November 27, 2014


Police officer’s mother injured in Sheffield Lake carjacking

LORAIN – A woman injured in a Sheffield Lake carjacking on Monday is the mother of Lorain police officer Eric Alten, according to Lorain and Sheffield police.

Two 17-year-old boys were charged with auto theft, robbery and fleeing following a carjacking around 2 p.m. at a store on the 4600 block of Lake Road in Sheffield Lake on Monday.

According to Sheffield Lake Police Chief Tony Campo, Alten’s mother was in a store on Lake Road when she saw one of the teenagers get into her car and begin to back up the vehicle. She ran out and grabbed onto the car in an attempt to stop the carjacker, who continued to back up and drive away, both hitting and dragging the woman a short distance, Campo said.

Police said the 17-year-old then drove around the store, picked up the second teenager and headed southbound on Harris Road, inciting a police chase that involved officers from Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, Sheffield Village and Lorain.

Near the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Root Road, the teens crashed the car into a curb and ran from the vehicle into the woods north of Colorado Avenue, according to Sheffield Village Police Chief Larry Bliss.

Police set up a perimeter around the woods and searched for the 17-year-olds for over four hours, Campo said. One teenager came out of the woods and turned himself in to police around 3:30 p.m., according to Campo. The second teenager was found around 6:30 p.m., hiding in an apartment complex on the 600 block of Harris Road. Campo said the second teen wasn’t affiliated with any residents at the complex.

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  • Joe Smith

    I am curious if she left the keys in the car for them to take it that way. If so, her son should advise her that leaving your keys in a car in public unattended is against the law..

    I hope she is ok either way of course.

  • Mark B

    With many of the newer cars that are push button start , as long as the key fob is within a certain distance you can push the button and the car will start. Not sure if after the car is started if it will continue to run after the distance between the key fob and the car increases. But seither way something is being left out of this story. Were the keys left in the veehicle? was the vehicle left running? Somehow i think this info is being intentionally left out of the story the CT is showing favoritism towards the woman and the PD .

    • Spec440

      Yeah, because everyone knows how much the Chronicle loves the cops. Conspiracy theory much?

  • Don Grantzki

    If you lock your car when you leave it, it will still be there when you return. (unless, of course it gets towed.)

  • ktibbits

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • tickmeoff

    Ridiculous! Tony do your job! I know who she is. This policy just breeds mistrust!

  • PL

    WOW! I am appalled at how rude these comments are. Unless we were there, we don’t know exactly what happened. This article is just the newspapers understanding of the incident. Also, no matter what happened, it doesn’t
    give anyone the right to steal someone else’s car!!! I’m discouraged to see the lack of compassion from those who commented. Shame on all of you who were so judgmental and posted such nasty comments. I’d only hope that if you were in the situation others wouldn’t be so disrespectful to you!

  • Arietta Sullivan

    i hope she’s ok and yes we should be able to leave anything personal unattended and not worry about it getting stolen but there is thieves out in the world so keep your property safe. she should not have tried to stop a moving car but she was probably in a panic mood&when us humans panic we can do some unexplained actions&reactions. who knows,none of us was there..i pray she’s alright&the teens stop this type of activity before it gets worse,in their lives.

  • Bill

    Typical responses. Instead of focusing the blame on the thugs who commit these crimes all anyone wants to do is question and lay blame on the VICTIMS.

    • MZee

      uh, Bill, yep, the thugs are criminals – they committed a crime. However, she may be culpable for contributing. If she left it running, she is not clear of guilt. If it was this new stupid keyless system… which I understand only works for a few feet, not a few dozen (which it appears it would be in this case), not so much. But they were wrong for acting on it.

      Sorta reached to being a swimming pool. If you don’t fence it in, you’re liable for the neighbors kid coming over and drowning in it. Not the parents for not watching their kids, but…

      our focus is so lost.