November 22, 2014


Lorain dad pleads guilty to extortion


Tyrone Price

Tyrone Price

ELYRIA — A Lorain father who blackmailed a teacher over topless photos she sent to his teenage son pleaded guilty Monday to extortion.

Tyrone Price, 39, declined to speak before Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski sentenced him to two years of probation and ordered him to pay $292 in restitution to the teacher.

According to Lorain County Sheriff’s deputies, Price’s son and Michelle Kazmierczak’s daughter were dating when the boy made comments comparing how the mother and daughter looked. That prompted Kazmierczak, who was teaching at Columbia Schools at the time, to send the teen photos of herself topless and in a bra.

Price later found the photos on his son’s phone, deputies have said, and then contacted Kazmierczak, telling her he didn’t want police or her husband to learn about the images.

In a series of phone calls and text messages, which reportedly took place in December 2010, Price first demanded an Xbox for his silence.

When Kazmierczak said she couldn’t make that kind of purchase without her husband finding out, she sold some jewelry and borrowed some money to give Price nearly $300.

Price demanded more, deputies have said, at one point suggesting she sell her wedding ring.

When she refused, he suggested she file a false insurance claim saying the ring was lost.

Kazmierczak contacted deputies, who launched the investigation that ultimately led to the extortion charge against Price.

Kazmierczak, who resigned her teaching job last year, pleaded no contest in Elyria Municipal Court to persistent disorderly conduct for sending the photos and was ordered to pay $150 in fines.

An additional $350 in fines and a 30-day jail sentence was suspended.

Price’s defense attorney, Mike Duff, said after Monday’s hearing that he believed his client got a fair sentence.

“He wanted to put this behind him and move on with his life,” he said. “This behavior was an aberration.”

At the time he was charged in the extortion case, Price was in a court-run diversion program after pleading guilty to theft and misuse of credit cards for stealing $23,556 from the Amherst Youth Football Association, which he led from 2006 until he resigned in May 2010.

Duff previously has said Price didn’t steal the money, but was a sloppy bookkeeper.

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  • Mike wowk

    Seems like a great guy. Father of the year candidate for sure.

  • kmzi

    just another stupid one…

  • DonMega

    Look at that block head.

  • tickmeoff

    She had a bra on. her breasts were not exposed. Mike duff ought to open up a new store, Excuses are us. Aberration, stealing from youth is explained as sloppy book keeping. There is no excuse that he won’t use. It’s a shame he’s an attorney, when the real money is on the comedy circuit. It would be very hard not to laugh at him in court. Tyrone Price is one piece of work. If he was my neighbor, I would keep my head down, try not to make eye contact, and warn my friends and relatives. Where there is smoke there is fire, better yet a flaming Inferno. Remember the boogeyman from your youth. Tyrone Price is a nightmare from adulthood, and this piece of crap gets two years probation and a 292 dollar fine.
    He ruins a persons life and basically gets no punishment. The court can’t be trusted. This case proves it. I feel sorry for the victim and the Sheriff’s Investigators, They had this guy, extortion is truly evil. Judge Mark Betleski had an opportunity to protect society from such scum and decided to take care of his fellow attorney. If you did respect this judge,
    you can’t now. Betleski dropped the ball. Mike Duff really pulled the wool over this man’s eyes or worse yet….you can fill in the end.
    Embarrassing, Ridiculous! This judgement makes us look like idiots for ever electing him in the first place!

  • Awoll

    This price guy is a criminal. First stealing the money from the youth football league and goes straight into this crap. He didnt even give himselt time to rest before he screwed something else up. Shame on that woman sending pictures of herself to a young boy and on top of that her daughters boyfriend. Good lord what is this world coming too. I remember this guy from all the sporting events that he had his children in over the years and although they were really good at sports he just thought he was so high an mighty over it. Talking garbarge to other young kids because his child was beating them. This guy is straight up trash and he got a slap on the wrist again. Cant wait to see what he pulls the next time.