire

            As I stated, and as you demonstrate with each and every subsequent post, you aren’t educated and haven’t a clue. lol

          • stop ur whining

            just answer the question…where did you receive your degree? until you answer that you are just flapping your gums.

          • SniperFire

            By the way ‘your’ as you have used it is a contraction of ‘you are.’ I learned that one in 3rd or 4th grade.

          • stop ur whining

            picking apart grammar is all you have huh? i decimated your “fact that LCCC has a 9% grad rate. I explained how taxes to schools work. I explained why schools are essential to a community and i touched on why it is up to the student to get the education. I have all of that and you go after grammar. you also failed to answer my question as well. you like to pick apart grammar and punctuation, what is your highest grade completed? you bash education bc i guess you have nor formal education past high school.

            continue the blame game. it has obviously gotten you far in life.

          • Bill

            As I said on another story. Sitting in your parents basement playing keyboard commando. As SniperFire has pointed out, for someone who is supposed to be college educated your grammar isn’t even at the level of a fifth grader.

          • stop ur whining

            that is all you guys got. hahaha. so lame. so very very lame. still cant get over mom’s basement. funniest thing ever. go rescue a kitten from a tree. loser.

          • stop ur whining

            lets be real for a second billy. you all clearly got my point with a lack of grammar and punctuation. perhaps if i spent more than a minute per reply i would make sure to proof read each post. the best part is that if i did spend the time you uneducated bleeding heart nut bags would have zero retort. I am actually doing you a favor and giving you ammunition. you should thank me.

            look at what we are fighting over.

            1) trying to curb welfare abuse, a problem that has plagued this country for years. you would rather support scum that does not contribute but is more than capable of contributing. go ahead billy, you take them in and give them your hard earned money.

            2) cutting funding for a school, the engine of a community. all i hear form people in elyria is that they want more. they want a safe town, a clean town, a town with great schools and businesses. go ahead and vote no on LCCC and see how it effects a city that is already stagnant at best, probably closer to dead. If the great people of elyria want a better life, a life that mirrors Avon Lake, Bay, Westlake, River they are going to have to support their schools. People move to your city bc they can feel safe and have great education opportunities for their kids. LCCC is truly unique in that you can receive a 4 year degree for a reputable university at a fraction of the cost.

            maybe you, and sniperfire can take some classes and better yourselves.

            finally, you continue to mention moms basement. well, talk to sniper, as his name has xbox written all over it.

            I challenge both of you to educate yourselves and come back with facts and logic and leave the grammar and punctuation alone.

            if ignorance is bliss, you two are the happiest in the world.

  • Mark B

    LCCC has multi millions in assets but yet has to reach into the working mans pocket for money every election season. When a Local Club ask LCCC for use of a meeting room 1 night a month for 2 hours they were told they would have to rent the room. What does LCCC offer back to the average Taxpayer who does not attend LCCC. I will be Voting NO to anything LCCC

    • stop ur whining

      schools drive a community. i understand your beef, but people move to a city bc it is safe and provides a good learning atmosphere for their kids. Elyria would be in much worse shape without LCCC. be careful what you wish for,.

  • oldruss

    Why did LCCC ask for a renewal coupled with a tax increase? Could the Trustees not have put the renewal on the ballot seperately from the tax increase? That way, voters could have approved the renewal with “no new taxes”, and then voted the tax increase up or down.

    In any event, what is a community college doing providing four-year bachelors degrees? Aren’t there enough four-year public and private colleges and universities in this area alone to accomodate all the students who qualify to pursue a bachelor’s degree?

    • stop ur whining

      there are, however LCCC is more economical. you can receive a four year degree thru the partnership at a huge savings. i think it is a great option, especially for those that cant afford to go away to school.

  • SniperFire

    From the Chronicle-Telegram article of November, 2012:

    LCCC graduation rates among state’s lowest

    ‘According to a nationally recognized data system, a “successful completer” is a first-time, full-time student who completes a certificate or associate degree within three years. For LCCC, that might pose a big hurdle, as at least one study shows that it has one of the lowest graduation rates in the state.

    Complete College America from the NCES Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, or IPEDS as it generally is called, shows that LCCC had a graduation rate of 8 percent from 2009 to 2010, which placed it as one of the poorest performers, ahead of only Clark State Community College, University of Akron Wayne College and Cuyahoga Community College District, all of which had graduation rates of 6 percent or less.’

    • stop ur whining

      it is easy to pick the parts you want to read and omit the rest. if you continue to read the article you will see that number reflects 10% of the student body enrolled. that is the full time student body and does not account for the other 90% of those enrolled. when you factor in the part time and transfer students that number is 42%. you can not compare LCCC grade rates to a four year school. those numbers are based on full time students which we all know is not the bulk of LCCC students. it is a community college for a reason.

      now i know that you will not have one intelligent argument and you will just once again dissect my grammar and claim superiority. fine with me. you are the uneducated one that thinks your lack of education and standing in the world is the fault of someone else.

  • bigmacky

    that’s a good amount of cash for a levy that they will come back and beg us to pass again in a few short years (or less)