October 20, 2014

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Former inmate gets $50,000 settlement after jail beating

Jordan Sand

Jordan Sand

Marlon Taylor

Marlon Taylor

A former Lorain County Jail inmate who was beaten by a guard has received a $50,000 payout to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The agreement ends the lawsuit Jordan Sand filed earlier this year over his treatment by former corrections Officer Marlon Taylor, who is awaiting sentencing in connection with the July 29, 2012, beating.

Sand was serving out the remainder of a juvenile sentence at the Lorain County Jail when he got into a confrontation with Taylor, a veteran guard, over his refusal to take antidepressant medication Taylor was helping another jail employee distribute.

Taylor ordered Sand to gather his belongings because he was going to “the hole.” A video then shows the two men walk through a security door before Taylor slammed Sand against the glass of a security control room.

The pair then walked a short distance before stopping to talk. The video then showed Taylor begin punching Sand, who was driven back against a wall and a bench. Sand fell to the ground and curled into the fetal position as Taylor continued to strike him.

Taylor rained blows on Sand, who didn’t fight back, for about 30 seconds before other guards arrived and took Sand away.

Initially, Taylor argued that Sand threatened him and had his fist curled into a ball, allegations Sand denied.

Sand did say he had been “mouthing off” to Taylor.

The lawsuit said that Sand, who is now on probation in an unrelated robbery case, spent two weeks in solitary confinement following the incident.

Taylor ultimately was fired by county Sheriff Phil Stammitti over the incident.

In the settlement documents, the county and other defendants in the lawsuit didn’t acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Assistant County Prosecutor Dan Petticord declined to comment further on the settlement.

An attorney for Sand did not return a call seeking comment Monday.

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  • Bob Sweatt

    Nice this punk mouths off and gets paid for it. We will be reading about his overdose in a matter of weeks.

    • Believeland

      Really?? Mouthing off does not deserve getting a beating. It’s not like he was talking to his parents. You sound so stupid, it’s painful.

      • Bob Sweatt

        Let’s start with his parents. Maybe if they would have been more discipline with him. Don’t you think that maybe he wouldn’t have ended up in jail.

        You are kidding yourself if you don’t think he know full well that the guard couldn’t touch him. That is why he ran his mouth with the guard. He just picked the wrong guard on the wrong day. And got his A$$ handed to him.

        You can call me names all your want. When I see B.S. I call B.S..

      • Bob Sweatt

        It’s humorous that you think the victim is the innocent one. Did the guard go to far. Yes. But if the punk would have kept his mouth shut like you are suppose to do. Then don’t you think, NONE of this would have happened.

        He was in jail for a reason. He has no respect for anyone or anything. He is a career criminal and will die one.

        All of this happened, because the little child didn’t want to take his meds. It sickens me to think you feel sorry for him.

      • Bob Sweatt

        On more thing.

        You name is ignorant.

  • Mark B

    Or maybe we will hear where the corrections officer Stabs his wife to death with a KBar as she jumps out a second story window tring to excape.

  • Joe Smith

    Marlon asked for the weekend off and was told to go pound sand so he did, he pounded Jordan Sand….sorry, couldn’t help myself

  • Mike Rush

    So where is this $50,000 coming from ??? The taxpayers I assume?? We are already saturated with taxes, and now we have to pay for criminal cops when they get caught ???

    • Bob Sweatt

      Or paying when some punk can’t learn to keep his mouth shut.

      • Christopher Carter

        So wait. Your saying its ok to kick the crap out of someone who mouths off. Someone who is paid to uphold the correctional facility code of conduct and there protocols??? Also to make a call that this kid will overdose? Really??

        • Bob Sweatt

          No he was mouthing off to a guard, who he knew couldn’t do anything. He just managed to pick the wrong guard on the wrong day and got his a$$ handed to him.

          Ok maybe not overdose. But hopefully this career criminal will pick the wrong house to rob..

  • GreatRedeemer

    Maybe he wont rob someone for awhile.

  • kmzi

    Post what you really feel and the CT censors you. It’s crap.

  • Christopher Carter

    It’s irrelevant to what this kid said. Bottom line is he did not throw a punch and the CO had no right to hit him repeatedly weather or not he was a criminal or not.

    • Bob Sweatt

      WHETHER or not, this punk knew the guard couldn’t touch him. That is why he ran his mouth. If you ask me, he got what was coming to him.

      To bad his parents didn’t beat him. Maybe then he would have stayed out of jail

      • Christopher Carter

        Ok so now your saying we should beat our kids lol Are you a parent? Have you been in a situation like this? Have you ever been locked up? I take it your speaking from just what the paper is telling you or better yet let me tell you that Taylor has a huge anger problem in and outside of work. Again that gives no officer the right to beat an inmate. I am not saying this kid is in the right. .

        • Bob Sweatt

          Not beat our kid> But there is no discipline. I Discipline my kids.

          And what does me ever being in jail or not have to do with this punk running his mouth. And I am sure this punk knew about Taylor’s anger issue and took advantage of it. Then got his a$$ handed to him.

          BTW I in my 46 years on this planet have never been in jail. Why because I know right from wrong. Why do I know that. Because when I was disrespectful growing up. I got a whoopin.

          • Christopher Carter

            So I should just beat the crap out of my inmates every time they mouth off? Just because this kid turned in the wrong direction doesn’t give us the right to let this happen. This doesn’t even give us the right to judge. I know that me and you are far from perfect. On a daily basis we do crap that is not right. Not stuff that would incriminate us. But we still have our own bridges we stay under or cross. When you remove an inmate you do it by two’s not just one. I hear what you are saying. I do agree with you about it starts at home.

          • Bob Sweatt

            When I say Beating. I am not talking abuse. I am talking discipline. Which this kid never got.

          • It has to stop

            Hard to get the correct type of discipline from your father when the sperm donor is in and out of prison/jail himself.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    The county should send a bill to Sand for room and board.